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In Conversation with Tattoo Artist Krishna Roy: Knowledge About Tattoos and Tattooing as a Career

In Conversation with Tattoo Artist Krishna Roy: Knowledge About Tattoos and Tattooing as a Career

The TattooPedia recently had the pleasure and honor of interacting with the professional tattoo artist, Krishna Roy, over a video call owing to COVID - 19 with Keshav and Shrishti.

After a mutual giggle and disappointment over the entire pandemic situations that we all are stuck with, Krishna gave us some amazing insight on the tattoo industry. We have all the important questions, answered and information right here for you if you missed out on the live chat.


Before that, here's who Krishna Roy exactly is and why she's such a delight!

Krishna Roy is the first female tattoo artist in India to own her own studio. She is also the first tattoo artist who commenced hyperrealism in color tattoos. Her studio, Frozen Ink and Art Tattoo Studio, is in Delhi. To book appointments for your visit to her studio, you can go to https://www.thetattoopedia.com/artist-info/YNRK09F3D2 or https://www.thetattoopedia.com/studio-info/VT3P9H9M3

She is also an excellent sculptor so you can also buy some beautiful decor for your home through her page, after you get your tattoo of course.

Now, let's get into the knowledge that we gained through her. We hope you find some clarity on these commonly recurring questions now that it also has the stamp of authentic information as its coming from a professional artist.

So, without any delay, we'll jump right to the questions and all answers are directly from Roy herself.


How has being the first female tattoo artist at the forefront been?


There are prejudices that a female has to face in the industry. As a female artist, there are good and bad things when it comes to perceptions and interactions with people I interact with. Some get enthused and inquisitive about how exciting this career might be while others comment on how unsuitable tattooing as a career can be.


What about tattooing keeps you motivated to continue the work?


With tattooing, art goes one step ahead as the tattoo artist gets the gratification by seeing their work on someone's skin which will stay with them for a long period of time. That has a sense of longevity, not only in terms of the physical tattoo but also in the sense of its memory and appreciation.

The whole process is challenging and exciting as well because the satisfaction and smile of the client makes the work worthwhile always.


How do you help a client decide a tattoo if they're clueless about what to get?


I generally have a conversation with them, when it comes to someone who surely wants a tattoo but doesn't know what the tattoo should be.

Tattooing is not just taking an idea and tattooing it. It's a lot to do with the people.

Two simple steps I follow are:

1. Ask the client about their inspiration for getting a tattoo. Whether they saw a tattoo and want it or have some friends or family that influenced them.

2. Understand the client's personality.

Once I gauge the person a bit, I get to know what type of tattoo they would like to sport too.


Color tattoos hurt more than black tattoos: myth or fact?


This is very much a myth or a misconception that goes around like a rumor in high school.

Skin doesn't know what color is going inside it. Pain is not dependent on the color of the ink, EVER.


What about the pain levels then?


When it comes to pain, any big tattoo does start hurting irrespective of the colors being used for it. It depends on the design as well as the body part.

If it's a minimal or a small tattoo, then it'll take less time and hurt less and even the technique would be different. However, if it's a bigger tattoo that might take up to 8 hours then it will definitely start hurting more.

Subjectivity is the major factor in pain. Some people feel a lot of pain, while some feel absolutely no pain as there have been clients who have remained calmly seated even in 10 to 12 hour sessions.


Side note here:

if your pain tolerance is low then you can rush to Krishna because she is great at comforting clients and helping them through that too.



What is the best and the worst thing about being a tattoo artist?


In addition to seeing my artwork being carried on for life through my clients, being a tattoo artist brings in time flexibility as the biggest advantage as it helps the artist to manage several things together, unlike corporate jobs.

I don't like pricing my artwork. I'm very bad at it and that's the worst thing for me in this line of work. You can bargain with me on designs n number of times but when it comes to price, I don't know what to say next.


What are the important things to remember and know to become a tattoo artist?


The important thing to remember is to stay determined. The key things to remember apart from that which will ensure you succeed and become good artists over time are:


1. Be open:

to different styles when you start off. You cannot be rigid and choose one style and only wish to do that and nothing else because that will curb your creativity.



2. Discipline

: this profession requires a great sense of discipline and precision. Unlike a painter, you cannot redo a tattoo. That sense of accuracy comes over time, after hard work and ample practice.



Side note:

If you're looking for tattoo training, then you can contact Krishna as she runs a tattoo training program as well which is currently at halt because of, well you guessed it right, COVID, but she is going to resume it in May. So, keep an eye out on her page as well as ours to get updates.



Can my inclination towards tattooing be enough even if I am not really into being an artist?


No. Having an inclination towards art is essential and some basic art skills as well. If you have some sound knowledge of art already then it will help you grasp the techniques quickly and in a better way. However, if you are determined to be a tattoo artist but just lack some skills, you can still get the right training and gain that knowledge. Just stay focused.


Take on current issues regarding tattoo schools or training


Basic training is essential to gain the right knowledge about this profession and after that a lot of time is required to hone the skills well.

Creativity takes time. Technical things can be learnt quickly but to get creative around it, it requires time. Especially for something like cover up tattoos, it's a long way to reach that kind of skill which comes through experience.


What do you think of The TattooPedia?


I think The TattooPedia is a wonderful platform for not just the tattoo artists but the tattoo collectors as well...giving a platform to showcase their talent, irrespective of the stardom is remarkable.


The questions asked by our viewers/audience can be seen in our FAQ section as we know the same questions must be in the minds of many out there.

We heartily thank Krishna Roy for giving us her precious time and sharing such important information. A big thank you for the kind words and believing in us as well.

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