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Are Tattoos Expensive? How Should I Decide a Budget?

Are Tattoos Expensive? How Should I Decide a Budget?

Well, tattoos and their budget are just a matter of choice. Talking about my tattoos, well they were quite expensive. To be honest, while getting inked I choose best from the best artist as he was going to ink my body and bring the needle to my body and that was a matter of concern.

But that doesn't really mean you can't get a great tattoo from a less-known artist. People from all over the world get amazing tattoos at great prices every day.

Art might seem to be an expensive investment, so when you choose a permanent tattoo on a piece of body art, it’s a big commitment to the body as it is going to be permanent. You can’t exchange it for credit. It’s yours, forever. Of course, there is laser treatment, but they are about the same as an expensive tattoo on a body. So, budgeting for tattoos totally makes sense with getting a tattoo before making the commitment.





It depends on you. Greatly. There are varying factors involved in determining the cost of a tattoo that can help you out.


1. Artist Experience

The specific skill level, experience, and reputation are huge cost factors. Obviously, if you are going to get inked by a well-known and high-demand tattoo artist then time with them has precious value and you should be ready to pay a premium price for getting them to tattoo you as you are working with an experienced artist.


2. Artist Location

Yes, where the tattoo shop is located geographically really does matter. Prices vary on factors like artist, shop, and the location of the artist. Well, getting tattooed in an expensive city will typically cost more compared to a small town. There might even be more discrepancy on price if you’re getting tattooed from abroad.


3. Artist Rate (hourly & day rate)

Depending on the size, intricacy, and number of colors the tattoo requires will determine the time involved. Once that is confirmed the artist will either charge you on an hourly basis or oftentimes a flat day rate if your tattoo session is expected to go beyond 4-5 hours or sometimes more.


4. Minimum charge

Most artists or shops will require a minimum charge for any tattoo consultation, even the smallest. Minimum charges are used to ensure the artist’s value for the time given to the client.


5. Time involved

Many tattoo shops and artists charge by the hour. The time which will be needed will affect the final price of the tattoo. The bigger and more elaborate tattoos will require more time often.


6. Number of sessions required

Depending on your tattoo size and design, placement, and your artist’s skill level, it’s necessary to discuss how many sessions are needed to complete the work. If many hours are involved to complete the tattoo, that will determine if an hourly rate or flat day rate will be charged and how many sessions are needed.


7. Style of tattoo

Simple, outline only, colourful, single needle, blackout, the list goes on and on. The customized and specific style of the tattoo is a big factor in the cost of the tattoo. The more detailed the tattoo is the more time and cost involved.



8. Complexity of design

Whether or not your tattoo will be a variation of existing artwork or if the artist has to spend time designing an original is factored into the price charged by the artist and/or shop. It also depends on if it is custom designed as it will cost more than existing.


9. Size of tattoo

Small tattoos won’t take up too much time unless they are extreme micro-needle detail, but the larger in scale and bigger in scope, the more time needed.


10. Placement on the body

Picking a spot on your body is a big thing to consider especially for time and cost. The more delicate, difficult-to-reach areas will generally have more cost, as compared to areas that are easily accessible Some areas (like genitals) will dictate a high charge from many artists due to the sensitive nature, and taking care is quite necessary.


Talking about the old days, you could walk easily into a tattoo shop, pick a design on the wall for a set price and that’s it. Yes, you can still do that today of course – but in recent years, with the evolution of the fashion industry, there is so much more that goes into choosing, designing, and getting tattoos. So, it’s necessary that you should do your research first to find out as much as you can prior to budgeting for your new investment.

As it's said in old times “You get what you pay for”. It goes the same with tattoos. Good tattoos are not cheap. And cheap tattoos are not good.


Wrap up

Tattoos whether smaller or bigger will always have a permanent impression on your body. If you are planning to get inked then you should always keep in mind your budget as you cannot compromise the quality of the tattoo. You can also check out the best tattoo artists from all over India at Tattopedia.com where you can also find detailed blogs about tattoos.


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