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Tattoo Infection vs Tattoo Scabbing: Is Your Tattoo Infected?

Tattoo Infection vs Tattoo Scabbing: Is Your Tattoo Infected?

Once you’ve gotten inked, the foremost priority becomes taking care of it. After days or months of planning a tattoo design and finally getting the perfect one, you’d want it to remain perfect for as long as possible. Tattoo aftercare plays a major role in that. Your tattoo needs to heal properly for it to look fresh, clean, and of course, amazing. We know you’re a fellow tattoo enthusiast and are well aware of how to have a proper tattoo aftercare routine, but are you confused seeing your tattoo looking like it’s falling apart? Worry not, hear us out.


What’s Tattoo Scabbing?

Tattoo scabbing is as natural and common as someone going gaga over actors in India, it’s inevitable and essential to some extent. Scabbing is your skin’s way of telling you that it’s in the healing process and soon your skin will be replenished and your tattoo will look fresh. These scabs are probably quite itchy and you just want to tear them apart like an ex’s love letter but don’t (the scabs, we mean). These scabs are here to protect your tattooed skin from any contact with bacteria that might lead to an infection.

The best way to handle the itching and also facilitate the healing process is to keep your tattoo moisturized. The more moisturized your tattoo is, the lesser the itching should be, but don’t overdo it because your inked skin also needs to breathe for healing. These scabs could be present on your skin for 4 days to up to 2 weeks even. So, you need not worry.


When Should You Worry?

Tattoo infections do happen but they’re quite avoidable in most cases. On the off chance, it happens that despite following a tattoo aftercare regime religiously, you still get a tattoo infection, you don’t need to be alarmed. There are ways to deal with tattoo infections that will help you take action at the right time and still get the tattoo you wanted, in the end. But how do you know if your tattoo is infected or is just healing?


Signs of Tattoo Infection, Not Scabbing

  • Unusual Redness: Some redness is normal in the initial days after you get your tattoo. However, if you see redness around the tattoo that does not subside, it may be a sign. The best thing to do is consult your tattoo artist or doctor and know if it’s an early sign of a tattoo infection.
  • Oozing Pus: Is your tattoo getting sore and there’s discharge from your tattoo? This is probably because of an infection. In such a case, don’t apply any ointments or opt for home remedies because, unlike usual cuts and bruises, getting inked is very different and shouldn’t be treated as a normal infection or wound. Immediately check-up with your doctor to get the right treatment.
  • Swelling: Some people notice mild swelling for 1 or 2 days after getting their tattoo, but if you see the swelling increase or see sudden swelling around your tattooed skin, then get it checked out for the right resolution.
  • Rashes, Bumps, and Itchiness: As we mentioned, itching is a normal thing when you experience scabbing, so it can be hard to understand the difference sometimes. While your skin scabs, you’d see flakes over your tattoo and feel like scratching your skin, but with moisturization, you should get relief. In case your tattoo feels extremely itchy and you can see red bumps or rashes forming on it, and sometimes even a bit of heat on the tattooed skin, then it’s not scabbing anymore. If this happens, get the right remedies to not hamper your tattoo healing any further.
  • Pain: If you feel pain around your tattooed area for days or if the pain is increasing as days pass by, something might be wrong. Again, in the first couple of days, some pain could be there for some people, but immense pain or pain for more than a few days is a sign, so don’t ignore it. It’s best to get a second opinion. Talk to your tattoo artist.
  • Fever and shivers: If you’re starting to feel like you’re getting a fever or you’re nauseated and have chills, it’s a sign of a tattoo infection and you need to talk to your doctor.


Scabbing Up

Remember, scabbing is good. It is a sign of healing. Scabs are your tattoo’s way of saying new year, new me. It’s a new art, new skin thing. So, don’t worry and just follow everything that’s required to get that new tattoo to perfect condition. If you do find that your tattoo is infected, again, don’t fear, your tattoo forum is here! Dealing with a tattoo infection is not the end of your tattoo’s life. Now that you know your tattoo is fine, check out some unique tattoo ideas for your next tattoo!


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