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5 mistakes to avoid while getting a tattoo cover up

5 mistakes to avoid while getting a tattoo cover up

Did you just get a tattoo that you are not satisfied with? Was the tattoo misspelled, or does it have a crooked design? Or did you get your ex’s name tattooed and regret it now? No worries. The issue could be anything, but you can always get it fixed with the help of a cover-up tattoo! Our artists have always faced such conditions where customers complain about various disappointing tattoo blunders. The most common and easy way remedy is a tattoo cover-up!

Well, cover-up tattoos might sound exciting, but there are various factors that you should consider before getting a cover-up tattoo. There are numerous cover-up tattoo ails on google images, and you don't really want to be one of them. Hence, here is a list of some common cover-up tattoo mistakes that YOU NEED TO AVOID!
Let's check them out.

1. Wrong choice of colors

It is a complete rule that your tattoo artists should start with tattooing with darker colors. There is a high possibility that if a lighter is first applied, then the darker color might stain it. This applies to tattoo cover-ups too. A darker shade ink color can only cover up the previous tattoo. Often inexperienced tattoo artists choose the wrong shade of colors for a cover-up tattoo. For example, if you had a red tattoo, you need to choose blue or black to get it covered instead of lighter colors like yellow or orange! This will help cover up the previous tattoo efficiently and will look good after the cover-up tattoo is healed.

2. Inefficient detailing

Another very common mistake that most tattoo artists make is not planning and scaling back the original tattoo design. The main goal of a tattoo cover-up is to hide the original design but still maintain the integrity of the new detailed design. Hence, it is advisable to scale back to the original tattoo design and analyse the lines and fields of color that were originally applied and then choose the newer designs and colors accordingly. It will help in getting a clearer and better visibility of the complete design of the tattoo cover-up.

3. Blowouts

Blowouts are very common when you are getting a tattoo cover-up. This is because there is already the presence of the ink beforehand, and if the tattoo artist is not very careful about it, the ink might get deep and then spread throughout the layers of the skin. This will lead to an uneven cover-up design by the end. It might just take a few seconds or weeks for the blowout to show in the skin. Hence, this is another very common cover-up tattoo mistake that most inexperienced tattoo artists make. If the blowout is small, you can always get it fixed with a few modifications. This is usually the case with smaller tattoo cover-ups.

4. Scarring

When you already have a faulty tattoo, there are high chances that either the tattoo design did not turn up as it was expected, or the tattoo artist was inexperienced. If the latter one is considered, you must do your proper research before choosing your tattoo artist/studio. If you go wrong, things might get even worse! A very common problem that arises while getting a tattoo cover-up is scarring which is pretty permanent, just like your tattoos! This mostly happens when the tattoo artist is inexperienced or heavy-handed. It occurs when the needle penetrates deep beyond the second layer of the skin. When the needle comes in contact with the deep and delicate layers of the skin, that is exactly when you have a risk of scarring. Most tattoo scars are non-curable and unfixable; hence, your need to take precautions beforehand.

5. Not giving enough time to heal

This is another very common mistake that most people make. The tattoo artists are not always at fault, though. Many customers do not wait for their original tattoo to heal before getting a cover-up tattoo. This results in a high risk of infection, scarring, and whatnot! Things get really messy when you have a fresh wound, and you add needles to it for a cover-up. Let's not just imagine such a mayhem situation! Extremely horrendous! Hence, it is advisable to first wait till the original tattoo completely heals and then proceed onto the cover-up process. However, the healing time differs, and it is best to consult with your tattoo artist for the best recommendations.


Final Thoughts

These are some cover-up tattoo mistakes that you really need to avoid. Most of them have irreversible damages. It is very crucial to consult with your tattoo artists about every possible aspect and then carry on with the procedure. That's it! You are all set to get your original tattoo covered up successfully in no time!

Have more doubts about tattoo cover-ups? We got you. Comment down below and get your queries solved by professional tattoo artists!

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