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7 Animal Tattoos You Cannot Resist!

7 Animal Tattoos You Cannot Resist!

How many times have you said "Oh! This animal is totally my spirit animal"? Many, right? Well, even if you have not, we are sure that if you have come to this article then you do have some level of love for animals which goes beyond just following Instagram pages about animals.

When it comes to animal tattoos, we know you already have enough ideas in your head because these are pretty common. Dogs, cats and lions, you must have seen enough tattoos of these animals. Regardless of how common a tattoo design is, it can still be unique to you with your own customizations which is always the best route to choose.

The TattooPedia has compiled 7 animal tattoos for you, which are not just to show you which animals make for the best tattoo art, but also to show what different styles you can explore while getting a tattoo. We are pretty sure you will get quite convinced to get an animal tattoo after seeing these. In case you do not, well, there's many more designs we'll bring to you which you can explore.

Before we jump to the list, let us get a basic question answered. Are animal tattoos always big if the animal I choose is a big one, like an elephant?

Not at all. Minimal, mini or small tattoos take the opposite route to that of grandeur. Simplicity is the best and that's what you'll see in smaller and simpler tattoos. Even an elephant or a horse can be tattooed on your wrist in a mini, minimal tattoo design. The only thing that you will have to compromise on is the detailing. The smaller a tattoo is, the lesser would be the area for the artist to bring forth the possibility of being creative with details. So certain styles might not be possible. However, you can get a tattoo of any size. Again, your imagination is the limit. Make it limitless! (Do not worry, we have included a few minimal ones below to help you understand how this can work.)

So, here are the 7 best animal tattoos that you will not be able to resist (we hope!)


1. Dotwork Horse Tattoo

The great stallions which inspire athletic aspects inside everyone, this is one of the best styles to go for too for an animal like the horse because the dotwork accentuates the entire structure of the animal as you can see in the image.


2. Small Tiger Tattoo

Small? Tiger? How? Well, this is how. While there are many tattoos of this fierce animal which are small and have abstract lines, this one is simpler and basic with the actual form of the animal intact with the strips. Look how perfect even a small tiger tattoo can be, and the detailing still exists perfectly.


3. Mini Elephant Tattoo

Like we had said, elephants can be mini too, at least in art. The naturally caring animals are huge in real life, but their nature is quite well reflected with such mini, adorable tattoos which you can get on your wrist, ankle, neck, finger and so on.


4. Realistic Paw Print Tattoo

There is a plethora of dog tattoo designs out there. So, we decided to skip the doggo's faces and go with this paw print tattoo which definitely gives an impression of being a real print of your skin by a dog, at least at first. The realistic effect in this tattoo is quite amazing and you can choose realism for your design, no matter which animal it is.


5. Floral Cat Tattoo

Cats have a bad reputation because of how heartless and detached they can be but they're actually quite adorable and just self-sufficient (do not worry, we love all animals equally. No nepotism here. Not promoting our pets here). Considering how cats do have that adorable side, we decided to show the feline to you in such a floral design to reflect on that side of the animal too.


6. Night Sky and the Wolf Tattoo

The howlers of the night, wolves are one of the most common spirit animals because not only does a wolf carry a significance in terms of loyalty and strength in unity with its wolf pack but it also has the aspect of being able to survive as a lone wolf. So, this animal really has both sides covered to survive. Such a tattoo design goes beyond the normal design and brings out the true element of the wolf too, the nighttime.


7.Geometric Lion Tattoo

How could we leave out the king of the jungle from the list? The wild and proud animal deserves such royal designs, we believe. Geometric tattoos bring the perfect balance of modernity to any design and also an edge, clearly. Which animal is better than the lion for that?


Whichever animal might be your spirit animal, be it from our list or not, we hope now you'd have an idea as to where to start brainstorming. These styles are great options and you can explore many more out there too. Customization is the key to the perfect tattoo.

The perfect tattoo would also require the perfect artist and for that you do not need to go anywhere. Just go here at our Site and check out the artists near you and book the sessions now! Don't forget to check the artist's portfolio before booking your first session in order to gauge if they have done the work you need to get done.

We hope you liked these designs and are eagerly waiting to pen down your own thoughts and style ideas. If you have any ideas, you'd like to share with the world then comment below now!


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