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11 Must-Haves In Your Tattoo Studio

11 Must-Haves In Your Tattoo Studio

Are you planning to set up your own tattoo studio and need a final checklist before you commence this chapter of your professional journey? Or do you need to know what are the things you’d need as a tattoo artist in your tattoo studio to make clients want to come back? The TattooPedia is here to tell you exactly that but not just in one but 11 pointers!

There are some things that every client requires or expects when they enter a tattoo parlor or tattoo studio apart from the obvious talent and professionalism of the artist. As a tattoo artist, it is your duty to ensure that you and your client are in a safe environment and you are equipped with all the essential things required to be recognized as a good, if not the best, tattoo artist in town. Being skillful is one thing but when it comes to the materials in your studio, there’s a list that needs to be covered. If you'd like to hear what professional tattoo artists have to say then do watch what they have shared about their experience in the industry with Mooch Talks.

Here are the 11 things you need in your tattoo studio to make sure your studio is on the right track and is fully capable of providing the best service to its clients.


1. Gloves, Gloves, Gloves

Gloves are an essential part of maintaining hygiene as you do the inking. Not only does it protect you but it also keeps the equipment safe from contamination. Use disposable gloves and discard them after every use.


2. Disinfectants and Sterilization Materials

This is the most important material after your equipment. If you don't disinfect the studio and sterilize your materials, then your tattoo studio would become a health hazard. As a tattoo artist, you cannot know about the health of your client, so it's always important to stay safe and take precautions.


3. New Needles

The needles you use should never be reused. Every single sitting should be done with a new needle. This is to make sure there is no contamination in the client's blood or skin. Even if you can sterilize the needle, it should be disposed of after the client's session and not be used on anyone else.


4. Safe Disposal of Needles

Needles need to be disposed of immediately after use but also safely. If at all there's ever an infected needle, it can still infect others if not thrown responsibly. Sharps trash bins are important to get rid of used needles so that no needles pierce through like they would in regular trash bags.


5. Investing in the Right Inks

Make sure that the inks you use don't have any harmful chemicals or substances. It's also important to be aware of the components in the inks to ensure no client ever faces any infections. Reputable ink brands are the best. Don't settle for cheaper ones. Settle only for quality inks. Talking to fellow artists will help you buy the right inks.


6. Film/Wrap to Cover Workstation

As a part of maintaining the sanitation of your tattoo studio, it's also important to keep everything covered to avoid any kind of contamination or exposure for the client. Cover the wires and extensions with a film or wrap so that the workstation is always neat and tidy, and safe.


7. First-Aid

No one wants any mishaps ever but it's still important to be prepared for any minor hiccups. Always have a ready first-aid kit at your tattoo studio for the safety of your clients as well as yourself and every other tattoo artist at your studio.


8. Adjustable Bed and Chairs

The comfort of your clients will matter a lot, especially for longer duration sessions. Having adjustable beds will help adjust according to the client's needs and comfort. Adjustable chairs for the artist are equally important to ensure comfort while working.


9. Razor

Preparation for everything is a part of this profession so having disposable razors at hand is important to ensure no client feels unprepared for their tattoo appointment and help you have a smooth inking surface and process.


10. Bandages

Yet another vital part of the tattooing process, keep clean bandages for every client's fresh tattoo. Make sure you store the bandages properly as well so that there's no dust or dirt that could infect the tattoo.


11. Self-Adhesive

Self-adhesives like Dermalize are gaining momentum as clients are becoming more aware of the advancement in technology. As a tattoo studio in today's time, it's important to offer that as well and help the client get the best tattoo aftercare guidance and aid.


Summing Up

Setting up your own tattoo parlor is a huge step in any professional's career. We know how crucial it is to do it right. With The TattooPedia, you don't have to worry about anything as we provide all the help we can to all artists. Registering with us can help your tattoo studio gain the recognition it deserves and have a wider reach. Now, let's get the wheels turning and get your tattoo studio running!


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