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Three Ways To Get Rid Of An Old Tattoo

Three Ways To Get Rid Of An Old Tattoo

Tattoos are quite permanent and that is why tattoo artists always emphasize on being sure about the tattoo design you choose. While we are about to tell you some ways to remove an old tattoo, we would also like to point out that if you are unsure about getting a particular tattoo design or getting a tattoo at all, do not go through with it because it is not going to be worth it to go through any of the following processes. Remember that these three ways are not going to be the same experience for everyone as your tattoo, your skin is different from others. Therefore, always make an informed decision.

Now, before we tell you the three ways, some important factors.


Can you get any of the following methods done from any tattoo artist/studio?

No. There are few experts who will be able to provide you the service of either one or two of the following means. So, make sure you do proper research and have an insightful conversation with your artist about it.


Will it pain more than getting a tattoo?

Yes. However, like we always say the pain tolerance levels of every individual are different so maybe you might not feel much pain while getting laser done.


Will it cost more?

Yes. Even a cover up tattoo costs more than a usual new tattoo. This is because the effort, skill and time the artist has to invest is more. A cover up tattoo will involve the artist to take in factors like the old tattoo’s position, lines, angles, colors. Hence, they do tend to charge more for their work on cover-up tattoo.

With these basics out of the way, let us get into the three ways you can get rid of or remove your old tattoo:


1. Cover Up Tattoo

The best choice for a person who just wants to get rid of an old tattoo design and is still open to tattoos, cover up tattoos are good because you get a better tattoo in its place. You do not have to wait for weeks for your next appointment because your tattoo will be done in a matter of hours (depending on the type of tattoo you get) and the results will show in a couple of weeks.

Unlike the other options, cover up tattoos will cause just as much pain as the older tattoo did. You would be comfortable with the process as well because you have already been through it. Moreover, you can now choose something you will surely love.

Drawback: not all designs may be adjustable to cover the old tattoo. Your artist might ask you to get laser done to fade the old tattoo a bit more to make a cover up tattoo over it. You have to definitely be more flexible on any alterations or suggestions your artist gives.


2. Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is the most commonly opted method of tattoo removal. If you are a person who is done with tattoos and does not intend to get a new one then this is your path. Laser removals are of two types broadly – Q-switch laser and Picosecond laser.

A Q-switch laser is a traditional laser process which emits pulses in nanoseconds while the pico laser does so in pico seconds. The former is effective, but it does not target all colors and various skin tones as well, whereas picosecond lasers have been showing promising results by removing various difficult colors and also covering different skin tones.

Q-switch laser is a longer process in terms of the duration of each sitting while the pico laser takes up lesser time. Your picosecond laser sitting will last anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes only usually. However, the gap between each sitting is more in picosecond laser.

Picosecond lasers give better results and faster results than Q-switch lasers and therefore cost more.

Laser tattoo removal does not guarantee complete tattoo removal without any scarring but in most cases the tattoo is completely gone.

However, scarring and discoloration of skin are a possibility in some instances. Hence, it is highly essential to go to a certified person to get your laser tattoo removal done.


3. Surgical Procedure

The surgical procedure to get your tattoo removed involves the scraping of the skin where the tattoo exists. The tattooed part is surgically removed and then the skin on the edges is stitched together.

This process seems painful, but you will be given an anesthetic and later just like any stitched-up wound, you will go through a process of healing. It’s an expensive process and it is not quite feasible for bigger tattoos. So, if you are someone who has a bigger tattoo then do not think of this option. It also leaves a scar after the procedure. It is however, the most sure way of getting the tattoo completely removed.



From going through a similar process where you know the pain level already (cover up) to going for something that you would need patience but do the work (laser), you can choose whatever suits you best. Take in factors like your requirement, time, and budget and then go for it.

No choice is the wrong choice. You do what’s best for you.

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