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Things to consider when you go for coloured tattoos

Things to consider when you go for coloured tattoos

Colored tattoos have been one of the biggest trends since the 17th century. The type of tattoo ink, shading, and tones determine the final result of your body art. Needless to say, it is also vital to choose the best tattoo artists that are proficient in handling colored tattoos accurately to prevent any mishap.

While colored tattoos make your tattoo look more bright and popping, there are a few points you should know before getting a colored tattoo. Whether you want a bold and monochrome tattoo or a bright red on your arm, this is the ultimate guide you should refer to before getting your first colored tattoo. You will get detailed insights about the specific colors you should choose for your tattoo and the ones you should avoid, and more. Thus, without waiting any further, let's check it out.


Things To Consider Before Getting a Colored Tattoo

Colored tattoos don't work the same way as standard ones. Many myths and misconceptions are lying around that may mislead you, and you end up choosing the wrong color for your tattoo later. Here are a few pivotal things you should absolutely consider before getting a colored tattoo.


Big Tattoos work better with bold colors



We understand. Minimalistic tattoos are the ultimate trend. However, if you want to get a colorful tattoo, it is always advisable to go for bigger designs.


Multiple colors within a small tattoo can go wrong while blending. At times, the colors may visually blend and become muddy, affecting the appearance of the colorful tattoos while making them more clumsy.

On the other hand, choosing bold colors with bigger designs give ample space for the color to blend well and stand out against each other. This is also important while choosing tattoo designs with typography.


Your skin tone determines the final color

While choosing the colors for your tattoo, ensure to match it with your skin tone. Your tattoo artist may also suggest some good colors that will pop the best on your skin tone. The melanin in your skin acts almost like a sheer filter. This is why you may not find your reds or yellows to be as popping as you want them to be.

Thus, always remember that the color that looks on someone else's skin tone may not look the same on yours. Your skin also determines how long the color will last on your skin. Sure, you can follow a tattoo inspiration, but if you do not get the colors matched accurately with your skin tone, you may end up regretting it.


Colored tattoos look different after healing

Be it any color. The color you choose for your tattoo will look different after it has healed. This applies to every color. It may also fade slightly after the tattoo heals. Thus, it is crucial to consider that before choosing your tattoo colors, especially for the bright shades.


Your Tattoo ink quality matters



Believe it or not but the quality of the tattoo ink used by your tattoo artist plays a significant role in the outcome. There are different types of tattoo inks available, and some of them are even toxic. This is why you should know everything about the tattoo inks you choose for your tattoos. This will ensure that you get the best colors without compromising quality.


Different tattoo colors fade differently

Your tattoo will fade and lose its shine eventually. There are a few steps and tactics that you can try to prevent your tattoo from fading. However, the color you choose for your tattoo also significantly contributes to the rate of fading of your tattoo. A few colors may fade quicker than the others, which is why you need to discuss this with your tattoo artist before settling with the colors.


Your tattoo placement matters

The thickness of your skin also plays a significant role in how the final color will display and how fast it will fade. If you choose color tattoos, always ensure to choose areas less prone to get loose or saggy as you age. Nonetheless, even if they fade, cover-up tattoos are always at your rescue.


White inks doesn’t show up on skin easily



Many people love getting white highlights on their tattoos to add a certain depth and contrast. It is generally included at the end of the tattoo session. Furthermore, many artists may even advise you not to add white ink separately to your skin.

This is because white ink doesn't show up on skin easily and gets corrupted by the neighbouring ink colors. Here the ink requires several passes to be saturated enough. Thus, it takes more time to show up on the skin. While your skin has already endured hours of shading and lining, the white ink can be an extra burden as the needle passes over the fresh tattoo multiple times, which is exponentially more painful than doing it on fresh skin.


Which Tattoo Colors Fade the Fastest?

While there are plenty of options to choose from, black and greys tend to last the longest and fade the slowest. In short, darker colors tend to last longer than lighter ones, especially the vibrant watercolor patterns. The brighter your color is, the more likely it is to fade quickly. However, with the best practices and a cover-up, you can flaunt your tattoo for a more extended period.


Which is the best body part you should choose to get colored tattoos?



The best body part to get colored tattoos is shoulders, ankles, upper chest, collarbone, inner arm, back, calves, etc. Since these areas of the body have tight skin, the color and shape of your tattoo will last longer. Avoid areas like arms, thighs, and abdomens as your colors may fade or change with time here. The skin here is prone to changes as you age, determining how the tattoo will look after several years.


Parting Words

We have covered pretty much everything a beginner should know before getting their first colored tattoo. These are a few points that you may also hear from your tattoo artist during the consultation. If we skipped anything, feel free to comment down and share your views on color tattoos to educate our readers.

While colored tattoos may look exceptionally stunning on your skin, choosing the right colors after considering the above-mentioned factors can help the color last longer and look beautiful.

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