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5 practices to keep your tattoo from fading

5 practices to keep your tattoo from fading

If you get a tattoo, fading is inevitable. This is one harsh truth of getting tattooed that everyone needs to accept. When the tattoo needle leaves your skin, it immediately creates an open wound wherein the ink seeps into your skin. Thus, your tattoo will look the sharpest and the most vibrant during the healing process. There could be tons of potential reasons why your tattoo is fading faster than usual such as inconsistency in tattoo aftercare, tattoo placement in the body, ink pigment selection, and more.

However, the key is to slow down the process and minimize it as much as possible. You do not actually want your tattoo to start fading right from the first few months, right? Thus, here are the top 5 practices you should follow to keep your tattoo from fading and enhance the color of your tattoo in the long run.


#1- Choose the right ink quality

As we said, the quality of the tattoo ink used for your tattoo is as important as the color you choose. If your tattoo artists lure you with the low-quality inks just for the sake of the vibrant hue, you are not only allowing your tattoo to fade quickly but also inviting lethal health concerns in the long run.

We have a complete guide that talks about the type of tattoo inks a tattoo artist should use on their customer and its elements. It is advised to refer to it the next time you get yourself a tattoo.



Thus, choose a tattoo artist who uses safe and high-quality inks for your tattoos. This will keep your tattoos from fading and ensure that your health is not in jeopardy.


#2- Stay consistent with your Tattoo Aftercare Routine

A new tattoo is a fresh wound. It is prone to bacteria, dirt, irritation, and infections. It goes without saying that your tattoo aftercare is an absolute necessity. Being consistent with the suitable tattoo aftercare routine will help ease the tattoo healing process while keeping the color intact for more years. Here's our step-by-step guide for proper tattoo aftercare that can serve as a reference to your tattoo aftercare routine.



For your convenience, we will now walk you through a small list of the essential tattoo aftercare best practices that can keep your tattoo from fading. For a comprehensive guide, refer to the one linked above.

  • Keep your tattoo clean and moisturized all day.
  • After you remove the bandage of your tattoo, gently wash your tattoo with lukewarm water and mild antibacterial soap. Do not run it directly under the tap water. Instead, splash water on the tattoo gently and let it air dry.
  • Do not scrub or scratch the tattoo ever.
  • Use only antibacterial soaps and ointments suggested by your tattoo artist. Don't look for remedies or options available on the internet since it can sometimes be misleading for the sake of selling you their products.
  • Don't be afraid when you see scabs on the wound since they are part of the healing process. Don't scratch it since it will fall off gradually on its own.
  • Avoid wearing tight-fitted clothing while your tattoo is still healing.

While these are just generic steps, getting a specific tattoo aftercare routine from your tattoo artist is always advisable. This will ensure that your tattoo heals perfectly without any risk of long-term health consequences.


#3- Protect your tattoo from the sun

Sure, everybody needs the daily dose of Vitamin D from the sun but soaking under the sun all day every day can affect your tattoo. We are not asking you to stay away from the sun forever since it is obviously impossible. However, the better alternative is to always slather a good amount of sunscreen on your tattoo before you step outside.



Be it any time of the year, such as winter, rain, summer, autumn, or spring. It is absolutely essentialto have a good layer of sunscreen on your tattoo before you step out under the sun. Ensure that the SPF is on the higher side to keep yourself protected for longer durations. Lower SPF simply means that you need to keep reapplying frequently, which can be a hassle. Thus, choose a good sunscreen and apply it to protect the harmful rays of the sun from fading your tattoo.


#4- Amp up your moisturizing game

The importance of moisturizing your tattoo even after it is healed is inexplicable. A well-moisturized tattoo stays vibrant and colorful for a longer time compared to those that do not get ample moisturization. Thus, ensure to keep your tattoo well moisturized throughout the day, even after it is healed.



Furthermore, it is always important to stay hydrated. When your body is hydrated from inside, only then can you see visible differences in your skin and tattoo for the same. Thus, grab your bottle right away and take some sips to keep your tattoo fresh and gorgeous for a more extended period!


#5- Invest in Tattoo Touch Ups

Like we already mentioned, your tattoo will fade eventually. However, with the steps mentioned here, you can slow down the process and keep it fresh for a prolonged time.

Nonetheless, you may consider tattoo touch ups when your tattoo starts to fade. Even though it shouldn't be too frequent, you can always ask your tattoo artist about the right time to go for a tattoo touch up.



Investing in a tattoo touch up is entirely normal and a healthy way to revitalize and rejuvenate the color and enhance your tattoos even further.


Wrapping Up

Your tattoo shouldn't be fading at all within the first few years. However, it may start to fade over time, and a touch-up is necessary to keep the shine intact. The practices mentioned above are here to ensure that your tattoo doesn't start fading soon, and you get to enjoy flaunting the art for a longer period of time!

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Till then,
Stay Safe
And Happy Tattooing!


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