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5 reasons to know more about your tattoo ink

5 reasons to know more about your tattoo ink

Tattoo fails are pretty common. However, exciting a tattoo might sound, you cannot really imagine the pain and disappointment of a regretful tattoo. There could be numerous reasons for a bad tattoo, but one of the most prevalent reasons is not researching the tattoo inks used.

Most people tend to ignore the information about tattoo inks, considering it to be petty, but there are several diseases, infections, and much more that you can face without prior knowledge.

Still not convinced?

Well, here are a few very vital reasons which will definitely convince you to ask about your tattoo inks before getting your next tattoo. Let's check them out.


Insight about the metals used in the inks.

Out of all the reasons, this is indeed one of the most crucial reasons to know about the tattoo ink your tattoo artist uses on you. There are several ingredients used within tattoo inks. It is always said to invest money and go for reputed tattoo artists since they are skilled and use good products. However, many people still opt for inexperienced tattoo artists who do not have the right information about the ingredients used in the inks and then proceed to inject you. This often leads to severe rashes, eczema, and what not.

The list is endless, and we do not want you to suffer from the same. Hence, here are a few ingredients that most of the good quality inkshave:

  • Cadmium
  • Iron oxide
  • Cadmium
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Antimony
  • Beryllium

And many more….

In case your tattoo artists are hesitant to offer you the information about the ingredients present within the ink, just ask him about the presence of these ingredients, and you will have an idea regarding the safety and authenticity of the ink! Cool, right?


Get more insight into the colors used.

The above list was applicable to all colors. But it is still recommended to ask for in-detailed information about each ink color that is used during the tattooing process. A few ink colors that are commonly used, and the ingredients used in them are:

  • True black: black pigment, isopropyl alcohol, acrylic resin water, glycerin, and witch hazel
  • High White: Acrylic resin, water, titanium dioxide
  • Red: red pigment 210, pigment blue 15, glycerin, water, acrylic resin, isopropyl alcohol, witch hazel
  • Light blue: titanium dioxide, glycerin, isopropyl alcohol, pigment blue 15, witch hazel, water
  • Deep blue: Acrylic resin, glycerin, pigment violet 1, titanium dioxide, isopropyl alcohol, witch hazel.
  • Orange: pigment red 210, acrylic resin, water, pigment orange 13, witch hazel.
  • Yellow: titanium oxide, pigment yellow 65, acrylic resin.

These are some of the most standard colors and the ingredients used in them. However, the ingredients can also be different in a few colors, and therefore you should know about it and then carry out your research for maximum assurance.


Understand the toxicity(if any)

Many tattoo inks have ingredients that are highly toxic to the heath, such as mercury. There are countless instances where people have suffered highly with several diseases just because the ink was toxic, and it penetrated into the skin. Let's not discuss it further since the visuals are indeed very disappointing.

Countless studies have previously claimed that red inks might have such harmful chemicals as mercury that have severe repercussions. This is exactly why you need to have a clear understanding of whether the ink injected is safe or not.

Apart from that, many people like to opt for vegan and organic tattoo inks, which are very well available in the US. Most of the tattoo inks are not vegan since the most common ingredient is beeswax, lanolin, cod liver oil, hoof gelatin, animal fat glycerin, etc. which are sourced from animals.

Hence, if you are entirely vegan, it is compulsory to ask about the tattoo inks used in your skin before getting a tattoo.


Know more about the precautions after getting the tattoo

Certain ingredients used, require certain precautions that are taken while getting a tattoo. Your tattoo artists will be the best person to suggest and recommend you the required aftercare products post getting the tattoo.

However, there is no harm in knowing a bit about the ink used in the tattoos and researching a bit yourself with a few other tattoo experts to be completely assured about it. This is because there have been numerous instances where the tattoo artist might have recommended the wrong ointment, which had harmful repercussions to the tattoo. You will eventually have the upper hand here.


Fading colors

Certain inks tend to fade very soon. This happens mostly with the lighter colors. However, it largely depends on the quality of the ink. Hence, you should consult with your tattoo artist while selecting your tattoo regarding the choice of colors.

You do not want to get inked with the wrong color that might fade in just a few months or years!


Final Thoughts

It is crucial not to be hesitant to ask questions about tattoos from your tattoo artist. These reasons are pretty crucial, and it would be best if you consider them and ask for more information about your tattoo inks the next time you get a tattoo.

Comment down below if you had any lousy tattoo experiences due to faulty inks before making our readers more aware of the disadvantages of not researching tattoo inks beforehand.

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