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Everything you need to know about National Tattoo day!

Everything you need to know about National Tattoo day!

If you already have tattoos, you will know about the feeling of permanently etching a story into your body that draws the heart and inspires the mind forever! Tattoos portray a tale of who we were, who we are, and who we want to be in the near future! Tattoos always had a role in cultures worldwide and continued to express evolving meanings in our modern age! 17th July is celebrated as National Tattoo Day every year, and we cannot be more than excited about this! (We'll tell you why shortly! Stay tuned.)

Suppose you have been contemplating getting that tattoo for months or years. Better late than never! This National Tattoo day can actually be a great occasion to finally get inked with your favorite design, quote, or pretty much anything! Let's check out more about National Tattoo Day below!


History of the National Tattoo Day

If we try to determine the origin of tattoos, we can literally find tattoo examples far into prehistoric times preserved within mummies! There is also archeological evidence where the 'Iceman,' which is the natural mummy found in the Alps during 1991, bore about 61 tattoos and carbon dated at 3250 B.C.

Don't be shocked, but tattoos might be as old as the oldest physical skin we have ever discovered! We can't guarantee this, but many archeologists have already claimed the existence of tattoo tools back then!

There were various tattooing traditions, including facial tattoos, among the indigenous tribes. This was about 1500 B.C or even long before that. Fast forward to 17th century Europe, people who were abducted from their native countries used to get 'painted' (read: tattooed) and were put on public display! And the crazy part was, they even collected money for each view!

Fast forward again to 1846. The first tattoo shop was opened in the U.S by Martin Hildebrandt in New York, which was a hit amongst the Union and Confederate soldiers! By 1980 the tattoo shop count went up to 5.000! And today, there are countless certified tattoo artists in every nook and corner, even in the smallest towns!


Why do we love National Tattoo Day?

Do we even need a reason here?! Well, if you do, here are a few reasons why all of us love National Tattoo day!


It celebrates art

Body art, especially with a deep meaning engraved on the human canvas, already achieves a certain energy which we can never stop looking at and admiring! With perfection and the right talent, tattoos can turn out to be a masterpiece that can portray anything, starting from love for animals to a memorable life incident!


It consists of historical significance.

Even though we have discussed the history of tattoos above, it wasn’t even half of what it actually is as a whole. The culture and historical significance of tattoos was tremendous, and there is always more to learn! A simple web search can have a myriad of enriching historical stuff that you will enjoy knowing about!


It celebrates the love for tattoos.

Well, National Tattoo day is simply our day! If you get tattoos frequently, today is actually a great day to remember all your tattoos and bring back those fun memories of getting tattooed! It is one such day that embraces our body art and promotes it even more!


How to celebrate National Tattoo Day?

Just like any other occasion, National Tattoo Day also calls for a celebration! Here are a few basic things you can do to celebrate this fantastic day! Check it out.


Get inked

The best way to celebrate this propitious occasion is to commemorate it with a new tattoo! As we said, if you have been thinking of getting a tattoo for a long time, this is the ideal chance for you to finally go and get it inked on your body! Look out for the best tattoo artists near your locality and book an appointment already!


Look out for newer tattoo trends.

Tattoo trends keep on changing. Today the trend might be small minimal tattoos, and tomorrow it could be something else. If you have a love for tattoos, it is essential that you keep yourself updated with the latest tattoo trends!

Also, this is a great method to find some new tattoo inspo for your next tattoo!

Check out for different tattoo types such as blackwork, fine line, watercolor, and many more!

You can actually know about them with just a few clicks on the Internet!

You can also check out many tattoo fails, too, which are all the way just humorous and great for a laugh! (Also, use them as a precautionary measure for your next tattoo. We don't want you to get a misspelled or funny tattoo!)


Invest in your tattoo machine

If you are a rising tattoo artist and saving up for a new tattoo instrument, this is the ideal day to finally get it. If you don't get it today, when will you even! Thus, get to the store already or order online but JUST GET IT!



Wrapping Up

On this day, we should actually embrace our tattoos and acknowledge how far we have come in life. Tattoos are a great way to mark any occasion or love for something. Thus, make it count this year!

Do you have a tattoo too? Comment below and tell us the backstory of your favorite tattoo!

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Happy tattooing! 😃


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