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5 Body parts where tattoo hurts the most and least

5 Body parts where tattoo hurts the most and least

Are you looking forward to your first tattoo anytime soon? If yes, you might be already wondering what the most and the least painful areas of your body to get a tattoo is.

Sure every tattoo hurts, but the intensities differ significantly with each body part. However, the fear of pain should not restrict you from expressing your individuality with gorgeous body art. A thumb rule you can follow is choosing specific body areas with more fat composition to reduce the pain intensity of getting a tattoo.

If your tolerance levels are not the best, this is the guide you should refer to before getting your tattoo. We have curated this quick list of the top 5 most painful and least painful body parts to get a tattoo. This will help you be prepared and anticipate the pain levels depending on the area you choose for getting a tattoo. Let’s check them out.

Before that, see below reference picture that will help you figure out the right placement of your tattoo as per the pain level of each part.



5 most painful body parts to get a tattoo





While your ribs may be a beautiful canvas for cherry blossom tattoos or birds to get inked, it is not the most comfortable. As ribs have thin skin and bones below it with innumerable nerve endings linked to your spinal cord, you need a high endurance power to complete a tattoo on your ribs irrespective of the size.


Behind the Ear



The ear has one of the softest and the delicate skin on our body. This is why it is also very sensitive to pain. Whether it is a single feather or a minimalist moon, it can be slightly tough to endure the pain as the needles prick the back of your ear.





Be it a small anklet design or some pretty artwork that covers your legs. The space is filled with bones and a thin layer of skin, which makes it very delicate. Furthermore, it is not the best choice for getting a tattoo if you are on the bulkier side. As the ankles hold the most amount of weight of your body, it may cause more pain to you even during the healing phase.


Inner Thighs



While your outer thigh can be a good place to get a tattoo with less pain, inner thighs are completely opposite. It is not the most exposed area in the body. It is way more sensitive compared to the other body parts. You may face irritation even after getting a tattoo in your inner thigh, as it will likely rub against the other leg frequently. Thus, it is not the best idea to get a tattoo there if your pain tolerance is low.





For obvious reasons, the head is another painful spot to get a tattoo. You only have a thin layer of skin here with no significant fat deposition. Below it, you have the skull and so many nerves, which makes the process way more painful. Some people complain about how excruciating the process gets as it may feel that someone is drilling into your skull, which gets a little scary.


5 least painful body parts to get a tattoo


Inner Wrist



Your inner wrist is one of the least painful spots to get a tattoo which explains it’s wide popularity. The area is not very bony, making it less painful to get a tattoo. However, you may want to pass on the side of your wrists since you are more likely to hit a bone there.





Most people claim that tattoos on shoulders feel just like a dull background pain that is very much endurable. Shoulders have fewer nerve endings, which makes them less sensitive to the needles, making it a very lucrative spot for tattoo enthusiasts.





The calves are another fascinating spot to get tattooed if you are nervous about the pain. This area is filled with fat deposits compared to the other boney areas, making it a great spot to flaunt your designs.


Outer Thigh



Leg muscles usually have lesser nerve endings in general and an abundance of fat and muscles. This is why it is one of the best spots to get your next tattoo. However, it is essential to note that inner thighs have more nerve receptors and should be avoided if you are looking for the least painful spots to get a tattoo. The outer thigh is the way to go!


Outer Biceps



Last but not least, your outer biceps are another competitive contender that brings minimum pain but amazing results. It is also one of the popular body areas to get a tattoo for the very right reasons of high visibility. The fat content is high, especially if you are bulky, as it acts as a cushion to absorb the pain of the needles. However, the inner biceps can be slightly more painful due to the less fat content. Thus, if you are willing to get a tattoo on your biceps, go for the outer biceps instead of the inner ones.


Final words

We definitely do not want to scare you or prevent you from choosing these body parts as the canvas for your new tattoo. However, it is always vital to be aware of the pain levels beforehand to stay prepared.

Even if you choose one of the most painful spots, the right aftercare procedure can help in reducing the pain gradually.

So, now that you know the pain levels of getting a tattoo, where are you getting your next tattoo? Leave your news in the comment below.

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