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Creative & Unique Tattoos for Every Zodiac Sign: Aries to Virgo

Creative & Unique Tattoos for Every Zodiac Sign: Aries to Virgo

Are you also someone who scrolls through Instagram watching relatable reels about each Zodiac sign? Do you also feel as a Gemini you have two sides or as a Virgo you’re a perfectionist? If it’s a yes then we are sure that as tattoo enthusiasts, you’d be eager to get a tattoo for your sun sign pretty soon. That’s why we’re here with the best zodiac tattoo design ideas that will definitely inspire your next tattoo. Don’t worry, we’ve also covered spirit animals for each zodiac sign so all animal lovers, get ready to get a new animal tattoo!


Aries, The Ram

The fire sign leader who runs the world with optimism and ambition, Aries are known for their never-dying fire that makes them natural leaders. They go after what they want relentlessly and always keep setting high goals to feed their competitive soul. The Aries symbol of the Ram represents this determination of theirs. You’d not want to be rammed by an Aries as they’re always in to win. For such ambitious souls, these tattoos seem perfect.



Taurus, The Bull

Don’t let the bull fool you, Taureans are definitely not someone you want to mess with but they’re quite fun, outgoing, and one of the most loyal signs. They live life king-size and never shy away from accepting their lavish wishes for life. The ones with a calming and fun energy surrounding them, they’re always a pleasant addition to any friend circle or gathering. We think these are the top tattoo designs for Taurus.



Gemini, The Butterfly

Geminis are famous for their playfulness. They cannot tolerate boredom probably because they themselves are highly fun. Their social skills top all and that might be because they know so much random information owing to their curious side! You’d never have a boring day with a Gemini around so we find these tattoos to be the best tattoo design ideas for Geminis.



Cancer, The Crab

The Cancer sign is exactly like their Zodiac symbolic representation, the crab. They have hard exteriors and keep you at bay, making you think they’re cold and emotionless. However, just like a crab, the interior is soft and sweet. They are known to be intuitive and have a sixth sense for knowing, most of the time, what’s good and what’s not in situations. This moon child’s gut feelings are hardly wrong. They are ruled by their heart but they’re also smart enough to know to not let their softness come out too soon and keep themselves safe. Once you win the trust of the crab, you’d find a companion for life who will always have your back. We think these tattoo designs do full justice to their personality.



Leo, The Lion

The lions of the Zodiac, Leos are unapologetically drama loving and mostly find themselves at the center of a lot of it. It’s their big personality that attracts everyone to them because they’re always confident and comfortable in their own skin. Who wouldn’t want to be around self-love inspiring energy? Like the king of the jungle, Leos also are fairly protective of their own people and will get into a fight against the most powerful as well to be there for you. Their hearts are big and filled with love. We feel these designs are the perfect tattoo ideas for the Leo personalities out there.



Virgo, The Bee

The sign that has been tagged as the perfectionist since the beginning of Zodiac-loving time, Virgos are seen as the people who won’t hesitate in asking for the absolute best. Perfection is the key to everything good in life and with that in mind, Virgo lives their life. These busy bees strive to have fruitful experiences professionally and personally as well. They’re also extremely talented and are the first people their loved ones turn to for advice. They are practical and logical, and hence they are trusted with the best guidance. In moments when the mood is light and it’s time to have fun, Virgos prove they can do it all and are great fun! These tattoos remind us of these perfectionists!



Signing Off

Isn’t it fun to even just go through these exciting tattoo design ideas? Well, we got excited while just compiling this. Be it the passionate Aries or the fierce Leo, we hope your sun sign tattoo idea is almost done now with these creative tattoo styles. Don’t forget to add your own customization to these tattoos to bring that uniqueness that you possess while sharing similarities with your fellow zodiac mates. If you’re already ready then don’t wait and run your browser to book your tattoo appointment now!

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