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Top 5 trendy tattoo styles in 2021

Top 5 trendy tattoo styles in 2021

Tattoo trends keep on changing almost every year. There are newer variants that rise up quite often. In case you are going to get a tattoo anytime soon in 2021, here are a few tattoo styles and designs you should look out for that are currently trending worldwide. These designs are unique yet very thoughtful. There is a great significance behind every tattoo. Thus, rest assured, you will not regret it!

Let's check them out.


Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are not something you will be unaware of if you are a regular follower of tattoos. Tribal Tattoos depict the culture, heritage and speak stories about the good old times, which had a great influence on people's minds.

However, there is no universal meaning of tribal tattoos since every tribal tattoo has a whole new meaning and story to it.

You can maybe try to get hold of someone with a tribal tattoo who can explain their story!


Calligraphy tattoos

Do you have too many things in your mind? Are you someone who thinks a lot about every possible instant or situation? Well, then the calligraphy tattoos are the best choice for you.


Oh. Why not?!

With the calligraphy-styled tattoos, you can express your deeper feelings and emotions very conveniently. Even though tattoos are one of the most common methods of self-expression, calligraphy tattoos make the job even easier.

You can write quotes, phrases, or even specific words that are relatable to any instant of your life that you might want to cherish for a lifetime or are an affluent follower of it.

Whatever the reason or story could be behind a calligraphy tattoo, ensure that you aim for a good tattoo artist/studio before opting for a calligraphy tattoo since spelling mishaps are pretty common with inexperienced and careless tattoo artists. Tattoos are permanent. Hence, doing the necessary research before getting any tattoo artist is essential.


Small tattoos

If you are new to tattoos and have just laid your steps into this industry, it is safer to go for a smaller tattoo. Why? There are several benefits of small tattoos.

  • You can easily hide them under your clothes.
  • You can also get your favorite design done without having the feeling of being "too much," which is a pretty common dilemma with people with large tattoos.
  • Even if you go wrong, a cover-up-tattoo on smaller tattoos is much easier in comparison to bigger tattoos.

Hence, with a small tattoo, it is a complete win-win situation here!

Apart from that, small tattoos are also one of the preferable options for people who are into minimalistic tattoos.

Let's not forget. Small tattoos look effing cute!

Small tattoos are mostly done on anklets, wrists, or on the collarbones. The size subtly enhances the overall body part and also looks very presentable and elegant.


Cosmetic tattoos

This might also be called permanent makeup. This is becoming popular nowadays at a storming rate and mainly amongst women. Here a super-fine pen is used to gradually deposit the pigment within the skin.

A few other familiar names that you might have heard of are micro shading and brow feathering.

There are different types of cosmetic tattoos you can aim for.

If you feel you have scarce brows, you can easily achieve thicker brows with cosmetic tattooing. Many women even try tattooing their lips with a pigment close to their lips' natural color. This helps to largely improve the color of the lips and is mostly used by people who have uneven colored lips.

You can also make your lips look fuller by tattooing a slight contour right beneath your lower lip!

And the opportunities here are limitless!


Symbolic tattoos

Symbolic tattoos are another very common tattoo design loved by most people. You can either go with a small symbol or a statement symbol as per your interests. There are different symbol tattoos that depict different meanings such as a semi colon which is usually tattooed to preach suicicde awareness. The actual meaning of a semi colon tattoo is an author who can add a full stop to the sentence and end it. But instead added a semicolon to continue it. The author is you and the sentence is your life.

There are various other symbolic tattoos you can choose which resembles your story or thoughts.



Final Thoughts

There are limitless tattoo designs and styles. But if 2021 is considered, these five tattoo designs/styles have been trendy till now. We will come with another list soon!

We hope this post helped you to choose your next tattoo.

Feel free to comment down and let us know about your favorite tattoo design that you are really fond of.

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