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The Essential Guide to Tattoo Booking

The Essential Guide to Tattoo Booking

Are you looking forward to getting a new tattoo anytime soon?

Or, Wait...

Are you new to getting tattoos and are confused about where to reach out to get a tattoo appointment from your favourite tattoo artist?

We got your back.

Since you have already stumbled upon this post, you can click here and get redirected to a page where you can quickly register yourself as a tattoo enthusiast and book your appointment with your favourite tattoo artist in just a few clicks.

Nonetheless, we will still guide you through the entire booking session along with some tips to make your upcoming tattoo experience memorable. Let's get going.


How To Book a Tattoo Appointment?

There are different ways you can book an appointment with a tattoo artist, such as going through a website like The TattooPedia, emailing the tattoo artist/studio directly, calling the tattoo artist/studio or a walk-in appointment. Based on your convenience and availability, you can choose any one of these and book an appointment with your favourite tattoo artist at ease.

Since the latter choices for booking an appointment are self-explanatory, we will guide you through the steps on booking a tattoo appointment through a website.

Step 1: Visit The TattooPedia website and click on the Artist/Studio tab in the top left corner.



Step 2:Choose your preferred tattoo artist/studiofrom the long list of options. You can also filter these results depending on the tattoo style, location and other factors to narrow your search



You may also click here to get the latest offers on your tattoo bookings for every tattoo artist.



Step 3: Click on the artist's name and click on Book Appointment. On this page, you can also gain more information about the artist's credibility, such as their specialisation, celebrities they have worked with and their contact details.

You can also visit their social profiles and check out their work if you want to be sure about their expertise on your preferred design.



Step 4: Register yourself as a Tattoo Enthusiast by filling out the necessary details.



Step 5: Select your preferred appointment date and time slot and click on Book Now.



Step 6: You have now successfully booked your first tattoo appointment with The TattooPedia! Wasn't it quick and simple?

The concerned tattoo artist/studio will connect with you, and you can get chatting about your tattoo requirements.



Why should you book a tattoo appointment through a website?

You might consider that a walk-in appointment or directly calling the studio beforehand for the booking is easier than booking through a website.

However, it is never as simple as it looks. When you book an appointment over calls or emails, you need to wait for long periods for them to answer you back and give you a date. You may need to wait anywhere from a few days to even 12 months to get an appointment from the specific tattoo artist.

Furthermore, if your time clashes with their availability, it can even extend your tattoo appointment further. Often the artist may even cancel your appointment and choose not to do your tattoo design for different reasons.

Similarly, you cannot simply arrive at the studio and get started with your tattoo session right away for walk-in appointments. Since tattoo bookings are always made beforehand, you need to set the dates with the artist based on their availability and wait for it, and this requires extra effort to visit the studio twice.

To save you from the hassle, booking a tattoo appointment through a website like The TattooPedia, where we take care of all your requirements, is a way simpler and quicker choice. You simply need to choose your preferred tattoo artist and the date whenever you are available for your tattoo session.

By booking a tattoo appointment via our website, you get adequate time to discuss with the tattoo artist your desired tattoo design, include alterations, if any, in due time, and get all prepped up before the D-day.

Once you confirm the booking on our website, you can simply visit the studio on the appointment date and get started with your tattoo right away!


Quick Tips To Get Ready For Your Upcoming Tattoo Appointment

Now that you have booked your tattoo appointment with your favourite tattoo artist, here are a few tips to help you make your tattoo experience even better.


Be ready with the tattoo description

Once the tattoo artist/studio connects with you after booking the appointment, be ready with the details of your tattoo requirements, such as tattoo design, position on your body, colour, size, costing, and more. Discuss the different aspects of your desired tattoo, and you can even ask them for recommendations or opinions on the same.

The key is to have an open and detailed conversation with your tattoo artist about everything you should know before you visit the day of the tattoo appointment. This way, you can anticipate the entire procedure beforehand and get ready for the tattoo session.


Do not negotiate with the prices

Often people tend to negotiate with the artist on the expenditure of the tattoo design. However, it is highly advised not to do so as it underestimates the skill, time and years of training that the tattoo artist has gone through to bring you the best tattoo and art experience of your life.

The rates for tattoos depend on the designs and the placement of tattoos. There is no way that your artist will charge you high unnecessarily.

When you opt for cheap and low-cost tattoos, you are risking your health and life as such tattoo studios are usually unhygienic and filled with tattoo artists that are not skilled enough.

To prevent a lifetime of regret, ensure that you pay the amount they deserve instead of negotiating. Rest assured, you can get your desired tattoo done safely with no risk of infections or diseases.


Final Takeaways

Booking a tattoo appointment is the easiest when done via websites like The TattooPedia. You can log in into your account on The TattooPedia and view your upcoming bookings, tattoo designs, booking history and more which makes your entire tattoo experience more manageable.

In addition to that, if you have any doubts or queries regarding your tattoo appointment, you can always connect with our tattoo experts and get them solved, which is usually not common when you book a tattoo appointment via calls/emails or walk-in appointments.

Do you want to gain more insights on the trendiest tattoo designs, conversations with the renowned tattoo artists in town and everything around tattoos? You should definitely follow The TattooPedia's social media handles and the official website for regular updates.

Till then,
Stay Safe and
Happy Tattooing.


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