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5 New Tattoo Aftercare Steps You Should Not Ignore

5 New Tattoo Aftercare Steps You Should Not Ignore

Getting inked is a fun experience but it also comes with a certain level of responsibility. While a lot of enthusiasm goes into choosing a design and then finalizing one and going through with it, the desired result does not appear in that very instance. There's a lot that goes into it after being inked which forms the essential aftercare process.

Before we get into the important aftercare steps that are to be followed, some noteworthy points are that your artists or doctors can only guide you and not do the work for you. A professional artist will always recommend the appropriate ointments, creams or products and what to stay away from or do often. Ultimately, you'll have to follow all those things religiously. It's not a tough task. We work towards an end and here all this care is to get that attractive tattoo finally.

Remember, it takes a few weeks before your tattoo entirely heals and is finally ready. To reach there or even to avoid any delay in healing, aftercare is imperative.

Now, let's jump right to the 5 tattoo aftercare steps you can't ignore or avoid.


1. Bandage or Film or Wrap Care

Once you get inked your tattoo is wrapped with a plastic film or bandage or a plastic wrap (might be some other names as well out there). That film needs to stay on just as long as your artist tells you. Do not assume you could keep it for extra time for extra protection or for lesser time because it's served its purpose. Follow your artist's instructions on this.

Some artists suggest putting it on for 12 hours, some 6 hours and some an entire day. However long is suggested, you follow that.

Once that's done, unless instructed, you do not need to re-bandage your tattoo at all. You must protect it, but you also have to let it breathe to heal. So do not wrap a film around your new tattoo again.


2. Keep It Clean!

This is just a given anyway. You must keep your tattoo clean in order to avoid infections and also ensure that it gets to the desired result sooner than later.

While some people feel that it should not come in contact with water, it's actually the contrary and has to be washed to be kept clean.

However, it is necessary that you do not wash it aggressively and maintain a soft hand. It's just to keep it clean and not an attempt to wipe prints off a crime scene. Rigorous rubbing can cause irritation and other issues. Additionally, it is vital that you also keep your tattoo dry to avoid moisture. Therefore, after washing, pat dry your tattoo and not rub dry.

So, just keep your new tattoo clean.


3. Use Recommended Products

Your artist or even your doctor would recommend certain products to you and that's what you should go for. Be it a brand that they tell you to purchase a product of or just the kind of product, try your best to buy those only. This is crucial because a new tattoo is like a wound and if you apply any harsh chemicals, it can get infected or cause severe reactions.

Not just the ointments but the talc that you use or soap or shower gel that you use and even your body lotion needs to be the right kind without any strong substances. The best choices are those which are unscented products as they're mild on your skin.


4. Avoiding Prolonged Exposure

Exposure to water or sunlight is not something you can avoid completely especially in summers. However, longer durations of such exposure is what you can definitely avoid and it's just till your tattoo heals.

Sunbathing and tanning are not something your new tattoo will react to as nicely as a new tan you'd like. Since the ink is still settling in your skin's layers, you cannot expose it to the sun or even too much water.

Hence, long swims are just as much to be avoided for the time being. This, remember, does not mean you don't clean it with water. It has to be properly cleaned with water as mentioned earlier. However, water soaking is what needs to be avoided.

Another vital thing is that sunscreen is not your friend for this. Sunscreens are quite thick and anything but the recommended creams and ointments are good for your new tattoo while it heals. So, make it a point to consult your artist before you apply sunscreen.


5. Do Not Peel Off/Scratch the Scabs

Lastly, let's talk about scabs. If you've never been inked and haven't done any research, you should know that as your tattoo heals, it gets scabs. This is extremely natural and essential too for your skin because now your tattoo is settling in your skin as the ink is setting. This might seem like a reaction, but it isn't.

All you need to remember is it's natural and you don't have to peel the scabs or scratch them off, even if it seems irresistible. If you want to make sure your desired tattoo result is there in front of you, this is quite unavoidable too.


Having gone through these points now, we're sure you also understand how these are mandatory. It's just about doing our bit for something we genuinely desire. Tattoos turn heads and we'd want to ensure that they do so for all the quirky and cool reasons and not infections. Just follow these steps and buy the right products. It will give you the apt results.

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