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31 Creative Wings Tattoo Designs

31 Creative Wings Tattoo Designs

Red Bull gives you wings? No? Well, we just had to say the slogan that has been stuck in all our heads since we've heard it. This slogan does highlight the main meaning behind wings though. Wings make us feel liberated. We can fly off and do anything and be anywhere. That sense of freedom that we may sometimes be jealous of when we see birds fly in the sky.

A wing tattoo can mean many things but at its core, it will almost always reflect freedom. It could be freedom from a toxic relationship, freedom from childhood battles, freedom from your own anxieties; freedom. We know that a wing tattoo idea could be important for you to act as a reminder that you can never be tied down. We know that you might want a wing tattoo to remember how you have flown away from terrible situations. We know a wing tattoo design could motivate you to keep flying and aiming for higher goals. So many meanings in this symbolic tattoo design.

Wing tattoos can be minimal, detailed, big, small, and be customized with other elements. Hence, finalizing a tattoo could feel tough. That's why we're here with 31 unique wing tattoo ideas which can inspire your own wing tattoo. Let's go!


Angel Wings



Angel wings can be in memory of a loved one or even for your own angelic side.


Blackwork Side Wings



There’s something about blackwork that adds gravity to any tattoo. This is no exception.


Paired in Wings



Why go for wings on one arm when you can go for one on each?


Colorful Wings



For those who love some color and have their hearts filled with cheer as they live their lives with freedom.


Fallen Angel



Lucifer is the fallen angel from heaven. This tattoo can represent the side of freedom where one rebels for freedom of will, freedom from authority.


Chest Wings Tattoo



Just like the back, the chest is one of the best places to get a pair of wings tattooed. Clean and clear lines and a big intricate design.


Wings in the Bones



When your freedom stems from your foundation, this tattoo is the best representation.


Minimal Finger Wings Tattoo



When looking for something symbolic yet small, go for something like a finger tattoo like this.


Carpe Diem



Seize the day with your never-ending spirit of soaring through the skies and making the most of every single day.


Fairy Wings



Fairy wings also represent the freedom that comes with being able to fly but they also highlight the magic that comes with such freedom.


Minimal Arm Wings Tattoo



Simple, classic wings tattoo design for your arm.


Forearm Wing Tattoo Design



For a forearm tattoo that doesn’t overpower.


Abstract Wing Tattoo



An artistic wings tattoo.


Musically Free



The best tattoo for those who feel the most liberated while listening to or playing music.


Shoulder Wings Tattoo Designs

For those who want to feel the power of their freedom right where actual wings would be.



Back Blackwork Wings Tattoo



Hourglass of Freedom



The best thing about tattoos is how some can be so abstract and present different meanings for different people. We like to believe this one represents how our freedom can also run out with time if we don’t seize the moments and opportunities that we can.


Full Back Wings Tattoo



Blackwork on the full back. A beautiful back tattoo powerfully showcasing the idea of liberation through wings.


Freedom Filled with Colors



A creative and vibrant wings tattoo showing the colors that freedom brings into our lives.


Minimal Angel Wings Tattoo Designs

These are minimal, classic, and perfect for your wrist, ankle, nape of the neck, fingers, and even collarbone. You can get outlines of wings in different colored inks like red. You can even add a date to your wings tattoo as a tribute to the day you finally felt liberated or found freedom that you were aspiring to achieve.



Full Arm Sleeve Wings Tattoo



If you’re someone who would like to flaunt their wings and not keep them hidden, then the forearm is the perfect space to ink these beautiful black wings like tattoo sleeves.


Sword-with-Wings Tattoo Design



A sword with wings is symbolic of the courage it takes to fight for one’s freedom. It’s representative of the strength that also comes once you gain freedom and live life on your own terms.


Winging It Off

Aren't these ideas super cool? Now all you have to do is choose the one you find the best and add your own customization to it. Maybe you could even select a few from this list and combine elements from each and come up with something uniquely yours. Don't forget to customize your tattoo idea because every tattoo of yours should scream you! Don't keep waiting now. Get, set, and start preparing.

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