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21 Tattoo Ideas For Your First Tattoo

21 Tattoo Ideas For Your First Tattoo

You have finally saved money and are all set to get your first tattoo but what tattoo should you get? Should it be a big one? Should it be a small one? Color or not? Well, relax, we’ve got you. There are many tattoo designs in the world that you can get inspired by. We suggest you go for your own customized tattoos with a touch of you in them. However, customization doesn’t mean you have to come up with a completely new tattoo. You can get tattoo ideas from different tattoo artist portfolios. You can go through our tattoo forum and explore various tattoo styles to see which one you’d like to go for as well.

Here, we have curated a list of 21 tattoo designs, from minimal tattoos to classic tattoos, from big to small. You can alter the placement of these tattoos according to where you want to get them and the size too. So, let’s get to it!


1. Script Tattoo



Always had a word or phrase close to your heart? Maybe your mantra? Maybe a name? It's a great first tattoo idea to get those words or the name inked and have them to you always. You can go for different scripts and choose the one you like the best.


2. Floral Crescent Moon Tattoo



Moonchild is that you? The perfect tattoo design for the lover of the night sky and floral beauty alike.


3. Angel Wings



Wings of freedom or divine intervention, whatever it may be. Wings as a tattoo design are perfect to start off on the journey of getting inked.


4. Blackwork Guitar



Are you a music enthusiast? Why not get your favorite musical instrument inked on your arm or calf maybe? This tattoo is artistic and the blackwood tattoo style makes it bold and cool!


5. Zodiac Tattoos



If you also keep scrolling through the internet reading your horoscope or reading more about your zodiac sign then here's another amazing tattoo design idea for you. This Pisces tattoo brings color into symbolism and makes it quite attractive!


6. Minimal Floral Tattoo Design



You can never go wrong with minimalism for your first tattoo. This minimal floral tattoo is the perfect small first tattoo design for you which can be placed anywhere you'd like.


7. Classic Armband Tattoo Design



Armband tattoos have evolved a lot with customizations through the years but in their most basic and general sense, they are usually done in memory of someone you've lost. If you're getting a tattoo to honor someone's memory and want to do it without any personal detailing, then these tattoo ideas are a great way to go.


8. Vibrant Flower Tattoo Design



Looking for a colorful religious tattoo design for your first tattoo? It doesn't get prettier than this! Here's a beautiful flower tattoo with Ram just as graceful below it.


9. Maa Tattoo Design



If you're someone who loves their mother immensely and considers her a form of God, this is the best tattoo for you. A sweet gesture for your loving Maa with your first tattoo.


10. Panda Tattoo Design



Obsessed with these chubby bundles of adorableness? A cute panda tattoo like this would be a great start to your body art journey then. Get going with a cute first tattoo!


11. 3D Butterfly Tattoo Design



A 3D tattoo style is definitely one of the most intriguing one. If you're someone who wants their first tattoo to make people go "Wow!" then this tattoo idea should top your list.


12. Adventure-Theme Tattoo Design



Are you an adventure-seeking soul, exploring lands and enjoying treks as soon as you get a chance? This simple tattoo with such clean lines will make all your travel buddies want to get inked too.


13. Watercolor Cat Tattoo Design



Been a fan of watercolors since always? Let's make it fairly permanent then! Watercolor tattoos make tattoos quite vibrant and are probably the most artistic looking giving this gorgeous watercolor effect. The cat's silhouette in black makes this tattoo stand out even more.


14. Classic Floral Tattoo Design



When in doubt, go with the classics! If you can't pick one design, just go with a minimal tattoo design of your favorite flower as your first tattoo. Nature never disappoints, even in tattoos.


15. Reaching To The Moon Tattoo Design



Reach out to the stars and moon and showcase your dreamy night-loving self with this pretty tattoo design.


16. Teddy Tattoo Design



Mr. Bean's Teddy didn't just give him comfort but was a cute little cartoon buddy in our minds as well. Get your first tattoo of your favorite cartoon character in honor of the kid within you!


17. Simple Miniature Lotus Tattoo Design



Such clean linework makes our hearts melt. If simple and abstract is your go-to, then this miniature lotus tattoo can inspire many ideas for you!


18. Puppy Love Tattoo Design



We cannot forget our cute little furballs. For every pet lover out there, the best first tattoo design idea is to get something as a reminder of their pets and we love this one a lot!


19. Drink Lover Tattoo Design



Weekends would be empty without some liquid energy? This design is ideal for the drink enthusiast within you, and it even comes with a twist. You can get your first tattoo like this with or without the skull.


20. Harry Potter Tattoo Design



If you want to go big and all in with your first tattoo itself then why not get out the big guns and go right for your favorites? Get your first tattoo design inspired by your favorite books, shows, or films like this Harry Potter one.


21. Travel Lover Tattoo Design



Last but never least, a picturesque tattoo for the wanderlust within you. Trees, mountains, and a long road leading to unexplored sceneries. Perfect for the traveler within you.


To conclude, these tattoo design ideas are just to help you get started on finalizing your tattoo design. Make sure to read up on everything you need to know before getting a tattoo. Feeling ready? Then, book your tattoo appointment now!


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