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11 Top Tattoo Studios & Artists in Delhi

11 Top Tattoo Studios & Artists in Delhi

Are you one of those who have been waiting to get a killer tattoo, have also worked out the ways to deal with the pain you might feel, but are stuck because you don’t know where to get it done? Well, we got you.

Getting inked isn’t as they show in pop culture where you can randomly walk into a tattoo parlor and get a tattoo. We’ll not be that naive, right? So, if you’re in Delhi and are wondering which tattoo studios would be right for you, then we have the 11 best tattoo parlors in Delhi for you to get your dream tattoo!


1. DevilzTattooz Studio

One of the biggest and oldest tattoo chains in New Delhi, DevilzTattooz has a diverse fleet of artists with some kick-ass male and female artists. They specialize in portrait and realism tattoo styles and follow all safety protocols. DevilzTattooz is hands down one of the most popular in town with multiple locations for you to conveniently choose from. Head to the nearest one near you!

Find out more: https://www.thetattoopedia.com/studio-info/devilz-tattooz


2. N.A Tattoo Studio

N.A Tattoo Studio is renowned for their beautiful colorful tattoos and specializes in 3D variety and landscape tattoos. No compromises on safety and the friendly artists make the entire experience so much more comfortable that you’d want to keep coming back for more!

Find out more: https://www.thetattoopedia.com/studio-info/n.a-tattoo-studio


3. Scream Ink Tattoo

A recently established tattoo studio in Delhi, the artists at Scream Ink Tattoo have a unique approach and create a pleasant experience for the clients getting inked. The cherry on top is they provide customized tattoos to clients as per their beliefs and desires. Along with that, they are one of the few tattoo studios in Delhi which have diversity with artists from all over India.

Find out more: https://www.thetattoopedia.com/studio-info/scream-ink-tattoos


4. Tenzin Tattoos

Established in 2004, Tenzin Tattoos by Tenzin is India’s 1st professional Tibetan tattoo artist. The specialty of this tattoo studio in Delhi is unisex tattoos. With the vast knowledge and experience over all these years, Tenzin is one the best in the business. You’ll get all the help and guidance you need from friendly faces and leave with body art you dreamt of.

Find out more: https://www.thetattoopedia.com/studio-info/tenzin-tattooz


5. Frozen Ink & Art

Frozen Ink & Art is one of the leading tattoo studios in Delhi. They specialize in multiple tattoo designs like color portraits, Indian God/Goddess tattoos, realism tattoo, and minimal tattoos. They also customize according to the client's needs and provide great services to their clients.

Find out more: https://www.thetattoopedia.com/studio-info/frozen-ink-and-art


6. Aliens Tattoo India

One of India’s premium tattoo studios, they have catered to a diverse tattoo art portfolio. With around 60+ design categories and 5000+ clients served till now, their experience is ample to provide the best tattoo services in Delhi. The best part is that they have versatile artists with experience in at least one category, be it a small tattoo, calligraphy, or realism tattoo.

Find out more: https://www.thetattoopedia.com/studio-info/aliens-tattoo-studio


7. Prashant Yaduvanshi

He is one of India’s top self-taught tattoo artists. He works as a guest artist and chases coverups in-depth but is flexible with the client's requirements. He is also getting into digital art to improvise the skill and serve the client's requirements. Prashant has gained his experience while working at different places like Mumbai, Goa, and Amsterdam as a guest artist. Who better than a self-taught tattoo artist in Delhi with such vast experience to give you a tattoo?

Find out more: https://www.thetattoopedia.com/artist-info/prashant-yaduvanshi


8. Raghav Sethi:

The tattoo shop founded by Raghav Sethi is one of the best tattoo studios in Delhi. With an experience of more than a decade, the team of the tattoo shop is quite skilled, passionate, and focused to provide the best of their work to the client. They have a team that has mastered different tattoo styles like animal tattoos, quotes, symbols of religions, to name a few.

Find out more: https://www.thetattoopedia.com/artist-info/raghav-sethi


9. Sudama Tattoos:

Established in 2007, Sudama Tattoos is a top player in the category of portrait tattoos in in Paharganj, Delhi. This well-known establishment acts as a one-stop destination servicing customers both locally and from other parts of Delhi. It is known to provide a variety of services like tattoo artists and even mehendi artists.

Find out more: https://www.thetattoopedia.com/artist-info/sudama--kumar


10. Cuban Tattoos

Cuban Tattoos are one of the most unique tattoo studios in Delhi. They offer handpicked artists from all over India who focus on providing detailed and best tattoo experience to the client. They focus on authentic and best tattoo designs like old school tattoos, portrait and custom tattoos, and any tattoos which can be in any form and category. With 2 years of experience, they have already made a mark with their work in Delhi and are becoming a popular tattoo studio in West Delhi.

Find out more: https://www.thetattoopedia.com/studio-info/cuban-tattoos


11. D Freestyle Tattoo

With an experience of more than 8 years in the tattoo industry, D Freestyle Tattoo has been leading the tattoo industry and providing a wide range of tattoo designs along with providing piercing services as well. They also provide customized tattoos to their clients. They focus on the overall experience of clients with the best tattoo practices.

Find out more: https://www.thetattoopedia.com/studio-info/d-freestyle-tattoo


Wrapping up

There are many more tattoo artists in Delhi with a lot of experience and great services but these 11 tattoo artists in Delhi are making a mark and deserve special mentions. Once you know you’re ready with your tattoo idea, find the tattoo parlor closest to you and reach there without any doubts regarding safety as well as the quality of the tattoo studios with their excellent tattoo artists.


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