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7 Essential Steps to Prevent Tattoo Infections

7 Essential Steps to Prevent Tattoo Infections

It is a well-known fact that any wound has a risk of getting infected. Hence, a tattoo getting infected is just as much a possibility. Tattoos are like wounds because of which it is important to take care of them just as you would of a wound.

The newly tattooed skin needs to be away from exposure to avoid contact with any bacteria. Additionally, it also needs enough space to breathe. So, you cannot keep it wrapped all the time to avoid any contact and you cannot keep it exposed all the time to give it space.

To help you understand the requirements in order to ensure that you do not get your tattoo infected, we have 7 points that will help you keep your tattoo protected and also aid the healing process and make it quicker.

All that said, it is important to understand that at times, a person’s skin combination or other factors can still cause an infection, despite the following steps being followed properly. Do not worry in those instances and just consult your doctor and your artist to get the helpful remedies.

Another noteworthy point is that redness and scabbing are not signs of infection and are in fact a part of the process of your tattoo’s healing. In case of persistent redness and rash, you should contact your artist,but slight redness and irritation is normal after getting a tattoo.

Here are the 7 essential steps to prevent tattoo infections,


1. Proper Research

This is a step that can never be stressed enough. You must do a thorough research before getting inked else you might end up with contaminated inks or needles or just be exposed to an unsterile environment and catch an infection on your tattooed body part. Hence, always look up your artist/studio properly online and then try to visit the artist prior to getting inked to get a proper assurance.


2. Aftercare Products

When it comes to tattoos, just as much is required once you get your tattoo, as much is required on the part of the artist. Your tattoo takes some days to heal. To aid that healing and avoid getting any infections during that time, it is important to make sure that you use the right products while you tend to your new tattoo. Anti-bacterial products are quite vital and while petroleum jelly is what is usually recommended to be applied by many artists, anti-bacterial creams provide the layered protection as well as protect against bacteria.

Only use the products recommended by your artist and use unscented products like body lotions, soaps or any others that you might use on the tattooed area.


3. Wash the Tattoo

Some people feel that a new tattoo cannot be washed or come in contact with water. This is a myth because your tattoo needs to stay clean and hence, is to be washed. However, excess of anything is harmful. Make sure that you do not scrub it or scratch it aggressively for any reason while washing the area. Washing the tattoo too frequently or infrequently is not a good idea. Just wash it three times a day. That is suffice and also a good routine.


4. Protecting the Tattoo Against Contact

It is important to understand that depending on the area or body part where you get inked, there are extra care that you would have to ensure. For instance, inner areas like inner arm or thigh, rub against your body which can cause irritation and expose your tattooed skin, making it prone to an infection.

Hence, you should always try to wear loose clothes which would not rub against your tattooed skin.

Additionally, opposed to popular misconception, your tattoo does not need to stay wrapped by the plastic film for more than once when your artist does it for you. After removing that film as and when instructed by the artist, you just need to keep your tattoo clean and apply the right cream and ointments.


5. AvoidingProlonged Exposure to Water or the Sun.

Lastly, your tattoo is healing and if it comes in contact of anything that may cause your skin to change, it will get irritated and cause an infection. This refers to staying out in the sun and getting that sun-kissed picture for prolonged hours or even if you are a regular swimmer and love taking those long laps, you would have to stop these activities for a while, till your tattoo completely heals as the lengthy contact of your skin with water or sun effects it.


Now that we have laid down easy and necessary steps to take care of your new tattoo and prevent an infection, we are sure you are more confident and ready to get a tattoo. Do your research, get acquainted with your skin type as well and tell the artist about any issues so that you do not have to blame yourself for misinforming, later. Moreover, why get an infection on that quirky tattoo you so enthusiastically got?

Just remember, these precautions are not just for the sake of preventing an infection but also to aid the healing of your tattoo at a quicker pace and get the desired results that you expected from the beginning of this tattooing process.

Which steps do you find to be most essential for your next tattoo? Tell us below!


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