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How to prepare your tattoo station

How to prepare your tattoo station

Are you a budding tattoo artist who is just starting with their first few sessions? Well, being a newbie, things may seem daunting. With multiple machines, inks, and other equipment, you could probably be juggling between things during the tattoo session, resulting in a bad impression to your customers(of course, being disorganized is an instant turn down!).

Well, since The TattooPedia is a community for both customers and tattoo artists, here is a complete guide for our new tattoo artists to set their tattoo station the right way! We have jotted down every step you should do before your customer arrives to ensure that your tattoo station is completely sanitized, set, and ready for the session to begin! Without any further ado, let's start with preparing your tattoo station today!


Equipment required:

  • Gloves
  • Alcohol/medical grade disinfectant
  • Disposable paper towels
  • Inkcap jars
  • Rubber band jars
  • Inkcap tray
  • Transparent plastic wrap(cellophane)
  • Clip cords


How to prepare a tattoo station?


Step 1: Cover the entire table with a transparent plastic(cellophane)

Since at a tattoo studio, tattoo artists are going to deal with a lot of blood and germs, it is important to always use plastic on the entire table of the tattoo station to ensure every time a new customer gets in, the plastic sheets get changed, resulting in more hygiene and cleanliness.


Step 2: Place dental bib on the table

A dental bib can be really helpful in soaking any liquid spillage occurring during the tattoo session.


Step 3: Add the machine wires into clip cord sleeves

This will protect your machine cords and wires from any apprehensive situations during a tattoo session. It will also make the wires completely tangle-free.


Step 4: Place your machines and needles

While the entire station is completely cleaned and covered, it is finally time to place your tattoo machines and needles.

Ensure to wear gloves while handling the machines and needles.


Step 5: Arrange benches, chairs, armrests, etc

Setup the surroundings of your tattoo station for your customer's convenience. Don't forget to add a sheet of thin transparent plastic to these spaces to maximize hygiene.


Step 6: Place 1-2 rubber bands around each machine

While a tattoo station may be small, it is always better to keep a resistance while working with multiple tattoo machines on the tattoo station. The rubber bands can help with the grip of the tattoo machines.


Step 7: Place the desired amount of pre-ripped paper towels

Paper towels are an absolute necessity during the tattoo session. Always better to keep it handy instead of running during the session for it.


Step 8: Cover the machines and any liquid bottles with transparent bags

Again, just a sanitary measure for your customers!


Source link: https://images.app.goo.gl/PfZzwTHtUTZ9wtzP9


Step 9: Place ink caps on the ink cap tray and cover it with plastic wrap(cellophane)

This will prevent any unwanted contamination, dust, or dirt on the inks while you wait for your customers to arrive for the next tattoo!


Step 10: Clean the area with alcohol

While there was enough cleanliness already in your tattoo station, never forget to wipe the area at least once with an alcohol solution to disinfect the space and be ready for the tattoo session!


Tips to optimize your tattoo session

Let's check out some tips which can be really helpful to get started with the tattoo sessions.


Source link: https://images.app.goo.gl/kwXS3uv6tLr3qNNJA


  • Keep your sharps container nearby but away from the armrest or any space, which can risk hurting your customers during the session.


Final Thoughts

Every tattoo station setup process is unique to different tattoo artists. However, this is just the basics. You are free to tweak as long as you maintain all the hygiene and sanitary protocols in your tattoo session. Keep your equipment ready at least 15 minutes before the arrival of your customer, and you can then kickstart your tattoo session!

Have any extra tips for your tattoo station setup? Comment down and tell us about it!


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