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Is Tattooing A Lucrative Career?

Is Tattooing A Lucrative Career?

In the contemporary world, tattooing has become a well appreciated profession considering the popularity of body art itself. Many people have started wondering if tattooing can be pursued as a career choice now. Many people wonder if there is a course for it or can anyone become an artist and once they do, do they have job security and ultimately, is it all worth it?

Well, wave goodbye to the uncertainties because we are here to answer your questions and help you understand whether it would be worth your time, money and efforts.


Can I become a Tattoo Artist?

It might seem like a career which can be undertaken by anyone who is interested but that is not how it is and just like most job profiles, tattooing requires a certain skill set as well. However, once you have that basic skill set, you can work and get better.

The skill set is of drawing/sketching. You need to have a basic artist streak and capability on paper in order to learn to hone your skills further and be able to work on skin.

In addition to that, wanting to become a tattoo artist is also a major criterion. No, we do not mean just your will to get into this venture. Tattooing is one of those professions which involves customer service for a major part of it. So, patience and people skills are vital. If you feel you are a person who would not be able to go through with that for a long time, you should rethink your decision.

So, if you are sure you have the basic requirements and have the passion for this line of work, you can become a tattoo artist once you receive the training.


Would I be Able to Earn Much?

Tattoos are not inexpensive, as we all know. Hence, you should know that the artists are not being paid in meagre amounts. However, you need to remember that like many lucrative jobs, it takes some time to reach at the point where you start earning good amounts.

A well-trained tattoo artist who has been an apprentice of renowned or professional tattoo artists as well, can expect to earn somewhere between 2 lakhs to 4 lakhs monthly, in a few months, in a studio. When you start out your own studio, it is better to do so with a team of artists who are trained or wait to get enough experience and then start off to maintain a client base.

Once you have developed a solid ground in the tattoo industry, you can expect to earn a Good pay when you start getting a footing in the market and can start earning in the range of 2 to 4 lakhs per month while an expert artist with a huge portfolio starts earning in the range of 8 to 10 lakhs per month as well.

Does this seem unrealistic to you? Trust us, it is not. Remember that the work in itself is not as simple as just sketching on skin. You will learn that once you get your training from studios or schools which offer tattooing courses. A lot of hard work and time goes into every client you work on. You have to be cordial and help your clients feel comfortable as well. Additionally, depending on the style that you ultimately expertise in, that also brings a variation in the pay you take home.


Benefits of Being a Tattoo Artist

  • If you have that artistic zeal and genuinely want to form a long career in this field, you will be completely satisfied with your job and get job satisfaction always. That gets guaranteed in a way because this is also a field wherein you can choose to shift to another studio or start out on your own, when you want to.
  • It has a flexibility which not every job does. You can work in almost any city or country as tattooing is in demand everywhere and when there is a client who needs a tattoo, you need an artist. The work hours are also quite flexible because you can mostly choose the hours you want to work and depending on appointments too, you get time in a customized way which gives you breathing space.
  • Has good job security because the tattoo industry is one of those which will probably not die, no matter what because tattoos have become a part of modern lifestyle. So, as long as that remains, tattoo artists will remain in demand and then once you gain your recognition, you can get a vaster set of clients.


With all these things in mind, you can have a rough idea now that tattooing is definitely worth it. You get the money that most people do not. You have job satisfaction and job security. Being a tattoo artist would bring you just as much joy as anyone else would get on following a career they want.

So, do not worry too much. Just do your research and be sure that it is what you want to pursue, get acquainted with the good tattoo schools to enroll into, and then get going on the path of your professional success. Remember, be patient!

If you are certain now, explore the plethora of tattoo schools on The TattooPediahere. See a list of the nearest schools to you and find out which ones suit your needs by downloading their curriculums or going through the course patterns and getting all the information you need to decide.


Are there any other doubts you have now which might make you decide against this career choice? Share them with us below and help us cater to your requirements.


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