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How to wash your new tattoo

How to wash your new tattoo

Did you recently get a brand new tattoo and are not sure how to wash it or apply water to the spot? Well, even though we have a complete list of tattoo aftercare procedures that are compulsory for new tattoos, washing new tattoos deserves a whole new separate post to address it well.

Most people will scare you about the chances of infections if you apply water to a fresh tattoo which is obviously true. However, washing your tattoo the right way is crucial to prevent the occurrence of unwanted pathogens and bacteria on the fresh wound. While it may seem intimidating to add water to the fresh wound, there are a few things you have to consider while washing a tattoo.

Today, we will answer all your queries and discuss everything you need to know about how to wash your new tattoos to keep them clean yet secured. Let's get going!


How to wash your new tattoo?

For starters, here is the complete step-by-step process which you should follow for washing your new tattoo to keep it clean and healthy.


Step 1: Wash your hands

You need to make sure that your hands are completely sanitized and clean before you touch the fresh wound of your tattoo.



Step 2: Wet your tattoo

Take a bowl or a palm full of lukewarm water and gradually pour it over your tattoo. Don't take hot water or stick your tattoo directly under the faucet.

Gently wet your tattoo, but don't soak it.



Step 3: Add a tattoo cleanser or fragrance-free mild soap

Put the cleanser on your other hand and gently rub it on your tattoo in circular motions. Never go too rough on it. Don't pick on any hardened scabs. They will fall off on their own.



Step 4: Rinse your tattoo

Gently pour normal temperature water on your tattoo to wash away the cleanser.


Step 5: Dry your tattoo

You can either use a simple paper towel or let the tattoo air dry.

Do not use a towel or a cloth to dry the tattoo; otherwise, it can cause bacterial growth.


Step 6: Moisturize your tattoo

Apply a gentle cream/butter/balm as prescribed by your tattoo artist to keep your tattoo moisturized and healthy. Don't overdo the moisturization process since it can prevent your tattoo from healing.



Washing a tattoo - Dos and Don'ts

Let's check out the dos and dont's of washing your new tattoo appropriately.




#1 Wash your tattoo with an antimicrobial/antibacterial cleanser

Washing your new tattoo with an antimicrobial and antibacterial cleanser will prevent the growth of any nasty bacteria, germs, or fungi around your new tattoo.


#2 Wash your tattoo with your hands

Washing your tattoo with your hands is the best choice to prevent any hazards while washing your tattoo since it can effectively clean it without the risk of scrubbing or scratching the skin.


#3 Apply a small amount of water to your tattoo

Instead of putting your tattoo directly under the pipe, gradually pour water over the tattoo to gently wash away the soap and dirt.




#1 Don't wash your tattoo with a scented cleanser

Your new tattoo is highly prone to infections. If you use a scented cleanser, you may witness a considerable amount of irritation on your skin, followed by your new tattoo fading at a much faster rate.


#2 Don't use hot water or boiling water to wash your tattoo

Always use lukewarm water and normal room temperature water to wash your tattoo. If you use hot water on your new tattoo, your pores may open, resulting in ink leakage and bacterial infection.


#3 Don't use a loofah/sponge to wash your tattoo

Using a loofah or sponge may seem a good idea to cleanse the tattoo well, but it can harbor bacteria and infection.

Also, it can be too rough and can end up scrubbing off the scabs and peel the skin resulting in a long and painful tattoo healing journey.


#4 Don't use dirty hands to wash your tattoo

It is important to clean your hands and fingernails well before you start your tattoo washing process to prevent the risk of infection on your new tattoo. Even better if you wash your hands with antimicrobial or antibacterial soap.


#5 Don't wipe your tattoo dry

Do not wipe your tattoo with towels or cloth since it can be too harsh for your skin. Choose to air dry or gently pat with your hands or a paper towel to let the water evaporate.



How long should I wait to finally wash my new tattoo?

It is always recommended to wait at least 5-6 hours after getting your new tattoo to remove the foil and wash it.


How often should I wash my new tattoo?

Generally, washing your tattoo at a frequency anywhere from 2-3 times a day should be adequate until your tattoo completely heals.


What if I wash my new tattoo too soon?

In case you wash your tattoo before the time prescribed by your tattoo artist, it can cause serious damage to the new ink.


What if I don't wash your new tattoo at all?

If you decide not to wash your tattoo at all, you are inviting bacterial infection to cause havoc on the fresh wound.


What if I overwash my new tattoo?

It is definitely possible to overwash your new tattoo if you want to keep it "extra clean". However, this may backfire in the long run since overwashing your tattoo can accidentally lead to washing away the beneficial bacteria of your body, which can hinder the tattoo healing process.


Final Words

Washing a fresh tattoo is just like disinfecting a scab or a blister. It is an absolute necessity to wash your new tattoo after certain hours with the right process. This will ensure that your tattoo is healthy and clean while speeding up the healing process gradually too.

Along with these tips and processes, always consult with your tattoo artist during your appointment about everything you should do after getting a new tattoo to prevent any mistakes.

With the right steps and measures, you can easily get through your tattoo healing journey like a breeze. Are there any other tips that worked for you while washing your new tattoo? Mention it in the comment section below to educate our readers.

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