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11 Things To Know Before Laser Tattoo Removal

11 Things To Know Before Laser Tattoo Removal

Yes, we have emphasized immensely on the fact that you should only get tattoos if you are sure about getting them because they are fairly permanent. However, even the most informed and sure decisions of your life can turn out to be unwanted later. We understand. If you are also facing an issue with an old tattoo – be it fading or just lack of reason for continuing to sport it – then we are sure you must have thought of getting laser tattoo removal done for that tattoo of yours.

Before we start the list, we would like to mention that we have seen many people say that laser hurts more than getting a tattoo and some say it does not hurt at all. The pain, as we always say, is subjective. It depends on your pain tolerance. Just remember that it will be over soon. It is not unbearable pain. You just need to get adjusted. That’s all and you will sail through.

Let’s get to it now! Here are 11 things you should surely know before you go ahead with your tattoo’s laser removal.


1. Expensive!

Oh yes, it is going to cost you a lot. The laser equipment that the professional will use is quite expensive in the first place. Then, the process itself is so intricate work that they will charge for it. So, you should get down to saving if you won’t be able to follow up on your appointments.


2. Get Comfortable Because You’ll Be Visiting Often

Yes, we said follow up. You will be visiting your doctor or artist more than just once because laser removal of tattoos takes time. It can take 6 months, 12 months or even more. This is because your laser appointments will be done in gaps. It will not happen in a span of two weeks. There needs to be enough gap for the process to give the desired result.


3. Results May Vary

Results vary according to the type of tattoo, size of tattoo and placement of tattoo. Yes. The placement matters because the exposure of the body part to sun, friction, blood flow and such other things cause the results to vary.


4. Consult A Doctor

This is a significant one in this list of important things because this can make or break your skin. It is highly imperative for you to know how laser would react to your skin because once you get it done and then have a bad experience, the damage would be done. So, it is a good idea to consult your doctor or a dermatologist to know which laser to choose or if you should choose it at all.


5. Go to a Professional

The laser tattoo removal process is not something that anyone with a laser equipment can do. You need to make sure that you go to a professional for the same who is qualified to perform the laser removal process. There are some renowned tattoo artists as well who do the same which is reliable. However, if you cannot find a reliable tattoo artist then opt for a doctor.


6. Research on Types of Laser

There are two types of lasers broadly, Q-switch laser and picosecond laser. The Q-switch laser is traditional and takes longer while picosecond laser tattoo removal is a quicker process. The former also does not effectively remove all colors but the latter does. So, do proper research on both the types of laser to ensure you choose the one best for yourself.


7. After Effects

Laser removal of tattoos has shown some after effects like extreme irritation, scarring, pigmentation. There have also been instances where the tattoo was not removed completely. This is a possibility. It will depend on your skin, tattoo area and even the quality of tattoo.


8. Tattoo Aftercare Continues

The aftercare like avoiding sun exposure, wearing loose clothes to avoid friction and using unscented products that you followed after getting your tattoo will also be needed after laser sittings. So, be ready.


9. Get Partial Tattoo Removal if Needed

If you are going for laser tattoo removal because a part of your tattoo is messed up, then just get that part removed by laser and then get a tattoo touch up. Laser removal targets specific areas easily, so, you can do that.


10. Quality and Age of Tattoo Matters

If your tattoo is not done from a good studio then the ink quality might not be great which can make the tattoo removal process difficult. Good artist, good ink, easy laser tattoo removal.


11. Allergic Reaction is Possible

There are very rare but still instances where people have had allergic reactions after laser appointments. So, again, make sure you consult a doctor before you go for laser tattoo removal.


We are sure this is more than enough information for you to get a clear idea of whether you should go for laser tattoo removal or not. Also, if you have decided to go ahead then make sure you follow certain things that we have mentioned above.


The TattooPedia is here to make sure that no tattoo misinformation or lack of information exists in today’s world.

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