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National Tattoo Day Event 2021: Mooch Meets

National Tattoo Day Event 2021: Mooch Meets

On 17th of July 2021, The TattooPedia conducted India's First Mega Virtual Tattoo Event, Mooch Meets, on the occasion of the National Tattoo Day, and it couldn't get better than that! If you did not know about the event and still call yourself a tattoo lover, maybe you should reconsider today!

However, no worries! We got you covered! In case you somehow missed the event, here is a quick sneak peek into the entire event!

The event was huge, and we will give you a quick brief about everything that happened in this year's Mooch Meets with our tattoo lovers!



For starters, the Mooch Meets was sponsored by none other than The TattooPedia (India), Tenzin Tattoos (India), and Bishop Tattoo Supply (US)!


Sketching Competition

The Mooch Meets event started with a brief introduction about the day and was followed by multiple quizzes and fun events throughout the duration!

The judges of sketching competition included some of the trendy names in the tattoo industry:

  • Lokesh Verma, owner of Devilz Tattooz
  • Sunny Bhanushali, owner of Aliens Tattoo
  • Tenzin, owner of Tenzin Tattoos
  • Allan Gois, senior artist at Aliens Tattoo
  • Sameer Kureshi, sketching master at Aliens Tattoo

They are some of the most renowned in the tattoo industry and hardly need any introduction here!

The first event was a Sketching Event wherein multiple tattoo enthusiasts and tattoo artists actively participated in the event! Even though every participant gave their best and created absolutely stunning pieces, the winners were Endurth Sai Kumar and Ajay from Pigmented Tattoos!


Guest Speaker Session

Next, we had an inspiring, informative, yet fun Guest Speaker Session with Franco Vescovi, the founder and owner of the Bishop Tattoo Supply (US), one of the leading tattoo suppliers in India.

Franco gave a very useful and informative session on tips and tricks of using tattoo needles, tattoo machines (voltage, power supply, etc.) and making coloured tattoos on dark skin. He also talked at lengths about the growing tattoo culture across world.



Live Music Jam

The third event was a cherry on the top for all of us!

It was the live music event of Satvya and Saksham who mesmerized us with their divine music! The entire jam was surreal!




Also, we tapped a few steps with their beats too!


Stand Up Comedy

To make the atmosphere more fun and engaging, we had Garv Malik with his Stand-up comedy, and boy! What a fun time it was! If you weren’t a part of the Mooch Talks, you indeed missed out on a real gem!



Lastly, we had more fun quizzes and lucky draws for all our participants!

The winners got countless exciting goodies such as The TattooPedia Mugs, Mooch t-shirts, pack of stickers and what not!



Also, guess the best part?

A few of them also won tattoo wand machines worth ? 50,000 from the Bishop Tattoo Supply!



Not just the winners, but the judges of the Mooch Talks event also received exciting gifts from us and the smiles on their faces speak about the excitement!




The TattooPedia also launched their first Store for all the tattoo lovers out there! Being the leading tattoo community, The TattooPedia store brings you everything about tattoos! You can easily buy or sell your unique and creative products and artwork at the Tattoopedia store and get your profits flowing! Also, not to forget, the community we are building is inclusive of the best names in the tattoo industry on both national and international levels!


We also released our new campaign #EkTattooTohBantaHai for our tattoo lovers! Shop from The Tattoopedia store or get a tattoo from your favourite artists! Add this hashtag when you post your amazing experience, and you will get featured in our stories!

Now that’s a wrap to the Mooch Meets on National Tattoo Day! Even though the actual experience was far better than what we described here, this was still a quick brief on what our day went like on the Mooch Meets!

In case you think you have missed out on it (which you undoubtedly did), you need to follow The TattooPedia on our social media handles to stay updated about more similar events!

Apart from that, check out our YouTube channel and The TattooPedia website to know your favourite tattoo artists on a much personal level at the Mooch Talks! You can learn about their thoughts and views on the Tattoo industry and many more!

Till then, stay safe and happy tattooing!


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