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5 sources to get inspiration for your next tattoo

5 sources to get inspiration for your next tattoo

Are you finally going to get a new tattoo anytime soon? Looking for some god inspos for your next tattoo? It can get challenging at times to find a good art as a tattoo! Be it realism, neo-traditional or soundwave! You can get your next tattoo inspiration from a book, show or even a Pinterest page! Nonetheless, we have gathered the 5 best sources to get some really impressive tattoo inspirations that suit your story and style! Let's check them out.



As unlikely as it may sound, books hold massive importance in the world of tattoos. There are countless books out there that have an incredible tattoo collection that is rarely found even in your favourite search engine!

Starting from one of the bestsellers out there, The World Atlas of Tattoo is an amazing tattoo book with deep insights into the world of contemporary and old school tattoos! You can get numerous unknown facts about different tattoo practices! With over 700 or more tattoos in the book, you have plenty of designs to choose from for your next tattoo!




There are countless celebrities out here, such as Rihana, Cara and many more! If your thoughts about celebrities were only limited to your everyday outfit inspiration, you might want to reconsider this today!

There are so many notable celebrities out there that have multiple tattoos and are flaunting the art in front of their audience! In such cases, you can easily get some good tattoo inspiration from your favourite celebrities! Even better, if any of them are your role models too!

Rihana currently has over 20 tattoos mostly, minimalistic and medium-sized! Hence, check out your favourite celebrity pages, and you can get an excellent inspiration for your next tattoo design!



TV Shows

Did you know about TV shows that host tattoo competitions, which you check out for your next tattoo inspiration? Well, needless to say, there are so many TV shows that are under the tattoo niche, which will help you get some fantastic tattoo inspiration really easily!

Some great TV shows to look forward to for your next tattoo info includes but is not limited to Ink Master, Best Ink, etc.

Here tattoo competitions are held wherein the tattoo artists from all over the world compete to be the best out of all! The Ink Master has over 13 seasons by now and is also gearing up for the next season! Thus, with these TV shows, you have a plethora of choices to choose from! Just identify your more suitable tattoo design, click a screenshot of it and send it to your tattoo artist!



Social media

Social media is the hub of pretty much everything, including tattoos! There are so many verified accounts of individuals who love to get tattooed and educate people about the industry of tattooing just like us! Let us give you some good examples here!

If you are interested in realism, soundwave or quote lettering tattoos, Lokesh Verma is an amazing tattoo artist!



If you are looking for good geometrical tattoo inspo, Sasha has some gorgeous, colorful and precisely carved tattoos which you can check out!



Lastly, for Slick lines and unique tattoo designs, Bang Bang is again another amazing tattoo artist to take inspiration from! He is one of the best celebrity tattoo artists in New York and has an impeccable experience in his forte over the years!



There are more to the list. For your preferred tattoo style tattoo artist, you can either check out our tattoo page and visit our tattoo artist's work, or you can also check out some amazing tattoos.


Your tattoo artist

Ultimately, everything depends on your tattoo artist. If you still couldn't figure out a suitable tattoo design, your tattoo artist is always there to help you. This will also ensure that your tattoo design is completely original and unique!

Before you book your appointment for the tattoo, you can book a suitable time for consulting with him about the specifications of your tattoo, and your tattoo artist will take care of the rest!


Final Thoughts

By now, you might have already started looking at the sources for your next tattoo! In case you figured out a good one, comment down and tell us about your upcoming tattoo! And if you haven’t then check out the Design section of the website.

Also, follow us already on our social media handles since we also post some magnificent tattoo designs of our artists, which can also give you great inspiration for your next tattoo!

If you have any queries regarding your tattoos or want some more insights about the tattoo industry, check out the website of The TattooPedia and rest assured, you won't leave without getting your doubts resolved!

Till then,

Stay safe and happy Tattooing!


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