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31 latest couple tattoos

31 latest couple tattoos

Are you looking for a new tattoo inspo? What about some couple tattoos with your partner?

Ah, too cheesy! Well, no worries. We got you!

We have curated a long list of 31 latest couple tattoos that are trending in 2021 and probably will be in the forthcoming years too! These tattoos are meaningful yet not cheesy and will resemble your eternal love with your partners.

In case you are single, no worries, again, since these tattoos are suitable for all the loved ones in your life. Pair it with your mom, dad, siblings, or even best friends, and you will love it!

So, let's keep the intro short and dive straight into today's lovely tattoo inspo journey!?


#1- Always and Forever



This gorgeous scripted tattoo will remind you of your eternal promise to your loved one. It will remind you of the sole reason for your relationship - Stick to each other, Always and Forever.


#2- You Are My Sunshine



If your partner is the sunshine of your life and brightens your life every day, just like the sun, these partially matching tattoos can be a great addition to cherish your love like a bright sunny day throughout your life. You can also opt for similar sunny designs or placements as per your interests.


#3- Slytherin Love



Capture how entwined you both are for each other with this set of intuitive and gorgeous snakes. This design is well suited for your wrists, the side of your palms, or even on your collarbone.


#4- My Other Half



Aren't these two little avocados adorable? If you are looking for small and minimalistic tattoos representing your love, nothing beats such tiny designs that depict your other half.


#5- Dates



Want to seal your marriage date or the date they proposed to you for the first time? Engraving a specific date on your body is a minimalistic tattoo you can try to keep such memories alive even when you are 60 and beyond.


#6- The Classic



If you are not into intricate and detailed designs, this simple couple tattoo is a great addition to your tattoo collection. No frills, yet so romantic!


#7- Express Gratitude



Here's a simple tattoo that represents how grateful you are for their presence in your life and want to keep them forever. This tattoo also helps to manifest even better things in life. As we all know, the key to manifestation is to stay grateful for everything you have right now and remain positive in life.


#8- Infinite Love



Your relationship with them is meant to be forever. Claim your love till infinity with this beautiful Infinite design. It's pretty, chic, and looks very classic while serving the purpose.


#9- Lyrics



Do you have a favourite song that you both love grooving into? Check out the lyrics and find a meaningful statement that replicates your love for each other.


#10- King and Queen



You rule the heart of your beloved. Show off your Queen/King with these royal couple tattoos engraved on your hands or the chest.


#11- Unleash the Movie Bluff in you



What's the one movie or series you can watch a thousand times with your loved ones? Friends? Or the Game of Thrones? Be it anything. Such quirky and edgy couple tattoo designs are great to celebrate your love over an iconic show if you do not want to go for the traditional couple tattoos.


#12- Sweet like Cherries



If you want to play with colours, these adorable cherries are a great choice representing the sweet and goofy relationship you share with your partner.


#13- You Give Me Butterflies



Remember the day when your eyes met for the first time to the days you laughed at the funniest moments while looking at each other? Ink these adorable butterflies to your body and portray how every time you get butterflies in your stomach when they look at you. Butterflies also indicate rebirth and transformation. It represents a strong and powerful bond with your loved ones. You can also play with some more colours here.


#14- Pizza Love



Who doesn't even like pizzas? Pizza is indeed the worldwide soul food. Share your love over your favourite food with similar couple tattoos like these.


#15- Travel Together



Love traveling together? How many countries have you visited together? Mark your shared love for travel with these cute couple tattoos!


#16- Strings of Love



These messy yet beautiful tattoos are a great way to connect your heart with each other over a strong string of trust, respect, and loyalty. This couple tattoo is an intricate version of the ones we mentioned above of the two little hearts.


#17- You’re my Heart



The heart is the ultimate destination. It is where all your feelings, emotions, and love lie. Try this simple yet meaningful tattoo with your partner and engrave the hearts on each other's bodies.


#18- Finger rings



Sure, everybody loves those shiny diamonds. But you can also curate a ring out of your tattoo, which marks the permanent promise of sticking to each other for life(because tattoos are permanent unless you remove them). You can either choose a simple line as the ring tattoo or try out different designs as per mutual interests.


#19- Drinks Are On Me



If you both enjoy a martini together, or neither of you can keep their calm on some wild drunk nights. Either way, this couple tattoo is worth trying and definitely deserves a tat!


#20- Cherish the Friendship



Aren't these cute bears dancing together so adorable? It can represent a mutual obsession with the furry little animals or even the passion for dance at both parties. Either way, these cuties are a must-have with your loved one!


#21- Flowers



A good bunch of pretty symmetric flowers can never go wrong. Pair this matching tattoo with your loved ones while adding a hint of colours to harness the love and growth in you.


#22- Planets



It's the universe that brought you guys together. Cherish your bond with these planets of the universe. This couple tattoo is even great if you guys are into planets, science or space.


#23- Initials



Engraving the entire name of your partner as a tattoo is very common. Try getting their initials as a coupletattoo, which is minimalistic yet reminds you of their existence every time you look at it.


#24- Opposites Attract



You and your partner may have many differences in opinions, views, choices, interests, and so much more. Let that not bring a difference between you. Instead, celebrate the differences with this couple tattoo which will bring you even closer in the relationship.


#25- Animals



Another very adorable minimalist tattoo that represents the mutual love for animals and pets. You can also go for two dogs instead of one dog and one cat if you like dogs more.


#26- Sleeve Tattoos



If you and your partner both have a living obsession with tattoos, you can either get a mismatched or matching sleeve tattoo for your entire arm.


#27- Anchor



If your partner has been your anchor throughout your life, here's a couple tattoo that suits both of your feelings just right!


#28- Eternity



Your love is eternal with your partner. Commit to it with this simple eternal couple tattoo and cherish your love till eternity.


#29- Pinky Promise



Get yourself inked with this couple tattoo and promise your partner to stay by their side through the thick and thins of life.


#30- Power couple



If you guys find multiple compliments such as Power Couples, etc., portray your powerful love with this lion and lioness couple tattoos.


#31- Lifeline



This is probably one of the most common couple tattoos you will see every day. If your partner is as important as a heartbeat for your life, don't look any further and get this done.


Wrapping Up


All the couple tattoos we mentioned above are not just about your partner but also about yourself. Before getting a couple tattoo, you need to ensure that the tattoo is meaningful even on its own. This will prevent you from the laser procedure if you ever part ways with your loved ones. Also, needless to say, proper tattoo aftercare is highly important. We have a complete guide about washing your fresh tattoos and so much more, which will help your tattoo heal much faster and safer.

So, which couple tattoo are you going to do with your partner this time? Pick any of the ones from the above and get yours customized from your favourite tattoo artist.

Stay tuned for more such exclusive tattoo inspo soon!

Also, don't forget to check out The TattooPedia social media handles and the official website in case you have any doubt about tattoos. We have covered it all!

Till then,
Stay safe and Happy Tattooing!


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