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How To Deal With Tattoo Infection?

How To Deal With Tattoo Infection?

Tattoo infections, something that makes people dread getting inked in the first place. Can it be avoided? Absolutely. How does it happen? Depends on many factors like the tattoo studio’s safety and sanitization practices and your own aftercare of the tattoo. Can it be treated? Of course!

First and foremost, if you are here because your tattoo is infected, we’re sorry that you have to go through this. We know it is disheartening to see a tattoo you waited for is not coming out as you wanted it to. However, please know that this does happen and it is okay. It’s not something that can’t be treated.

Now, let’s get into what you should be doing if you have a tattoo infection.


1. Inform Your Artist

As soon as you feel you have an infection, inform your tattoo artist. This is for a couple of reasons. First, they need to know so that they can make sure that everything in their studio is clean, sanitized, and sterilized. Second, many a time, especially if you’re new to getting inked, you might think you have an infection while in reality you probably don’t. Tattoos heal and that healing causes scabbing which seems like an infection. Sometimes common redness can also be confused for an infection. So, the tattoo artist would be able to tell you whether what you are experiencing is actually a tattoo infection.


2. Consult a Doctor

Once you talk to your artist and they tell you it is an infection, they would also suggest you consult a doctor. If it’s a mild infection, you’d not need much more than a topical cream and some antibiotics and your tattoo will be fine and start healing within 2 weeks. In case of a severe infection, the treatment would vary in terms of dosage or time or both. Just remember that it’s only a doctor that can help you understand the right treatment, regardless of the severity of the infection. The proper diagnosis and treatment according to your skin and degree of infection is essential to treat it.


3. No Home Remedies!

This ties in with the previous point, don’t try home remedies and ignore the infection. There might be some things which could subside redness and cool the infected area but that does not mean it is treated. It will only delay the healing. At home, you need to do what the doctor says and keep the infected area clean. We all love quick fixes and at-home easy and inexpensive solutions but this is a matter of your skin, so let’s not risk this. Using an ointment will depend on your doctor’s prescription. Keep the tattoo clean. Avoid all scented, comedogenic products, use mild soaps, and don’t use products with alcohol.


4. Don’t Try to Squeeze Out the Pus

Just like we pop our pimples despite knowing we shouldn’t, don’t squeeze the area to get the pus out, hoping it would heal. If your infection is at a point of oozing, your doctor will tell you what to do to deal with it. Redness, heat, itching, oozing pus, all of this is annoying and frustrating, but remember that doing anything that isn’t recommended by your doctor will lead to the infected area being more prone to bacteria. So, don’t do it.


5. Stay Consistent and Be Patient

Like we said, it can take up to 2 weeks or more for the infection to subside, depending on the severity of the infection. It is essential you stay consistent with your treatment and follow everything the doctor tells you to. Be patient with the process. Your skin needs time to repair. Once the infection starts subsiding, you’ll need to remain careful and continue the care of the tattoo. So, don’t expect it to heal in a week like a cut. Depending on the location of the tattoo and its exposure to sweat, air, dust, etc. also factors into this. So, again, patience is the key to proper tattoo infection healing.


6. You Can Get a Touch-Up Later

Now, if your tattoo is infected, there are chances that the ink didn’t settle into the skin at some places and your tattoo doesn’t look how you wanted it to. Don’t worry, you can get a touch-up for the tattoo then. Just remember, give the skin time to heal completely. Not a week, but at least a month or a few months depending on how severe the infection was. Talk to your tattoo artist about it and plan it out.



Summing it Up

Tattoo infections do happen and it’s okay that you got infected. It’s nothing that can’t be treated with the right consultations and treatments. Don’t forget to talk to your tattoo artist as well. Skip to the good part and ditch the home remedies too. Try not to worry too much. Just do what you’re told, follow it religiously, and you’ll be good to go in some time. Even if it’s a long time, it’s worth it because it’s your skin’s healing after all. We hope your tattoo heals soon!


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