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Tattoo Schools: Everything You Need to Know

Tattoo Schools: Everything You Need to Know

In a time when everyone has been getting multiple degrees and doing additional courses for skill enhancement, it only makes sense to have formal training when it comes to the art of tattooing. Body art is not a new form of art and dates back hundreds of years. Tattooing as a profession has gained a lot of momentum so it’s natural to feel the urge to be the best out of the best since there are many tattoo artists everywhere.

Does art require an education though? Well, if there are fine art courses around the globe, it surely means something. Let’s see what it means for body art.


What Are Tattoo Schools?

Unlike formal institutions of learning where we’ve studied as children and teenagers, tattoo schools are more like training schools. There are curriculums to be followed and of course, course structures as well, but there are no exams to promote you to the next standard of education or a “fail” result to make you repeat it.

You’d find a few institutes dedicated to tattoo training. In most cases, tattoo schools are a part of a tattoo studio itself or are an extension of it. Renowned tattoo artists run their tattoo training programs or courses, and some even have tattoo schools running as part of their studios. With professionals of the industry, with years of practice and exposure, these schools are amazing.


Who Are Tattoo Schools For?

If you’re someone interested in learning the art of tattooing and becoming a professional tattoo artist then a tattoo school will be beneficial for you. Not only would you be able to streamline your practice and gain the right knowledge from the right sources, but you’d also get to know the workings of the industry as some tattoo school courses include client interactions as well.

This doesn’t mean that it’s only for beginners. Even a tattoo artist who wants to explore different styles in their tattoo styles and tattoo designs can enroll in tattoo schools. All you need to do is find the right school with the right course for what you require.

The cherry on top is that many tattoo schools offer apprenticeships as well which is ideal for anyone who needs a taste of the industry without risking starting out on their own with huge investments. Learn the trade tricks and tips hands-on and then branch out on your own and start your own tattoo studio.


Are there Government Recognized Tattoo Schools?

There are no government-recognized tattoo schools because, like we said, these aren’t the typical schools with the formal rules and regulations. However, that doesn’t mean these tattoo schools aren’t safe. If you fear you might come across fraudulent practices, fear not. As always, your #1 tattoo forum has already covered the bases. Just read about how to filter out any scam tattoo schools here.


Is It Necessary To Enroll In A Tattoo School?

Nothing is necessary in art, apart from the will and passion to do it. Tattoo schools help you and provide you with guidance and exposure. What you can get at a tattoo school under the guidance of a professional tattoo artist is not the same as what you’d get from Google or other social media platforms. Getting the tattoo industry’s insights from professionals directly is the perfect guidance. At tattoo schools, you can ask all your doubts, improve your strengths, weed out your weak points, and most importantly, you’d get to practice inking!

That being said, if for any reason you feel you don’t want to go to a tattoo school, you don’t need to. However, tattoo schools would facilitate your tattoo career to a great degree. Don’t forget, a tattoo artist’s success is for their work but they also need a lot of recognition to get to that success. Formal training would help you get recognized as a professional artist sooner. So, if you can, then The TattooPedia definitely recommends enrolling in a tattoo school.


How Do I Find The Best Tattoo School?

From deciding a tattoo design to booking tattoo appointments, we cover it all. So, we absolutely cover this as well. If you’re looking for the best tattoo schools that you can trust, you have come to the right place. You can look for the top tattoo schools in India right here.


The Conclusion

Tattoo schools are a blessing for every budding tattoo artist out there because there aren’t enough trusted resources for getting the right guidance. The experience gained by the professionals running these schools is far greater than any knowledge you’d gather from your online searches. Enrolling in a tattoo school would help you cover all your bases before you set out on your own and even help you learn new things that you would never come across, if not for the training you’d get here. From basic courses to advanced courses, it’s all available. All you have to do is go looking for the right course according to what you require. So, fellow tattoo enthusiasts, get going and become a top tattoo artist in India!


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