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Signs and Symptoms of an Infected Tattoo

Signs and Symptoms of an Infected Tattoo

Did you get a new tattoo recently but are unsure about the current condition? Is your tattoo healing phase getting really painful? Chances are, your tattoo is infected.

Tattoos are an incredible form of self-expression and creativity. However, it can easily get infected without the right precautions and aftercare. Some of the reasons your tattoo can get infected are using non-sterilized equipment, an unhygienic environment, resulting in cross-contamination, and many more.

However, when you are able to identify an infected tattoo accurately, you can take the proper steps to treat it quickly. This is why we have curated a quick guide to walk you through the signs and symptoms of an infected tattoo and how to cure it. Let's dive right into it.


How to know if your tattoo is infected?

Here are a few symptoms of an infected tattoo. You can witness any one or more symptoms after getting a tattoo, which indicates a growing infection.

  • Tattoos can be painful. However, if the pain intensifies, gets excruciating, and is unbearable even after a week of getting it, it could be a sign of an infection.
  • Light rashes are sometimes common after getting a new tattoo. However, if it spreads and gets worse over time, this may indicate an infection.
  • Most tattoos are inflamed and red initially. But if the redness intensifies instead of healing in the first few weeks, your tattoo could be infected.
  • If your skin suddenly feels very hot to touch during the healing phase, it could be a potential sign that an infection has set in
  • While itching is common after getting a new tattoo, it should go away after applying the aftercare lotion and gradually after a few days. If the itching still persists after 2 weeks or so, it might be infected.
  • If you observe any pus discharge or a thick white, yellow, or green fluid, this could also be a sign of infection.
  • If you get extreme fatigue, nausea, body weakness, or even a fever post getting your tattoo or after a few days, it could be a sign of a tattoo infection.


How can you prevent tattoo infection?

The fear of getting a tattoo infection should not stop you from getting your dream tattoo. Here are a few ways you can prevent a tattoo infection from occurring.


Don't get a tattoo on an infected area

If any part of your body is already infected with a rash, blisters, or even irritated red skin, getting a tattoo on the same spot is never advisable. It is always recommended to get a tattoo on that area after the skin heals. Getting a tattoo on an inflamed or infected skin can significantly increase the risk of a tattoo infection.


Find a credible tattoo artist or studio



Another common reason why many people end up with an infected tattoo is not choosing a good tattoo studio or artist. If you get a tattoo from any shady person, sure, you may save a few bucks, but you will definitely end up getting an infected tattoo.

Many tattoo studios are not hygienically maintained, and unsterilized equipment and tools are used. Check out this quick guide to set up a tattoo station hygienically and correctly. Use this guide as a checklist the next time you get a tattoo to ensure that you do not succumb to pesky tattoo infections.

Furthermore, look for the whereabouts of the tattoo artist you are choosing. It is recommended to only rely on a tattoo artist who is already experienced and maintains all the sanitary protocols and best practices.

You can book your slots with the best tattoo artist or studio near you, right from The TattooPedia's official website. A little research beforehand about the artist and the studio can go a long way and indeed save you from a severe infection.


Stay diligent during the healing process


Source link: https://images.app.goo.gl/8rpfWPHJFZ6GBZ8QA


Even if your tattoo artist does everything correctly, your aftercare routine makes a significant contribution to the healing process of your tattoo. If you don't keep your tattoo clean and follow all the tattoo aftercare steps as prescribed by your tattoo artist regularly for the next few months, you may end up with an infected tattoo.

Remember, it’s your responsibility and not the artists’ to take care of your tattoo.


How To Treat an Infected Tattoo?

There could be chances that you are reading this blog late and are already struggling with a tattoo infection that you want to fix yourself. Well, we hate to break it to you but do not treat your infected tattoo yourself!

Even if you find the slightest of the symptoms mentioned above, it is always recommended to go to a certified doctor or a dermatologist for professional help.

Do not resort to home remedies or tactics that can cure your tattoo infection at home. Most of them are a hoax and may even end up doing more harm than good.

Thus, if you think that your tattoo is getting infected, don't wait. Rush to a doctor right away to find out the best cure for your tattoo infection.


Wrapping Up

Tattoo Infections can be easily prevented with the right aftercare steps and strategies. However, even if you end up with a tattoo infection, you should absolutely see your dermatologist instead of waiting any further. It is always better to know about the possible signs and symptoms beforehand for quicker identification of an infection followed by the right measure to cure it.

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Till then,
Stay Safe and
Happy Tattooing.


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