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7 Easy Ways to Hide Your Tattoos

7 Easy Ways to Hide Your Tattoos

Was it your dream to get inked but your family would not approve of it? Does your work require you to have no body art visible? Well, we're here to help you with some suggestions that should give you some ideas to hide your dream tattoo!


Why Hide a Tattoo?

Well, first things first, if you're someone who's wondering why would anyone want to hide something they consciously chose to get then let us clear that thought right away. Most people are employed at places where there's a formal dress code to be followed which also means having no visible tattoos. While these days this has become less frequent, it is still something that has to be followed, hence people need to hide their tattoos at work. Another reason is family or dear ones who aren't approving of body art which would require you to hide your tattoos. There's nothing wrong in wanting to be respectful of that and not seem rebellious in front of them.

Now, let's get to it! Here are 7 ways you can easily hide your tattoos or keep your tattoos hidden.


1. Your Clothes

Probably the most obvious one on this list, if you need to hide your tattoo, all you have to do is roll down your sleeve! You can use sleeves, full-length bottom wear, collared tops/shirts, socks, etc. to keep your tattoos hidden. So, suit up or stack your wardrobe with clothes for office or family gatherings where you can keep your tattoos hidden.


2. Accessorize

While wearing certain pieces of clothing like shirts or pants definitely help, there are also certain accessories that can help. Watches, jewellery like chokers or bangles, wristbands, or scarves can help you hide the smaller tattoos in places like your wrist and neck. This way, you don't have to opt for the longer sleeves to hide your wrist tattoos or style a strappy top with a scarf when you aren't in the mood to wear collared clothing.


3. Makeup

Another easy way used to hide many other marks like bruises from a brawl too, makeup can be a great option for those who have access to proper makeup and have decent skills for using the same. This can help you especially because you won't have to change your clothing choices as you can hide your tattoos completely using makeup. There are multiple videos online to help you with this. Just be mindful that sweat and water can easily water down the makeup and reveal the tattoos. So, go for water-resistant and also smudge-proof products since mindlessly you might just rub your hand across, or your clothes might rub against the tattoo and reveal it.


4. Alter Your Tattoo Design

Well, if you're not dead set on a tattoo design or can alter the size of the tattoo then why not go for something that can be easily hidden? There are many minimal tattoos designs that you can opt for which will help you flaunt a great tattoo and also keep it hidden when needed. Smaller tattoos are easy to hide with the aforementioned accessories and hence you'd have more clothing options available.


5. Hair

For the people with tattoos around the shoulder, neck, nape of the neck, or the ear, let your hair down! Your hair can come in handy here and hide that tattoo. Look for hair styles that would match your look and make you look stylish as well as keep your tattoo hidden. Though, in humid or hot situations or with shorter hair, this might not be the ideal or feasible option.


6. Choose the Placement Wisely

While your design can help you make hiding the tattoo easier, the placement of it is the most integral part of this. Body parts that are always hidden, like your back, thighs, chest, under the breast, side of the stomach and so on are excellent spots to get tattoos because at your workplace as well as with your family, you'd mostly not have these areas visible. Most pieces of clothing hide these parts and hence choosing to get tattooed on any of these will make it a piece of cake! Plus, areas like the back are great for bigger tattoos so you'd not have to alter the size or worry about it.


7. Cover-Up Tattoo

This is only for people who wish to hide an older tattoo that has faded or maybe a tattoo they now don't like or regret getting. You don't need to think that you'll be stuck with this forever. You can get a cover up tattoo which can help you hide the previous one easily. Plus, you can get a newer and better tattoo! Explore some trending cover up tattoo ideas and start planning yours.


To Conclude

If you want to get inked but also don't want to disrespect your loved ones or must follow your office rules, then hopefully these ways will help you. Don't feel discouraged or feel like you're cheating your family. You've got to live your life and this way; you get inked and don't throw it in their face either!


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