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5 Surprising Tattoo Myths People Believe

5 Surprising Tattoo Myths People Believe

Just like many contemporary, unconventional things, tattooing is also not devoid of misconceptions or myths around it. Who knows the sources but more often than not, some or the other rumor starts getting circulated about some issue with getting a tattoo or after getting a tattoo or even while getting a tattoo.

From the inks to the post-tattoo experiences, people have unfounded perceptions of tattoos and we're not blaming anyone because we know how word travels fast especially if it's shocking or surprising or just gossip worthy (Bollywood anyone?)

As The TattooPedia is set to resolve each and every doubt in your mind about tattoos, we thought it’s time we tell you how there are some myths surrounding body art that are just speculations, misconceptions or sometimes, just an example of lack of awareness or information.

To ensure that you don't fall prey to any of these myths, we have listed 5 myths about tattoos that you should definitely stop believing and we'll also tell you why.


1. Getting Inked Is Unbearably Painful


Do you really think that if it was so then multitudes of people would be getting tattooed? Well, yes. We've heard many people have the assumption that individuals who get tattoos are those who are masochists. It might be so, but it genuinely isn't a fact. Getting inked is not as painful as it might be made to appear.

Does it not pain at all? No. It does pain. Certain body parts more than others. However, it also varies from individual to individual. Some people can't bear even pain from falling on the ground while some are in major accidents and get through easily. Tattoos are not in any of these extremes and artists often say that it is just like getting a hairy body part waxed. It pains, but it is quite bearable.

If you still fear it, get a smaller tattoo first and also do your research on pain threshold of various body parts. Then you can go ahead or stop.


2. Alcohol or Pain Killers Help Ease the Process


Tattoo artists have reached a point of frustration while clearing this misconception. If you fear the pain to that extreme, don't go through with it but do not get drunk thinking you'd be numb to it or pop painkillers and think you'll rock the session.

Many painkillers as well as alcohol are blood thinners. What that means is that while you might think it'll ease your process it only makes it worse because when you're getting inked, you bleed. There is no profuse bleeding, of course, but there obviously is some. When you're under the influence of alcohol or are on certain pain killers, that'll make your blood thinner and make you bleed out more. Eventually that will make you lightheaded.

Hence, it is wise to not follow this and in reality, make it easier through that.

Still afraid of the pain? Some artists use numbing creams which can be effective so you can always consult your artist and discuss this.


3. Say Goodbye to Blood Donation


You need to say goodbye to this myth because blood donation is absolutely possible for people with tattoos. The only factor in this topic is that there is a certain duration that needs to be completed before you can start donating. This differs in countries. Most places in India, you can donate blood after 6 months or 1 year from the date of getting inked. If you get tattooed from a sterile and certified studio or artist, you can even donate blood immediately. However, the organization like blood banks, may still not accept it and you'll have to wait.

You can donate blood. Definitely.


4. Only Personal Tattoos Are Worth It


All tattoos are worth it as long as you've put thought into it. Impulsive tattoos may sometimes turn out to be regrets but any tattoo, fun or emotionally personal, holds a meaning if you've thought it through.

Cartoon tattoos, caricatures and other fun tattoos are just as personal as customized, layered tattoos because a cartoon could be personally close to you.

So, it is surely a presumption that any fun looking tattoo has no meaning and not everyone needs to get a tattoo that does hold a permanent meaning as long as, again, it is well-thought.


5. The Artist Is Responsible for Your Tattoo Entirely

Most common myth.

We've often heard people say that their artist was not helpful with aftercare or that the artist wasn't good because they got an infection or that the tattoo wasn't as expected.

There is undeniably a chance that there might be times where an artist is unprofessional which can obviously be avoided by doing proper research. However, many a time it is the client who forgets that they have just as much role as the artist.

It is your responsibility to follow all the aftercare steps. You need to ensure you use all the ointments in the right amount and at the right intervals. Taking care of the tattoo once it's inked is highly essential because that brings forth the desired tattoo design on the skin and heals the tattoo quicker.

Hence, the artist will recommend things and help you understand how to follow a routine but it's you who must follow that routine.


Considering that these might seem very much factual in regular life, it is essential to understand that they're not just facts at all. Another noteworthy point here is that experiences differ from people to people and artist to artist. When it comes to pain and a tattoo's longevity, it can vary from individual to individual. However, other things like loading up on painkillers is not a wise choice and just rumor and myth.

Tell us below if you have come across any other myths related to tattoos!


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