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5 Basically Essential Things to Definitely Know Before Getting Tattooed

5 Basically Essential Things to Definitely Know Before Getting Tattooed

Millennials are hardly new to the trend of getting inked. From small or mini tattoos to full arm sleeve tattoos or back tattoos, tattoos have gained momentum and quite rightly so. There is a myriad of styles of tattooing to choose from nowadays, be it dot work, geometric or minimal. With so much to choose from and even seeing around us, most of us are tempted to get inked and get that one dream tattoo soon or many dream tattoos!

Considering that, it is quite easy to be misguided or misinformed and just rush into the process owing to the excitement inside you. That is where The TattooPedia comes in with the basic and also important pointers that you should be aware of before you jump the gun.

Prior to beginning the list, it is essential to note that before anything the most significant step is to always give your tattoo enough thought. With multiple options available to get tattoos removed, it still is not amazing to be stuck with a tattoo that you do not wish to have anymore or when you are older. Hence, Think. It. Through. A personal tattoo with a resonance for you will always mean more than just a design you saw in a tattoo parlor.

With that out of the way, let us get into the 5 basic and important things you should know before you get your tattoo:


1. Cost


If you have decided to get a tattoo then we know that you know that tattoos do not come cheap but that is rightly so. The cost of the tattoo depends on the size, type and area of getting the tattoo too (in some studios). However, it is important that you understand that tattoos are expensive for the right reasons and you can find those here. Just save up for your tattoo and then get your tattoo done.


2. Pain


Yes, yes and yes. Tattoos do pain. A hot needle inserts ink under your skin. It sounds painful already so it will be painful in reality as well. Is it unbearable? No. The pain threshold of every person is different which does mean that some might feel excruciating pain while some may feel quite normal. In general terms though, there is pain in the inking process but you can handle it and get used to it some minutes after you get started.


Body parts which are closer to the bone and have lesser fat hurt more because the cushioning is lesser but the needle does not touch your bone. Not even close. So do not worry about that.


3. Prepare


We cannot stress on this enough. Be properly prepared for your session. This does not mean take a shower and be clean (some obvious things you anyway should do we feel) but this means that you should ensure your mind is prepared. Sleep well, eat properly. Artists often share stories about how certain clients come empty stomach and then start feeling dizzy during the session. You will lose some blood. That will make you dizzy. Hence, being ready for these things is essential.


Also, say no to alcohol before getting inked. It is not only silly because it thins your blood but also because it does not provide the artist a stable client and sometimes, causes commotion as well.


Another thing to be prepared for is also the immediate result. You will see redness and scabbing of your skin in some time which is in fact good for the healing of your tattoo, and your tattoo may require touch-up sessions as well. This is all normal.


4. Research is Religion


Yes. From the style you want to get inked, the design you choose, to the artist/studio you decide to go with. Research on every single thing because tattoos are serious business which will not go away overnight but would stick around for very many years. Hence, go the extra mile and do your research.


Important to note here is that when you research you have to ensure that you choose an artist or studio which follows the hygiene standards essential for your safety as well as the artist’s.


We have made all this easier for you so that you can comfortably sit at home and get all the information. Be it the designs or artists near you, you can surf our Site and get all the information you need!


5. Aftercare is the next sacrament


The aftercare is a non-negotiable and you have to take care of your tattoo properly, following every single step your artist and even doctor tells you to follow (in case you consult your doctor, that is). From the ointments to use to the exposure your tattoo needs, follow everything religiously.


Now you know! Not very surprising facts for you, we are sure, maybe just new. However, each of the above things are undoubtedly significant and should not be ignored at any cost because it is your first tattoo, would you really want to risk it? Nope. At The TattooPedia we want your experiences to be so great that you just can’t get enough and come back for more ideas and get as many tattoos as your mind and heart would yearn. To ensure just that, the aforementioned points will keep you prepared and ready for the entire process, from before going into the studio to weeks later when you get your desired result.

So, do you feel informed now? If not and you want us to clarify something, do tell us below!


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