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How to Select the Right Tattoo Artist/Studio?

How to Select the Right Tattoo Artist/Studio?

Getting inked is not a joke and while it's actually fun, it's also not great to be impulsive about it. When you decide to get a tattoo, you will be bombarded with hundreds of webpage results when you search for artists or studios around you.

There would be some studios which are quite close to your residence but might be quite new, there must be some which seem expensive beyond reason and many without much information on its professionalism and adherence to certain codes of conduct and safety that should be followed.

With a plethora of options and limited reliable sources, it can seem difficult to be sure of your choice of artist or studio where you decide to get inked. However, if we did not have a solution, we would not be here.

The TattooPedia is your one-stop to get information on all the tattoo studios and artists in your preferred proximity and compare all of them instead of searching on the Internet for a list of studios and artists.

Now that you have a platform, how do you choose the right one for you?

Well, for that, we have these 5 easy steps that you can follow and choose the right artist or studio for your tattoo!


1. Understand Your Tattoo Need

We all have different expectations from the tattoos we get. It might be a customized personal tattoo, with a combination of tattoo ideas or it might be a tattoo that needs to be done from a sketch that you have; it can also be a particular style like dot work or realism. All these require a skill set that everyone might not possess. You need to ensure that you have finalized what you want as your tattoo and in what style. The desired result should be there in your head to start on this process of selecting your artist or studio.


2. Set a Budget

If you've done minor research or even heard much from your social circle about the prices of tattoos, you'd know that tattoos are not inexpensive. However, they are not wrongly so. There is a lot of expensive equipment and inks and other things that a studio or artist has to acquire and maintain in order to serve you best. Moreover, it's their bread and butter too. Hence that money is completely worth it.

Considering that, you should set a budget for yourself, after saving money if you need. Once you've done that, you'll be able to choose the right artist or studio for yourself accordingly.


3. Research and Select

Since by now your tattoo idea and budget would be finalized, you can start researching and assessing artists and studios according to your requirements.

Some main factors to account for are - location, years in the industry of the artist and/or studio, expertise offered in styles along with the basic factors of your tattoo style choice and budget.

Remember, the first place we all get any information is our social circle. There is nothing wrong with that. Chat and talk around. Get to know some artists and studios and look those up as well.

However, it is crucial that you do research and do not go in blindly because your needs might differ from your acquaintance's. The TattooPedia is your reliable source for that.On the Site, you can research about all the artists and studios according to your prerequisites and assess everything about them. Even with designs and styles, The TattooPedia offers the photos of tattoos done by the artists listed on our Site. Hence, you could also like a style or choose a style and directly consult the artist who inked that particular design.


4. Familiarize Yourself with The Artist's Work

Once you've shortlisted your artists, start your appropriate stalking on social media and get familiar with works of each of them. Following their social media handles for regular updates is great, however, it is important to go through the artist’s portfolio to understand their expertise and for that, you need not go anywhere else. The TattooPedia provides an insight to every artist’s work. You can check out the portfolio of every artist on our Site and the studio they work at.

All you need to do now is go through the artists on our Site and shortlist!


5. Set the Appointment to Analyze & Then Finalize

It might also seem essential to go and meet the artist to ensure that the artist has the required expertise along with seeing that the studio meets the standards of hygiene and safety, for you as well as the artist. The equipments, the ink, the needles, what measures they take to ensure a hygienic environment. All that is imperative.

However, we understand that as laymen or just unaware individuals, you might not fully understand what are the critical standards a studio or artist should adhere to. Hence, The TattooPedia resolves that for you and has compiled lists of artists who meet the standards essential for safety, security and excellence in work by screening them based on a list of basic and significant standards.

Just look for “The TattooPedia Certified” stamps and you know that that artist is reliable and good to go ahead with!


So, no need to go and work out a sweat while tattoo studio hopping. Just visit here on our Site and your analysis is done from the comfort of your home.


Now that you're all set and have understood how to go about the whole process, do not be in doubt and get, set, go!

There might be many artists and studios out there but just like your one true soul mate, there is a tattoo artist in their own or some tattoo studio who is the right match for you. We cannot be sure of the former but we're certain you'll definitely find the latter.

Which step do you find the toughest and would like The TattooPedia to help with? Tell us below!


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