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How to spread Tattoo Positivity

How to spread Tattoo Positivity

By - Surbhi Dubey

I believe we can all agree that tattoos are a fantastic way to express oneself. Your tattoo(s)' style, topic, and symbolism may reveal a lot about who you are and what you believe in. Tattoos may be as goofy and light-hearted as you want them to be, or as dark and serious as you want them to be. They have the potential to affect not just you as the wearer, but also anybody with whom you come into touch. What type of impression do you want your tattoo to make on others if you're thinking about having one? This is particularly crucial to consider if your tattoo is going to be huge or otherwise extremely noticeable.

We all gravitate towards positive folks in general. It's natural for individuals to want to be around those who encourage, inspire, and uplift them. To be sure, acting like a dazzling ray of light isn't always simple or natural. Choose a tattoo design that fits for you if you want to encourage optimism in others or simply be more optimistic in general.

What better way to encourage someone than with kind words? Tattooed words are no exception to the rule that language is immensely powerful. Use a few key phrases or a brief sentence to keep it short and sweet.


Forget the stereotypes: being tattooed may be an effective way to reclaim your body and express sorrow or trauma.



If there's one thing the summer heat and unavoidable baring of flesh has shown, it's the extent to which body art has become the standard. You'll discover a great range of designs tattooed on the skin at the pool, the park, or the bar beer garden, showing the scope of human inventiveness.

Tattooing, like any other art form, must be understood in its historical and cultural context. Since the dawn of time, our forefathers appear to have recognised the skin as a canvas.

Given how common tattooing is – and has presumably always been – some psychologists believe it may have evolved for a reason. According to one idea, you would have required a strong immune system to withstand the risk of infection after getting your skin tattooed; if you survived, it may indicate that you passed on excellent genes to your kids.

Before we get into why getting a tattoo makes you feel good for the rest of your life, let's take a look at the process of getting a tattoo. New and returning customers frequently express sensations of exhilaration when getting tattooed.

Endorphins are released when you receive a tattoo. Endorphins are naturally occurring molecules that your body produces to alleviate stress and pain.Hiding who you are on the inside may be extremely harmful to your psyche and general mental wellness. While there is still work to be done, there has been a fundamental shift in society that now allows people to fully express who they are.

Make no mistake: a tattoo is unquestionably a means of expressing your inner self. It allows you to literally and symbolically put your heart on your sleeve. As a consequence, your heart will pump forth positive emotions to battle the pressures that life throws at you. Simply put, life is too short to live any other way, so get that tattoo. You have earned the right to feel fantastic!



Whether you have one tattoo or 36, you will eventually be approached by someone you've never met who will either complement you politely (by stating they like your tattoos or asking who your artist is) or ask you a bunch of rude questions.

Here are a few of the most generally asked questions about tattoos, and it's crucial that you don't ask the same question to your peers:

    It doesn't matter if it signifies nothing or everything; it's truly none of your business. Perhaps the person you're asking doesn't want to reveal the tattoo's very personal significance, or perhaps he or she simply likes the artwork. It's preferable to let that individual determine whether or not they want to talk about it with you. This question may make everyone feel uncomfortable, so it's better not to put them on the spot with it.
  • 2. “CAN I TOUCH IT?”
    I'll let you in on a little secret: tattooed skin usually feels just like non-tattooed skin if it's healed properly. Would you invite someone to touch their skin at random if it wasn't tattooed? I sincerely hope not. It is also considered an open wound if someone has recently acquired a tattoo. It has to be maintained clean and bacteria-free, and your filthy, unwashed hands should stay put.
  • 3. “DID IT HURT?”
    Unless you're a masochist, yes, it hurt, and no, it wasn't really pleasurable. Some sensitive spots are more painful than others, but let's face it: a needle breaks the skin. It's not always a nice sensation. So instead of asking others about their discomfort, compliment them on how courageous they were to have one!



    So I'm a person who has had life events that don't fit into a mould that exists for me in your mind?" a buddy of mine said. Cool. To be honest, this is a common occurrence. Instead of suggesting the tattoo isn't right for you, add that it complements their skin and personality.
    AS IF YOU WERE A MASSIVE BADASS. Have you ever encountered elderly folks with tattoos? Look it up on the internet! They appear to be fantastic!Also, you have no right to make someone feel horrible about their physique or their future appearance! Make them feel lovely, no matter how they seem.

In the end, Tattoos provide an everlasting expression of what is most essential, on the most private of canvases, whether it's a method of commemorating personal progress, celebrating motherhood, or revealing your own identity through a meaningful statement.



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