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5 Important Things You Should Know Before Getting A Tattoo

5 Important Things You Should Know Before Getting A Tattoo

A traditional art practice seen in many cultures, as opposed to the belief of tattoos being a symbol of rebellion, tattoos represent traditional values in many cultures. The contemporary popularity of tattoos also comes with misconceptions, misinformation, rash decision-making. However, if you are reading this, we know you are smart and are ready to get your tattoo only after thorough and proper research.

Before we begin, might we remind you that regardless of whether you are already aware of the following things or not, getting inked is a great feeling and one which at times has become addictive for multitudes of people. So do not let any of the points discourage you.

We are just here to prepare, not scare, and these points are not disheartening but might make you feel lazy to follow them.We request you to ensure that you do.

Now that we have given you a disclaimer and hopefully a minor pep talk, let us give you the 5 things to consider before getting a tattoo.  


1. Pain

The oh-my-god-tattoos-hurt is not a new thing. Right? We all instantly think about the fact that tattoos are painful and honestly, we all do know why. It is ink getting into the layer of your skin, it will hurt. However, does it hurt as if you’re about to die? Absolutely not. The pain threshold of every individual varies, so accurate description of the pain is not possible but getting inked is painful to a bearable. There are many who say that it does not hurt at all and many who say that it does hurt a lot.

The reality is that it will pain but it will not be perpetually or brutally painful. You can take it.

Tip - Just remember, nearer the bone, higher the pain.


2. Tattoo Design

We cannot stress on this enough ever. Your tattoo is going to stay with you for a long, long, long time. You do not want to end up with something that some site showcased as cool and trending but ultimately you hate it. Trends die, your personal attachment to something probably won’t.

Always, again we say, always go for a customized tattoo design. Do your research based on your idea of the tattoo you want and add whatever personalization you can to it to make it closer to you. Inspiration hurts no one but get the inspiration only and make your tattoo personal and a symbol of you and then you will see how it becomes 10x more significant for you.

To help you quickly, here is our Design page which can help you get all the inspiration you need, in one place. Have a look!


3. Selection of Artist

Once you are done with a design idea, remember that there is a plethora of tattoo artists and studios out there now. You cannot be hasty and just go to the one in your eye view. Do your research. The essential traits or qualities that you should look for while choosing your artist/studio are:

  • Expertise – Do they have experience in designing the style of tattoo that you want, for example, geometric?
  • Hygiene – No, not just COVID-19 precautions. A hygienic and safe tattoo parlor or studio is highly vital for you as well as your artist. So ensure the use of proper equipments and adherence to safety guidelines.
  • Portfolio – Check out the portfolio of artists as well as have a word with colleagues or friends who have tattoos so that you have enough backing for every artist you are looking into and feel assured.

Once you have understood what you need to look for, check out the artists/studios here in proximity to you and select the best and most trustworthy of the lot to you.


4. Aftercare

The tattoo artist’s work ends as soon as you walk out of the studio and your role begins from there on. While tattoos are super rad, they do come with some aftercare. Your artist will tell you how to take care of your tattoo, make sure you follow those steps religiously because infections are avoided through those aftercare steps and also, the longevity of the tattoo is maintained.

Be ready to purchase certain products, curb some regular activities for a while (in case your tattoo is at an area which is constantly exposed) and having a routine of the tattoo care just like beauty care routines.

Keep in mind, even after all this, at times certain tattoos require touch ups which is not a fault on anyone’s part. Most artists provide free touch up sessions after you get your tattoo.


5. Money

Yes, getting inked can seem expensive but the price is always worth it. The artists get paid for their hard work through that money, they buy the essential equipments and products with that money and they ensure the safety and hygiene standards with that money. So, it is necessary that you do not compromise due to price. Save up! Then get your tattoo from the right place because, every rupee is worth it.


Yes, all these and many more things might be required to be done by you personally in order to ensure that your experience of getting a tattoo goes smoothly. We know how excited one feels before getting a tattoo and all the expectations one has from it. With all that thrill and cheer, some responsibility is fine because ultimately it is all worth it and you get to walk around with a tattoo that you’re glad to have.

Do you think you can handle this? Tell us which step seems tough to you and we are sure we will help you out with that too! The TattooPedia is here with answersfor all your tattoo queries. So, comment away now!


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