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Creative & Unique Tattoos for Every Zodiac Sign: Libra to Pisces

Creative & Unique Tattoos for Every Zodiac Sign: Libra to Pisces

If you believe in sun signs and feel everything you read about your sign is your apt description, then we are sure you’ve wanted this tattoo a lot. Is it your guilty pleasure where you go on Pinterest and keep pinning your favorite zodiac sign tattoo designs? Do you feel like you really are the freedom-loving Sagittarius or the philanthropist Aquarius? With India’s best tattoo forum here, you are just a click away from amazing tattoo design ideas. How could we not bring you quirky zodiac sign tattoo ideas? From your personality to your zodiac spirit animal tattoo design, we have got an exciting list ahead. Let’s go!


Libra, The Swan

Considered the peacemakers of the zodiac, Libras maintain the balance in every relationship they have, be it with their friends, family, or romantic relationships. The graceful swans spread love wherever they go and are loved the most by everyone.



Scorpio, The Scorpion

Just like how scorpions are seen as dangerous, Scorpios are also thought of as conniving and sometimes even heartless, but this is far from reality. Scorpios believe in keeping their guard up but they get misunderstood as being unnecessarily defensive. Scorpios are, in fact, quite passionate beings.



Sagittarius, The Horse

While many of us would say that the one thing we can’t live without is our phones, Sagittarius will always say independence is what they can never live without. Sagittarians are known to run free and after adventures. You cannot tie down a Sagittarius and like an archer, their eyes are set on the target. Like a horse, Sagittarians value their freedom and gallop through life’s ups and downs, treating every day like an adventure. You’d find them having the best motivation to live and work for a better life. For such free spirits, we found the best tattoo designs to represent them.



Capricorn, The Goat

Capricorns are also one of the easily misunderstood zodiac signs who gets seen as secretive when in reality you’re all just preserving yourself for the right moments. Capricorns would never overindulge in anything. Their relationships are strong and once they think of you as their dear one, you’ve earned a friend for life who would sacrifice their own comfort too to help you. Like a goat which is a symbol of life and also ambition, Capricorns are also one of the determined and passionate zodiac signs. They also have their eye set on the prize and keep climbing the ladder till the time their passion dies, which is not soon. With these things in mind, these tattoo design ideas seem perfect for Capricorns.



Aquarius, The Owl

Known to be generous and kind, an Aquarian will never turn a blind eye to you in need. They’re the sun sign seen as they have come to the world to make it a better place. They try to make the lives of their dear ones good and also make the world a place worth living by always being kind to everyone. That being said, they also value their privacy and independence because of which they can come across as shy. That’s why the owl represents Aquarius well with how wise and caring they can be while wanting to maintain their own space and be by themselves. These tattoos would represent your Aquarian side like perfection.



Pisces, The Fish

Fishes represent so many things but the one thing that they symbolize which fits the Piscean personality like a jigsaw puzzle is serenity and creativity. Pisceans will try their hand at everything and come out victorious even if they don’t win because they learn something and bring out their own hidden creative sides. They’re also emotional beings with a soft corner for their loved ones always, even after the worst of fallouts. Pisceans are probably one of the most complete signs of the zodiac with their personality having a balance between love and logic. These creative Pisces tattoo ideas scream Pisces!



Signing Off

The kindness of Aquarius or the passion of Capricorn, every zodiac has their own strength. If you’re someone who relates with your zodiac traits a lot then as a tattoo enthusiast, we definitely think a sun sign tattoo design would be an amazing addition to your tattoos. Add in your customizations to these creative tattoo styles and come up with a tattoo that’s uniquely you. If you’re already ready with your tattoo design, then book your tattoo appointment now!

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