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Factors That Will Help You Choose The Right Tattoo School/Course

Factors That Will Help You Choose The Right Tattoo School/Course

The current situation in the tattoo industry is heated and tattoo schools are facing objection from tattoo artists and others worldwide. No matter where you stand or even where we stand on the movement, The TattooPedia is here to provide the information that our clients might and do need. In doing so, we do not tarnish or hope to condescend anyone or anyone’s opinions. We believe that everyone has a right to their own opinions and we respect that completely.

That being said, for those people out there who genuinely want to pursue a career in the tattoo industry and are looking for ways to understand how and where to start, The TattooPedia is here to help you understand how to get into the right courses.


Are There Tattooing Courses and Do They Help?


Yes, and yes. There are numerous courses that are available for tattooing out there. In these courses, the basic structure is always of sketching/drawing, introduction to various styles, practice on silicon skin and then finally real skin. There are obviously more things in between as well. You can explore such things and read about the proper course outlines on our Site’s tattoo schools page .

Tattoo courses are offered by many recognized and renowned tattoo artists too as well as generally at some tattoo studios. Some schools are within the tattoo studio itself.

These tattoo courses are helpful if you are determined to pursue a career in tattooing and require guidance that can help you achieve your goals. You can become better as you move forward during the course and gain the experiences that you might otherwise gain only after a few years. In a tattoo course you can also afford to make some basic mistakes that you can learn from and avoid once you start off on your own.

Hence, we do feel that tattoo courses can turn out to be quite beneficial for you if you do choose to go ahead with it. However, remember that tattooing as a career in itself does require some basic skills which you need to possess in order to become a good and expert tattoo artist.


Criteria to Help You Choose the Right Tattoo School


Now that we have expressed why tattoo schools are important, let us get into how exactly you can decide which tattoo course or tattoo school to choose. If you remember these basic factors while choosing a tattoo school, you will easily make the right choice.


1. Course Duration and Outline


Before choosing any course, it is obviously essential to see the duration of the course and the frequency of the classes. Maybe you are a person who is currently working somewhere and needs a course which can be pursued while continuing the job, or you might be someone who wants to complete the course on a regular basis so that you can start off soon. Be as it may, these things matter while choosing a course that is why, always go through the course outline properly and then decide.


After you do that, see what the course outline is. What is the school offering? Is it just basic sketching skills being enhanced? Is there proper introduction to the equipments and enough practical experience? Such questions need to be asked by you and the courses which answer according to your needs, go for that!


2. Trainers


It is extremely important to have a trainer or mentor who is well-versed and experienced in their field and is not themselves a novice. This is important because only someone experienced will know how to tackle different situations as well as give essential and advantageous tips for you to prosper.


Most reputed tattoo studios have their star artists lead these trainings. If you can find one such school, opt for that.


3. Mentor’s Style


Once you find a good mentor, ensure that the style that they are experts in also matches the one you want to pursue else your entire training will become pointless for you after some time.


4. Location


Proximity of the school is also a point you need to look at because if it is too far away, there is a chance you might lose interest over time too because of the tiring conveyance or huge time taken.


5. Post Completion Benefits


Many tattoo schools also offer certain beneficial additional aspects like apprenticeship or internship possibilities along with the course structure including things like client handling. Such things will help you gain immensely helpful hands-on experience.


6. Fee, Partial Payment Options and Scholarships


The fee of the course will be a deciding factor undoubtedly. While there are cheaper courses out there, remember not to compromise on the quality of the training course because the level of exposure and learning you will get from renowned artists will help you start your own career independently with confidence and apt knowledge.


If you cannot afford to pay the entire fee at once, there are some schools which also offer partial or full scholarships, while there are some which offer loan facility as well wherein you can pay some amount and pay the rest later. Look for such facilities too while looking for a tattoo school.



Tattoo schools might not seem like a great thing today but for you who does need help, there is no shame in asking or seeking help. There will always be difference in opinions, that should not mean that you hide away and not ask for the things you need.

If you are ready to look for the course and school that fits your needs, go to our Site and start your search right now!




Image Source: icosa.hkbu.edu.hk


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