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21 trending geometric tattoo designs

21 trending geometric tattoo designs

When considering the different styles of tattoos, geometric tattoos definitely have their own charm. The finely drawn ink creating various shapes, lines, and dots to bring a vision into your skin is simply enthralling!

Like we all know, tattoo trends keep on changing every day. Thus, we are here again with a fresh dose of geometric tattoo inspiration for your next tattoo! Rest assured; we are sure you will indeed find a choice within 21 options below. So, let's start already. Shall we?


#1: Sundial



This geometric sundial has a completely magical appeal. Get this sundial on your upper arm or wrist and seize your most special moments of life forever with this amazing tattoo.


#2: Lion/Lioness



This expansive vertical tattoo is definitely a must-have to portray your inner fierceness and fire to the world. With intricate lines and dots, this geometric tattoo is a feast for the eyes!


#3: Space



If you are fond of the planets and the universe in general, this geometric tattoo is a great way to encompass the vastness and authenticity of the universe. You can also shade some little stars to enhance the design.


#4: Florals



If florals are your vibe, this minimalist tattoo can be a great addition to your forearm.


#5: Simple shapes



Not every geometric tattoo needs to be intricate. If you want something very simple and minimalist, choosing your favorite geometric tattoo can be a great option. You can also include some color shadings within the shapes to make it more appealing.


#6: Triangles



Triangles are one of the common shapes used in every geometric design. If you are choosing triangles for your tattoo, this cover art from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon can be a good addition too! Of course, you are free to include your favorite bands here.


#7: Lunar Eclipse



Be it matching with your loved ones or your own birth eclipse, this tattoo is vast yet minimalist. The ultra-thin lines and pin prick points look highly alluring and pretty when paired with some pastel colors.


#8: Happy Place



What if you could spend an eternity in your happy place? What does it look like? This geometric tattoo inspiration is a great choice if you want to engrave your dream destination or a specific scenery that brings you peace.


#9: Roses



Even if we have mentioned geometric floral tattoos above, roses undeniably deserve a place in this list. If you have a rose given by your other half, engrave it on your body with the help of thin lines and dots. With the pink tint and hues, this rose is surely very gorgeous and feminine.


#10: Fox



Just like the lion mentioned above, you can add any animal to your geometric tattoos. Here’s an example of a fox. This tattoo looks very visually interesting since it is rich in symbolism. It indicates cunning and deceit. However, it also indicates femininity and fertility.


#11: Patterns



If you prefer abstract tattoos, geometric patterns are the one you should opt for. You can experiment with different shapes and lines to combine and bring a unique design. These designs are great if you are looking for a sleeve tattoo.


#12: Arrow



Geometric arrow tattoos are a symbol of direction. It will remind you to move ahead while overcoming every hurdle in your life. You can make this arrow tattoo as simple as this one or add more details to it as per your interests.


#13: Butterfly



This beautiful insect is an all-time favorite for people looking to portray femininity, transition, beauty and freedom. You can even go bold with vivid colors with this tattoo inspiration.


#14: Heart



This powerful tattoo represents love and passion. It is the ultimate requirement to live in this world. Many people even get a heart tattooed on their body in honor of a family member or a remembrance to guard one’s emotions. Either way, this minimalist design is a great alternative to the standard heart shape.


#15: Tree



A tree represents harmony, life, eternity, wisdom, and endurance. It demonstrates the emerging of new avenues in life, just like the leaves of the tree. Here, creativity is your limit since you can go as detailed as you want,and it would still look just perfect!


#16: Sun



A sun indicates strength, light, rebirth and start to a positive day. It stays right in the centre of the solar system and can help you ground your feelings every time you feel anxious. This tattoo will remind you that this bad phase will be over tomorrow, and you will wake up with happiness the next morning.


#17: Travel



Are you an avid traveller? If wanderlust is your passion, here is just the right fit for you!





With a lotus, om and evil eye, this spiritual geometric tattoo will keep your spiritual wellbeing protected and safe forever.


#19: Evil Eye



Eliminate any bad vibes around you with this evil eye tattoo. This dainty little tattoo looks fabulous on the ankles. However, you can do it on your wrists too!


#20: Sea



If you are a water baby, this beautifully realistic watercolor geometric sea tattoo can be a good representation of your dream life.


#21: Gambling



Not promoting gambling here, but this geometric tattoo can be a great representation if you love taking risks and are not afraid of uncertainty. This dice tattoo can be excellent to demonstrate how unexpected life is and how things can change with a mere dice throw anytime!


Final Choice?

Well, we are sure not going to make the final choice since it ultimately depends on your interests and likings. All the geometric tattoos mentioned above are unique yet trending. These new tattoos are here to stay and definitely worth a chance!

Remember. You can always customize these designs with your tattoo artist. Like we said, unleash your creative juices here!

So which ones are you choosing for your next tattoo?

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