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How to showcase your portfolio on social media?

How to showcase your portfolio on social media?

Are you a budding tattoo artist and finally building your presence on social media? If yes, first and foremost, you need to focus on building your portfolio on social media before anything else.

As a person who is offering commercial services, a portfolio on social media is an important requirement since your potential clients may check your social media handles before trusting you for their tattoos.

Since we already looked down on the internet and haven’t found much information to showcase portfolios for tattoo artists, here is a short yet comprehensive guide to building your portfolio on social media and showcasing your work to win more clients. Let’s get started.


Showcase your credibility

The first step to building a credible portfolio on social media is to showcase the services you offer as a tattoo artist. Here you can start by listing the tattoo styles you and your team specialize in, such as realistic, typography, etc., in your profile bio. You can also list your assets, such as any tattoo studio or school you own or are a part of, to build your credibility on social media.

Here’s an example of one of the renowned tattoo artists associated with The TattooPedia, Kuldeep Krishna, who has listed his tattoo studio while mentioning the details of the tattoo studio to attract more customers via his social media profile.



Showcase your past work

As a tattoo artist, your previous clients are very crucial to attracting new ones. Start with posting your previous tattoo work from your clients or self-art on your profile. However, ensure to ask for their consent before posting it on your social media profile. Here’s how Lokesh Verma has published some of his previous work on his Instagram page:



Ensure to make it more attractive and eye-catching by posting only your best works out of all.

But what if you are a completely new tattoo artist with no client history yet?

Often tattoo artists try sketching or creating tattoos on themselves to practice. If you have similar tattoos on your body, go ahead and post them since all of it depends on your skills and expertise on how well you bring those visuals into reality, irrespective of the number of clients you had in the past.


List out your clients

Another critical step to building a credible portfolio on social media is by listing out your clients. If you are already an established tattoo artist but do not have a social media profile yet, this step can transform your customer base in no time.

If you have been associated with any celebrities or other famous personalities as their tattoo artist, mention it on your social media profile. For example, check out the highlights from Kuldeep’s Instagram profile.



In case you cannot name your client for obvious reasons, describe their requirements and the outcome you brought.


Showcase any public appearances

By public appearances, we do not just mean a press release. Like we said, if you have a credible profile already, it is time to showcase it on social media. Create posts about different webinars, seminars, events, workshops that you have either hosted or attended during your career. This will portray your level of expertise and authority in the industry.

Apart from webinars, you can also create posts about visiting a tattoo school or even when you own one. Attending and posting about such events will create a positive and long-lasting impression on your potential clients.

In case you haven’t attended any yet, check out this upcoming tattoo workshop on the 9th and 10th November 2021 by Sunny Bhanushali in Mumbai, wherein you can learn some really great insights about tattooing as a career.

Also, there is one more workshop happening in Delhi on the 9th and 10th November 2021 by Chetan Salhotra and Prashant Yadhuvanshi, where you can learn colour realism and cover up tattoo styles.


Optimize your social media profile

While social media profile optimization is a long process with multiple steps, here are some points which you should absolutely consider regularly optimizing to keep your social media presence growing:

  • Choose a professional profile picture and cover photo. You can either add your picture or the picture of the logo of your brand as a tattoo artist.
  • Update the links to your website and other social media handles regularly.
  • Be crystal clear about the location of your tattoo studio. Also, add a Google Maps link to the same for better convenience.
  • Include specific keywords about the services you offer as a tattoo artist on your bio
  • Keep your bio short, crisp and simple instead of any confusing jargon.
  • Ensure that the profile has a consistent aesthetic.


Wrap Up

The process of building and showcasing your portfolio on social media as a tattoo artist may seem highly overwhelming. However, with some effective tips and tricks, you can easily get it done within a few days.

Showcasing your portfolio on social media is not something you can afford to miss considering the current competitive market. It will help in attracting the right set of clients and build your credibility and authority in the industry.

Thus, be it a newbie or a seasonal tattoo artist. Follow the points mentioned above and kickstart the journey to showcasing your portfolio on your social media profile.

BTW, don’t forget to check our social media handles for a better insight into the points mentioned above. (Of course, we practice what we preach!)

Lastly, check out The TattooPedia’s Youtube channel and official website for more crucial information about tattooing from both client and artist perspectives.

Till then,
Stay safe,
Happy tattooing.


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