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An insightful conversation with Kuldeep Krishna

An insightful conversation with Kuldeep Krishna

We have discussed many aspects of tattoos in our previous interviews and Mooch Talks about the tattoo industry, myths about tattoos and what not!

Hence, today we thought to take things on a lighter note and get some insider insights about the life and journey of Kuldeep Krishna, who is one of the top celebrity tattoo artists with expertise in realism, portrait, micro and cover up tattoos! His tattoo studio, The Deep Ink Tattooz, is one of Kerala's biggest and licensed tattoo studios.



We had a very quick yet fun conversation with Kuldeep, and you can read a bit about it here! Let's get started!


What about the world of tattoos fascinate you?

Being a tattoo artist, sketching and drawing has always been my passion, and my love for them was priceless! Starting from an early age when tattoos were not very significant and well known in India, I loved to sketch, paint and draw! With that in mind, I started working as an Animator and worked good 5 years in that profession! Next, when I was finally exposed to the world of tattoos, everything about it looked very surreal, and this marks my journey as a tattoo artist! My love for art and sketching fuelled my tattooing career, and nothing fascinates me other than waking up each day with the thought of turning a vision into a reality with my art!


What is the first thing that you do in the morning when you wake up?

My morning routine usually includes praying to God and working on my designs! I do not prefer taking up designs from Google and carving it on my clients. I mostly prefer creating custom tattoo designs, and I usually work on enhancing my custom designs in the morning!


What was your journey while establishing the Deep ink Tattoo studio?

When I was working as an animator, I wasn't the most satisfied with my profession! My inner calling was for tattoos, and that's when I went to Mumbai and got tattoo training from India's one of the best tattoo institutes! From there, I learn every nitty-gritty detail about tattooing as an art!

Additionally, I also had a dream of opening my tattoo studio one day, and the time was just right when I finally completed my tattoo course and was practising as a tattoo artist! I was deeply involved in everything that Suuny Sir used to do for his tattoo studio, who also happened to be my role model too!

I finally opened the Deep Ink Studios in Kerala, and unlike most new tattoo artists, I ensured that everything was unique about my tattoo studio!


What is your favourite tattoo on your body?

Well, I just have one tattoo till now, and it was from one of my fellow mates at the Aliens Tattoo School. The samurai character is indeed one of my favourites. Hence, it is the only and the most favourite tattoo on my body!

However, I may get new tattoos in the future only if my fear of injections allows me to!

Thus, you know the pain of your clients while getting a tattoo?

Well, yes. The first time I got the tattoo, I was in pain for about two days! Hence, I deeply resonate with my clients and comfort them while they get a tattoo to ease the pain to an extent!


What are the most favourite moments in your career?

I come from a middle-class family within the rural town of Kerala. I didn't really have many dreams as a child except for my passion for art! The fact that I am at this feat after being one of the best tattoo artists in India and having my tattoo studio at one of the biggest cities of Kerala is my one and the most favourite moment in my career!

I could never even have imagined the number of opportunities I have received over time, which brought me to this place. I am hoping for more new opportunities as such and to grow even more over time!


What is one compliment that people give you the most?

Many people come to my tattoo studio to get tattoo portraits of their loved ones done! The smile on their face after getting the tattoo done is priceless! The fact that they appreciated and liked my work is one of the biggest compliments that I have received and continue to receive even more as I grow as a tattoo artist!



Also, most people tend to compliment me about my studio! I have focussed on setting up my studio to bring maximum convenience and excitement to my clients! The ambience itself brings a lot of compliments to me every day, which is something I genuinely adore!


What is the best advice that you have ever received?

Everything comes from the guidance of my role model, SunnyBhanushali, who has taught me everything about tattoos and the industry. I mostly think about everything that he would do and how he would tackle a situation and assess the same for me during my work!


What are your thoughts about The TattooPedia?

The TattooPedia is an amazing platform for beginner tattoo artists as well as well-established ones. It gives a great foundation for them to build their tattoo career and connect more with other like-minded people in the community. The TattooPedia is more inclined towards identifying the talents and quality artists within the country, which is an amazing initiative since there are very few to no platforms that promote and acknowledge the work of tattoo artists in India!


Wrapping up

Most of us generalise tattoos artists to be full of tattoos and many other aspects! Sure, many of them do, but there could be exceptions! Today, in our conversation with Kuldeep, we could find some fun and interesting insights into his personal life and career!

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