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21 Creative Floral Tattoo Ideas and Designs

21 Creative Floral Tattoo Ideas and Designs

The most common and popular tattoo designs we get to see are floral tattoos. Be it detailed flowers or abstract tattoo styles, flower designs are quite versatile and can represent many things. If you're here, you're probably already aware so we won't school you any further. Let's get to the top 21 unique flower tattoo designs.


Creative Rose Tattoo Design Ideas


1. The classic rose with its lovely charm and prickly thorns.



2. How about some geometric tattoo design style or an abstract addition to the good-old rose?



3. The perfect blooms to any clavicle or even arm.



4. Go minimal with this simple and beautiful linework rose tattoo design.



5. What portrays the duality of love better than a rose on fire?




Beautiful Colorful Floral Tattoo Design Ideas


1. Let's start realistic and go with this amazing flower tattoo design which clearly brings forth the natural hues of the flower.



2. How about a floral tattoo design that reflects your religious side with such vibrance?



3. Daisies represent new beginnings. Why not add the name of a loved one as you start your own new beginning?



4. One of the most unique tattoo styles around, this watercolor floral tattoo design will ignite the artist spirit in you! ?



5. Are you a chirpy person, brightening up people's lives? Well, we're sure you're a sunflower then. This sunflower tattoo with the perfect quote reminds you to stay forever bubbly!



6. Let's go minimal but colorfully. Simple and adorable tattoo design!



7. Flowers are one of the most precious tokens of love for our dear ones. Why not gift a loved one a permanent flower, hard to dry out within days?




Cute & Minimal Flower Tattoo Design Ideas


1. Growing minimally is the perfect way to describe this small tattoo with the bud and tiny leaves.



2. Yet another small flower tattoo that reminds us that sometimes less is more.



3. Minimalism at its best! This basic floral tattoo is perfect as an earlobe tattoo, collarbone tattoo or a finger tattoo as well!



4. This list would be incomplete without a lotus tattoo done with such intricate lines along with dotwork. Finesse.



5. Who says minimal tattoos can't be elaborate yet have clean linework? We certainly don't! Such lovely designs hardly need many customizations.



6. 11:11 acts like the shooting star for many of us and what better way of getting inked with time's charm than with nature's most beautiful one? Combine your beliefs like yin-yangs as well with floral elements like this and add the aesthetic element.



7. The perfect minimal floral tattoo. Simple. Cute. Classic.



8. Here's an interesting floral tattoo design with a geometric element. The possibilities of unique customizations to this are infinite. Illuminati reference or just a plain triangle? You decide.



9. Probably the cutest tattoo on this list with such a deep meaning. The TattooPedia sees you and believes that you'll get through it! A small band aid for a small cut that cannot stop you from blooming!




Summing Up

We're sure these creative floral tattoos have got you wanting to rush to get inked. These floral tattoo ideas can be rocked on your wrist or be intricate floral sleeve tattoos. Whatever you go for, don't forget to add your own flavor to these designs and rock a unique customized flower tattoo design. Head to your nearest tattoo artist now!


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