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Everything You Should Know About Covid-19 Vaccination and Tattoos

Everything You Should Know About Covid-19 Vaccination and Tattoos

The Covid 19 pandemic has taken the world by storm since 2019. With thousands of people dying every day and new variants being invented frequently, the fear for life is inevitable. The need for staying healthy and fit has improved more than ever.

However, as the masks and the sanitary protocols become a norm, normal life begins to resume again. While taking suitable precautions, you can be safe from this virus while leading a healthy and normal life.

One of the common questions every tattoo enthusiast may have since the pandemic is the risks of getting a tattoo after vaccination.

Well, if you didn't get jabbed yet, it is high time that you do! What are you waiting for?

And considering the effects on your previous tattoos or your future tattoo endeavours with the covid-19 vaccination, we have curated this quick guide that will answer all your queries about getting tattooed after the covid vaccination. Let's dive right into it.


Is It Safe To Get a Fresh New Tattoo After Covid Vaccination?



Short answer: Yes. It is absolutely safe to get a tattoo after covid vaccination. However, you need to wait a particular time period post your vaccination.

Long answer: the aftereffects of covid vaccination and getting a tattoo may look very similar. Not many scientific tests have been conducted to analyse the aftereffects and differentiate the symptoms. Some of the common symptoms in both covid vaccination and getting tattooed are soreness, fatigue, muscle pain, etc. Thus, you may not be able to tell the source of your pain if you get a tattoo just after getting vaccinated.

As per a few studies, it is safe to get a tattoo after covid vaccination only when you schedule your appointment after a certain time interval.

This rule applies the same for body piercings, which also elicit an immune response.


Can You Get a Covid Vaccination Shot at the Same Area of Your Tattoo?

Yes. You can get your shot at the same area of your tattoo.

There have been no compilations reported till date for getting a covid vaccination at the same area of a tattoo. However, wait till the tattoo heals, so you can be assured of the cause of the symptoms.


Will Getting Tattooed Reduce the Efficiency of Your Covid Vaccination?

Tattoo pigments reside primarily in the dermis of your skin. One of the most obvious reasons for tattoo infections is the consequence of direct inoculation while getting tattooed or the healing phase. There are no studies yet that proves that getting tattooed can reduce the efficiency of the covid vaccination. Thus no, getting a tattoo doesn't reduce the efficiency of your covid vaccination.


How long should you wait to heal your new tattoo before getting vaccinated?

It is always advisable never to get a tattoo right after a vaccine shot as the symptoms may look similar or slightly enhanced as both trigger the body's immune response. Thus, you should wait for a time period of at least 2 weeks to 1 month or more before you get a tattoo post-vaccination. This will ensure that you can decipher and distinguish your symptoms accordingly while getting the best experience of getting your tattoo.


What Are the Possible Risks of Getting a Tattoo After Covid-19 Vaccination?

The risks of getting a tattoo after getting your covid-19 vaccinations are negligible. You may not be able to particularly pinpoint the cause of the symptoms you are facing after the vaccine and the tattoo, especially if you have them within a short time period of one another.

Another possible risk is the lack of research and data on this topic. Although there are no cases registered of any health hazards for getting a tattoo after getting vaccinated, it is not 100% known at this time. Thus, it comes down to a personal choice whether you choose to wait before getting your tattoo after vaccination.


Precautions to take after getting tattooed post-vaccination

There are no special precautionary measures for getting a tattoo post-vaccination. The basic rules stay the same. Here are a few of them:

  • Keep the tattooing area sterile and hygienic
  • Choose the best tattoo studios that conduct the procedure in a clean and sanitary environment
  • Follow the correct tattoo aftercare procedures as prescribed by your tattoo artist.
  • Wash your tattoo with a cloth dipped in lukewarm water to clean your tattoo instead of placing it directly under the tap
  • Avoid scrubbing or scratching the area to prevent infections.


Final Takeaways

You can get a tattoo after getting your Covid-19 vaccination without any hurdles as per some research conducted by now. However, it is absolutely important to give a gap of a certain time period post-vaccination. The time period can be anywhere from 2 weeks to a month.

When following the rules mentioned above strictly, you can effortlessly flaunt your body art without keeping your health at stake in the pandemic.

If you have more queries about getting tattooed and anything about the tattoo industry, shoot a comment below.

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Till then,
Stay Safe and
Happy Tattooing.


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