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5 Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing Your Tattoo Design

5 Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing Your Tattoo Design

You can find numerous blogs about how to choose the right tattoo design or even from where to get the inspiration for your tattoos, but there are a few which tell you what not to do while choosing your tattoo design and that’s why we are here to cover that base as well.

It is imperative that a tattoo design needs a lot of thought and cannot always (or 95%) be a whim. You have to do enough research to finalize an idea. That is a natural process and you have to make sure that you get everything right because tattoos are fairly permanent and only fade over time, they do not disappear completely suddenly. That’s Batman.

Sheldon Cooper is probably the right person to give a precise list of what should always be avoided while you select your tattoo design. However, since we are not that smart (read paranoid) we cannot be that perfect and get a long list. Hence, here we have compiled a crisp one instead for you with 5 mistakes to absolutely avoid while you choose your tattoo design.


1. Following the Crowd

You should definitely NOT get a tattoo just because you saw someone else with it and it looked cool to you, or you see that the design is trending globally so you should have it. Nope. Not all tattoos need to have a deeper meaning but all the tattoos that you do decide to get should be of your own choice, from your own desire. Popularity is great but remember, cargo pants had a rad trend in the early 2000’s and now they are quite normal. Point being trends die. Unfortunately, unlike cargo pants, you cannot remove the tattoo. So, give your tattoo a lot of thought and if a trend feels attractive, understand the meaning behind it and see if you can relate. Then maybe choose it.


2. Incorrect Size and Placement Choice

Yes, there is a thing such as the right size and placement. So, imagine having a puzzle piece of another puzzle and then trying to fit it in another. It just will not fit, right? That is somewhat the same case with choosing the right tattoo size and placement. You have to choose a size which is not odd or inapt for the body part you want the tattoo on. So, a tiny tattoo on your back can be silly while a huge tattoo on your neck will just not have enough space for clear representation. So, think carefully about that because the size and placement matter a lot when it comes to the aesthetics of the tattoo design. You can always ask your tattoo artist for suggestion and/or advice.


3. Incomplete Research on Design

This is likely in continuation of the first point, if you want to get a popular tattoo then make sure you know the meaning around it and aren’t just getting it because it’s cool. Same goes for any design that you choose except a personalized one. This is especially important if you are planning to get a tattoo which is culturally significant, for example, the Polynesian tattoos. So, do your research. From the meaning of even a particular flower to a Viking symbol tattoo design, know the meaning.


4. Disregarding Your Intuitions

There are times when you might feel you want a tattoo but then start doubting that decision. Similarly, there are times when you finalize a tattoo design and start feeling that you should not go for it. Don’t ignore that voice in your head. If you feel you shouldn’t get it after all the process of selecting it then you probably do not want it. Don’t ignore any of those strong intuitions.


5. Altering Your Wish Due to Price

Yes, you might want a big design but the price is too high. However, don’t compromise because of that. You deserve to get the tattoo of your choice! If you get to know that the cost is too much, then wait. It will all be worth it. Just don’t alter the design so that you have to pay less. Trust us, that is not something you want to do or should do. Save up. That is what most of us do!


From being a sheep in the herd to compromising due to high price, these are things you can and should avoid because these will most probably make you regret your tattoo design later. You may not regret having the tattoo but might regret not waiting long enough or not researching properly about the tattoo design. Again, it is fairly permanent. We believe you would want to give this a lot more thought than you would give when you choose your order at a fast-food outlet. The right tattoo design is what will make you happy and the tattoo artist’s work successful. So, if you think about it, your right tattoo design decision is kind of beneficial for both parties here.

We hope this will guide you to select the most apt and amazing tattoo design for yourself.

So, do you feel that any of these would have surely been missed by you? Tell us in the comments below.

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