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Eyeing the Eyeball Tattoo?

Eyeing the Eyeball Tattoo?

Have you been thinking what is the unique tattoo trend of the eyeball tattoo? Have you wondered why are people around the world getting this seemingly dangerous tattoo done? Do you feel you can rock the eyeball tattoo? We can answer two of those questions for you today! Eyeball tattoos definitely top the list of unique tattoo design ideas and are quite a head-turner.


What is an Eyeball Tattoo?

Also known as scleral tattoos, the eyeball tattoos involve injecting ink under the top layer of the eye into the sclera (the white part of the eye). The ink is injected into the sclera at different points which then spreads across the eye and that's how you get the eyeball tattoo. It is a non-reversible tattoo, so unlike other tattoos which can be removed through various ways, the eyeball tattoo cannot. It's permanent. The aftercare for eyeball tattoos also differs with some extra steps.


Why do people get Eyeball Tattoos?

It's not a symbolic tattoo like many popular tattoo designs or customized tattoos. It's more of a tattoo trend that has stunned people worldwide and is mostly opted for by people to try something new, go the extra mile, or to simply get something unique done. Majority of the people who get eyeball tattoos are the ones who have already been inked a lot and are in love with body art. Why take the risk? If you do your due diligence and go to the right professionals, you can get it if that's what you really want.


Are Eyeball Tattoos dangerous?

In short, yes but there's a BUT. It is safe to say that eyeball tattoos are safe if and only if done by a professional who has been well-educated and trained in the procedure. That's why you won't find tattoo artists offering this style in their arsenal nearby.

Luna Cobra, the body modification artist who invented the scleral tattoos warns everyone about the dangers of getting an eyeball tattoo. He was reported as recalling how for the initial five years he used to be worried about his clients, wondering if they're all right and haven't been facing any side-effects. He maintains that when people approach him for the tattoo, he doesn't agree right away as the procedure is risky and permanent.

The first Indian to get an eyeball tattoo was Karan, a tattoo artist himself, who flew down to New York to get his eyeball tattoo. While Karan's experience was good and he said he has no regrets, he was also reported as saying that it is a dangerous procedure because even a slight movement of your eye while getting this tattoo can cause painful damage or even blind you.

A Canadian woman had shared her horrifying story of getting an eyeball tattoo and due to the unfortunate lack of knowledge of the artist, she was left with damage to her eye that almost caused her to lose her sight in that eye. This case made everyone wonder if eyeball tattoos were worth the risk and if it is far too dangerous and reckless.

In some countries, eyeball tattoos have been banned and some countries are considering doing the same due to the procedure's risk. Moreover, it is also essential to take into consideration that there can be artists who claim to have the right training and/or experience but ultimately end up risking the client as well as their own career.

In no way are we saying that all eyeball tattoos are wrong. However, they are extremely dangerous and should only be considered if you can find a professional who has experience and knowledge in the same.


Are Eyeball Tattoos expensive?

Considering the risks involved and the dearth of tattoo artists who'd do the tattoo, it is an expensive procedure. You'd need to go abroad for it which adds to the costs. Remember, safety is first and foremost. Hence, do not try and get a cheaper deal. Research, save up, and then go for it. The cost of these tattoos, like others, is justified as even the professional doing the procedure has to be extremely careful and since it's a procedure done by very few professionals, the price is high.


To Summar-eyes

To summarize the trend of eyeball tattoos, we think they're a unique invention and are proof of how body modifications are done worldwide for various reasons, be it to be truer to oneself or to form a unique identity. Tattoo designs and tattoo ideas have been evolving since hundreds of years. Many tattoos have made history and eyeball tattoos top that list. Do you think you'd be willing to take the risk and get an eyeball tattoo?


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