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5 Things to Consider Before Getting A Cover Up Tattoo

5 Things to Consider Before Getting A Cover Up Tattoo

Tattoos are not permanent, sadly, as some of us might want them to be. On the less sad side, that's quite beneficial because at times we all have those specific body parts where we want all tattoos in our life! So, once the old tattoo starts fading, it's time to think of the next one! Regardless of how your attitude towards the fading of a tattoo is, it's inevitable. Hence, it is important to be open to the next options that would be available for you.

You can get laser removal of your tattoos done or you can get a cover up tattoo. There's also the option of doing nothing and let time take its course and fade the tattoo away if you do not wish to have a tattoo anymore. If you'd like to opt for the cover up route, you're at the right place to get all the required information to make up your mind.

Cover ups are different from laser removals because, firstly, one removes while the other hides, and secondly, the duration of the desired result is shorter in the former as compared to multiple sittings required in the latter.

Cover up tattoos are quite ideal if you're a person who is thrilled to flaunt tattoos and finds their body art attractive and a part of themselves. It gives you a chance to explore more ideas and start off fresh.

A misconception sometimes related to this is that rework is the same as a cover up. That's untrue. A cover up tattoo involves a new design whereas a rework of an old tattoo essentially entails the renewal of the same tattoo. Hence, it's different from a cover up tattoo.

Now, if you're sure that a cover up would be the right choice for you, there are some key pointers that you need to remember before going ahead with it. Not warning signs in any sense and just a preparatory list to get going.

So, without further delay, here are 5 things to consider before getting a cover up tattoo.


1. The Old Tattoo Does Not Get Extracted

A cover up tattoo does not involve the extraction of the old tattoo's ink and then insertion of the new ink. The cover up tattoo's inks will be blended with the old ones and even form new colors.

The cover up tattoo will also not necessarily hide the old tattoo if you want to get lighter colors as opposed to the dark ones of the old tattoo. Hence, remember to think about your cover up tattoo as an overlap. It's hiding the old one. It has to be bigger and darker.

A good artist will guide you through this well.


2. Requires More Brainstorming

Since a cover up is not like a brand-new tattoo in its essence, more thought is required for it. You'll have to keep many more things as factors before choosing a design and size and color of the tattoo. The old tattoo is quite the center of most decisions related to it. So, it's ideal to have a tattoo idea and mold it around the old one.


3. Keep an Open Mind

You might have many ideas for a cover up tattoo thinking it's a new tattoo, however, it is not a new tattoo. So, you'll have to be open to the artist's suggestions and alter your idea accordingly. Be it the color, size or just the entire design idea, the artist has to be completely tactful in order to cover up the old tattoo as much as possible.

Therefore, a word to the wise, listen to your artist.


4. Your Old Tattoo Might Need to Be Faded Further

Certain tattoos aren't faded enough to be covered up. A cover up over such tattoos would just be pointless since it'll defeat its purpose. This mostly happens when you have darker tattoos. In such instances, your artist might ask you to get your tattoo faded a bit further and then do a cover up on it. That fading would be done through laser.


5. A Good Artist Is the Key to Desired Results

Since cover ups require a lot more thought and creativity, it is vital that you do not try to be reserved in your expenses and be open to spend the required amount of money, which will ensure that you get the right artist.

Every artist is not well-versed with the art of cover ups. It's more than just a new tattoo. It requires a lot of skill in terms of its proper placement, the right design and even the right amount of shading. All that is natural to a professional and experienced tattoo artist.

Therefore, do not compromise on any terms and get the right artist for this. You can research for the same at The TattooPedia's artists and find your fit!


Yes, fellow readers. Cover ups aren't just an impulsive design that you can go through with. You need to brainstorm and have a proper understanding of the same. Cover up tattoos do not have any additional risks or responsibilities but just have more thought process and skill involved in the pre-tattoo step of the process.

You go through with those and have a proper discussion with your artist with an open mind, you'll have a winner! Just a few steps and you're good to go with a brand-new design over an old fading tattoo.

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