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Scared of Tattoos? Here are 7 Most and Least Painful Spots for Tattoos

Scared of Tattoos? Here are 7 Most and Least Painful Spots for Tattoos

Getting a tattoo comes with one of the biggest concerns, how much pain will it cause? A common question of a non-tattooed person to a tattooed person is “Did the tattoo hurt?” Honestly, it does hurt. According to the greatest tattoo artists around the world, pain is just a subjective experience for an individual and how they deal with it.

There are many factors that contribute to the pain like the duration of the tattoo session. No matter where you get the tattoo, it will eventually hurt after a few hours and swell.

Other factors include the kind of artwork like a fine line, stipple shading, or dot work that are less painful as compared to bold thick lines and solid color packing or heavy black work.

However, there are certain body parts which hurt the majority of the people and some parts which are less painful or some people even experience negligible pain. So here are 7 areas on your body which are most and least painful to get inked.


7 Places Where Tattoos Hurt The Most


1. Elbow

According to a tattoo enthusiast, Burns, the elbow is the most painful place to get inked. He said that getting a tattoo on the elbow was one of the most painful modifications in his entire body. After around a 51 hours long session, he added that the elbow was one of the spots where his mind hit the threshold much faster.



2. Wrist

Some parts of the body account for less fat like our feet and ankles, but the wrist also has less fat which increases the pain in the body when tattooed. There are also some nerve endings at the wrists which cause more pain.



3. Spine

The spine is probably one of the most sensitive parts of the body as the spine is super close to the bone and is definitely a crucial part of our body. Needless to say, getting inked on the spine will hurt since the skin would be close to the bone. However, you don’t need to worry, tattoo needles do not reach the bone, though the pain could be immense. So, avoid getting your first tattoo there for sure.



4. Head

One of the most sensitive parts of getting tattooed is the head. With an abundance of nerves and lack of fat, getting tattooed on the head becomes quite painful. With this, the noise and vibrations of tattoo machines also contributes to the annoyance.



5. Hands and Fingers

Getting tattooed on either hands or the fingers is considered to be one of the most painful places. The main reason is the thin and sensitive skin and the bony structure which is filled with ligaments due to which the ink doesn’t stick to the area and the artist needs to repeat the design once or more.



6. Rib Cage

It is reported as one of the most painful parts to get inked as this portion of the body lacks fat and the muscles get stretched out while getting a tattoo.



7. Knee

Knee pain is regarded as a pain similar to that on the head and elbow as the area experiences quite excruciating pain. This also happens because of the soft skin on the knee.



Now, let's talk about the list of least painful places to get tattooed, but you need to keep in mind that if you are getting tattooed there will be some pain depending on your level of pain tolerance.

7 Places Where Tattoos Hurt The Least


1. Finger Nails

This is one of the places where you can get inked painlessly as the ink is applied to the hard keratin of the body. But the designs either disappear or fade over time.



2. Shoulders

This part is also considered to be a painless place to get tattooed. This is because the nerve endings at the shoulder are quite less as compared to other parts of the body, which results in a breeze for most tattoo enthusiasts.



3. Calves

These are a great place for your new tattoo as they offer more cushion area and few nerve endings. If you are planning to get tattooed on the leg, then calves are the best place to get one.



4. Outer Thigh

One of the most muscular parts of the body where you can plan for the upcoming tattoo is the outer thigh. The abundance of fat and muscles makes it less painful for your next tattoo. Plus, it’s great for bigger tattoos as well.



5. Forearm

The most trending place to get tattooed is the forearm part as it is associated with minimal pain at the time of placement. But you have to be cautious about the bony wrist area while getting inked on the forearm part.



6. Inner Wrist

One of the best places to show off your tattoo painlessly is the inner wrist. As the area of the inner wrist is less bony and thin as a result it causes less pain while getting a tattoo. This place is one of the trendiest choices of tattoo enthusiasts.



7. Biceps

If you are planning your first tattoo and are nervous about the pain, then the biceps can be a great place to get inked for the first time. Biceps are full of muscles and have more cushion to absorb the impact of needles. Plus, you get to flaunt the tattoo in any of your cut-sleeve clothes.



Summing up the Pain

Getting inked is a great experience. Tattoos become a part of your body so no matter how much or how less you feel the pain at the time of getting tattooed, you will always remember the experience and the memories attached to it. So, start out from the least painful area and explore your pain threshold from there.

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