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Stereotyping of Tattoos and Tattoo Artists

Stereotyping of Tattoos and Tattoo Artists

Tattoos have been around for many years, with millions of people getting inked every day. Tattoos were also very evident in ancient cultures. However, that didn't stop the stereotypes rising by the people out there. Be it, tattooed people or tattoo artists. Almost every person with the smallest tattoo has witnessed at least one stereotype or stigma throughout their life.

Even though one should never pay heed to such stereotypes and stigmas, it is always better to address them for once and make the air clear. This is why we have outlined some of the very common stereotypes and stigmas faced by tattoo artists and tattooed people. We have also discussed a few tattoo myths as well to educate our readers on everything. Thus, without any further ado, let's bust the stereotypes once and for all!


#1: Tattoo artists or people with tattoos are not professional and less intelligent

Needless to say, there are countless doctors, engineers, pilots, and army men that have multiple tattoos, and they need not portray their worth or intelligence anymore.

Similarly, every credible tattoo artist is highly professional. Why else would you see the long queue of appointments within the tattoo studios?

Both tattoo artists and people with tattoos strive hard for their success and are equally dedicated to their work. There is no reason why and how a body art can determine their intelligence quotient or professionalism.


#2: People with tattoos or tattoo artists are likely to do bad, deviant, or rebellious deeds

Firstly, there is no wrong in being rebellious and living on your own unless you are hurting someone, right?

Next, if this stereotype was correct, you would have found tattoo artists and people with tattoos behind bars. Bold tattoos may make powerful statements but don't always indicate anything that rebels against humanity.

Countless tattoo artists are both atheists and believers of gods. None of them do any bad deeds but simply live their life with dignity by being recognized for their skills. Hence, there is no reason to always stereotype people with tattoos or tattoo artists as bad men!


#3: If you have a tattoo, you will not be hired by companies

Believe it or not. As we already mentioned, numerous professionals actively ink their bodies yet are working in some of the leading MNCs and companies worldwide.

A tattoo doesn't determine your skills. Since recruiters are on the lookout for candidates with skills and experience but not your body art, you always have full chances of getting hired by your dream company if you deserve it!


#4: Tattoo artists or people with tattoos dress ONLY Goth

The styling and appearance of a person are very subjective. The fact that you are stereotyping based on appearance is itself very wrong. There are countless tattoo artists or people with tattoos that dress Goth and do not dress Goth too!

Since fashion is a personal preference, there are no specific limitations to dressing as per certain standards.


#5: People with tattoos cannot donate blood ever

To donate blood after getting a tattoo, there are different sets of rules in different countries. Typically, you need to wait for at least 1 year to a few years to donate blood after getting a tattoo.

However, it is entirely false that you will never be allowed to donate blood anymore after getting a tattoo. Post this duration; you can donate blood without any restrictions.


#6: Anybody can be a tattoo artist if they can draw

While drawing and illustration are an absolute necessity to creating good tattoos, it is definitely not the only possible skill you need to be a tattoo artist. Bringing the vision from paper to the skin, handling the machinery, understanding how pressure and voltage works, etc., are just a few of the long list of skills a tattoo artist needs to be skilled at.

This is precisely why many tattoo schools offer tattoo education to students who are willing to become tattoo artists. Hence, there is no way that only drawing skills can guarantee you success in tattooing.


#7: Tattoo artists lead an unhealthy lifestyle

No. tattoo artists and people with tattoos are just normal people like everybody else. There is no relation between getting a tattoo and leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Thus, having a tattoo doesn't mean they are not healthy.


Final words

The list of stereotypes and stigmas faced by tattoo artists is limitless. Even though tattooing is a very respected and valuable profession that has been striving for the last many decades, many people are still not much aware of tattoos and start stereotyping others.

Have you ever been stereotyped or stigmatized for getting a tattoo?

Comment down on your experience.

The only possible thing we can do today to diminish this gradually is to be more aware of tattoos, body art, and tattoo artists. The more information we gather from the right sources, the more knowledgeable and aware we become about the inked people around us!

At The TattooPedia, we discuss everything about tattoos, tattoo artists, and the tattoo industry on both our official website and social media handles. Thus, if you want to gain knowledge about it, you know the drill.

Keep checking the official website and follow The TattooPedia's social media handles.

Till then,
Stay Safe
And Happy Tattooing.


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