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Commonly Asked Questions About Tattoos

Commonly Asked Questions About Tattoos

Tattoos are so fascinating that most of us end up with tons of questions in our minds when we see people with multiple tattoos. The most common one is almost always "Did it hurt a lot?" Well, the answer to that is another full article on tattoo pain.

Getting a tattoo for the first time, some might say not just the first but every time, is an exciting experience. It is surely a decision that needs to be taken after a lot of thought too. Not just research but another good way is to also talk to people who have been inked and get to know their experiences. As you get onto this journey of getting a tattoo, we are sure many questions keep popping up in your head randomly about tattoos. Be it the most common questions or the most random, your tattoo community has got your back!

We want you to get to your tattoo appointment fully prepared with your mind at ease with no questions left unanswered. So, here are some commonly asked questions on getting a tattoo that you might need answers to!


Do tattoos last forever?

Tattoos are fairly permanent but remember, they do fade. Depending on the type of tattoo you get and the way you take care of it, the fading will differ. If you take proper care of your tattoo, it won't start fading soon. If the tattoo is at a place that is always exposed to sunlight or experiences friction throughout the day, that will affect the tattoo's vibrance or look too and start fading. However, even the fading will happen gradually and a faded tattoo design will still be present. We hope you'd never want to remove your amazing tattoo but if you do, you'd have to opt for a tattoo removal method.


Can I get a government job if I have tattoos?

Yes, you can, but terms and conditions apply in some cases. For instance, a civil service aspirant is not prohibited from sporting tattoos or even a person aspiring to join the Indian Army. However, the tattoo cannot be offensive towards military discipline and should be small and hidden. There are specific body parts listed by the government that you can go through to get better clarity. As for bank jobs, your tattoos will not impact your candidature. Every workplace has a basic professional decorum expected to be maintained and that's all you'd need to follow.


Can I take a shower after my tattoo appointment?

This is completely based on what your tattoo artist tells you. While showering is good to keep your tattoo clean too, it still is possible that your tattoo artist will tell you to keep it wrapped for a certain amount of time-based on your tattoo. So, make sure to ask your tattoo artist about this and follow what they say.


Does sweating affect tattoo healing?

Your sweat won't interfere with your new tattoo unless you're sweating profusely. Some sweat is natural and won't harm your tattoo. However, avoiding strenuous physical activity for the first few days is advised as excessive sweat can irritate the skin and slow down the healing.


Can I use Vaseline on my new tattoo?

Vaseline is a very thick petroleum jelly that locks in moisture. While your tattoo needs proper moisturization, Vaseline would be an excess of it as it won't allow your skin to breathe and will hamper the healing. That being said, this is again something you need to talk to your tattoo artist about. They will let you know what cream/lotion/ointments to use. Vaseline might be suggested to be used in some cases while in the shower for a thin layer between the water and your new tattoo, but a super thin layer. So, only apply Vaseline if your tattoo artist gave you a green light for it!


Can I apply sunscreen on my tattoo?

Sunscreens are the OG products these days but for a new tattoo, it's a big no. The sunscreens we use have chemicals or minerals in them which will have harsh effects on your new tattoo. Your tattoo is like a fresh wound on your skin right now so applying anything that's not advised or prescribed by your tattoo artist or dermatologist is to be avoided at all costs. In most cases, you can apply sunscreens on your tattoo after 5 to 6 weeks. Ask your tattoo artist to know when you can start it. Protecting your new tattoo from the sun is crucial so cover it up with loose clothes and avoid direct sunlight for prolonged hours. No sunscreen.


Can I consume alcohol after getting a tattoo?

While most people don't experience issues if they have a beer or two or one glass of their favorite drink after they get a new tattoo, it is best to avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours. This is because alcohol thins the blood which could lead to the fresh tattoo bleeding again in some cases. Alcohol also disrupts the healing process so avoiding it immediately after getting inked is the best way to go.


Rounding Up The Answers

Did these questions ever cross your mind? If yes, then we're glad we helped! If not, then we're sure the additional info is an advantage. Remember, a conversation with your tattoo artist is the most essential part of getting all the answers based on your tattoo. Though, if you didn't find the answer you were looking for in this article, head right over to our FAQs or drop your questions below and The TattooPedia Community will answer them all!


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