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11 Quirky Pet Tattoo Ideas

11 Quirky Pet Tattoo Ideas

Who is obsessed with furballs of adorableness these days? Almost everyone. It only seems fair to then want to get a tattoo of our cute little friends and hold onto them forever and ever.

It’s not easy coming up with tattoo ideas especially when there are so many options out there.Your favorite tattoo forum has you covered. We have 11 unique pet tattoo design ideas that will help guide your pet tattoo design or be the exact thing you were looking for.

With no further ado, here it goes!


1. Miniature Lil Puppy Tattoo



We couldn’t help but go “Awww” seeing this little puppy hi-fiving. This tattoo comes from one of the best tattoo artists in Kanpur and covers all bases of cuteness and love in a simple miniature tattoo design.


2. Minimal Paw Tattoo



Not a fan of big tattoos and want to stay minimal? Well, here’s the perfect dog paw tattoo for you! Those small paws that come to call you to play or pet them can now be on your wrist or your fingers or even the ankle. From one of the top tattoo artists in Bangalore, such paw tattoos combined with any of your customizations will make this simple tattoo more special.


3. Dog Portrait Tattoo



Some tattoo styles will always be in demand and those are portrait tattoos. A photograph of our loved ones is always so precious to us, but with the digital world we are in today, a portrait tattoo is the best version of the photographs we can carry. This perfect portrait dog tattoo design has impeccable artistry by one of the best tattoo artists in Delhi. You can take inspiration from this and get your pet portrait tattoo.


4. Watercolor Cat Tattoo



Fan of watercolor on paper? Well, how about some splash of those watercolors on your tattoo? The tattoo won’t be made of watercolor but isn’t it amazing how this miniature cat tattoo has this awesome watercolor effect! These watercolor tattoo design styles are quite popular and are a great choice for a pet tattoo and this one comes from one of the best tattoo artists in Mumbai.


5. Watercolor Bird Tattoo



Since we’re on the watercolor tattoos, we thought it is a good idea to not let the cats and dogs have all the fun. Are you a bird person with a cute little flier with you? Then isn’t this a gorgeous pet bird tattoo idea? The color your bird brings to your life is perfectly depicted through this tattoo by one of Delhi’s popular tattoo artists.


6. Portrait & Dotwork Dog Tattoo



Yet another portrait dog tattoo idea combined with some dotwork to make your tattoo stand out. This clean tattoo work from one of the leading tattoo artists in Kochi, makes this pet tattoo idea a great source of inspiration for your next tattoo.


7. Realism Portrait Dog Tattoo



Portrait tattoos are almost like traditional tattoos now with the demand for them. This lovely realistic tattoo was made for a client’s late pet dog. In loving memory of your lost pets, you can take your favorite picture of your dog and get inked with their face in their memory. Don’t forget to mix it up with some geometric styles in the portrait to make it more amazing.


8. Colorful Cat Tattoo



Enough about black-and-white portraits, it’s time for colors to shine. It’s hard to compete with a colorful tattoo made up of dark black ink and floral elements to add complementary colors with it. This pet tattoo idea can be made on different body parts and in different sizes but probably not miniature. Color best stands out when on a larger scale. It would be perfect for an arm, shoulder, or thigh tattoo.


9. Minimal Cat Tattoo



We just can’t get enough of minimalism. These clean lines in this beautiful and minimal silhouette cat tattoo is perfect for those looking for minimalism tattoo ideas. This tattoo design idea is ideal for miniature tattoos at the nape of your neck, the shoulder, or areas like the wrist.


10. Dog Paw Portrait Tattoo



Another idea for a dog paw tattoo but this time combined with a portrait. This unique tattoo design from one of the best tattoo artists in Chennai is a lovely pet tattoo for your shoulder, back, arm, or thigh. Such an adorable dog tattoo that reminds you of their cute furry face and tiny paws!


11. Pet Name Tattoo



Want to get a pet tattoo in memory of your dearest pet but want to go as minimal as you can? Then, this is the best pet tattoo design from one of the renowned tattoo artists in Chandigarh. Your pet’s name with a cute paw and wings will always remind you that your little angel is in heaven, running around peacefully in joy.


What Will You Pick?


Aren’t these tattoos cutest? The tiny little hearts on most of these tattoo designs clearly showcase the affection everyone holds for their dear furry pals. Pet tattoos can never go out of fashion and the best are the customized tattoo ideas which make the tattoos special. We hope these tattoo design ideas will help you plan your own custom tattoo and get a completely unique pet tattoo for your dearest family member.


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